11 Platforms You Can Get Paid To Test Products From Home in 2021


When I told a friend that one of my side hustles was making money testing products, she thought it was a joke until I got her registered in one of the platforms below.

At first, she thought that only bloggers had the opportunity to use and review products for the owners. Now, manufacturers trust the opinion of the end-users more than some websites who might not actually use the product yet give a great review and still get paid for doing nothing.

Brands are constantly looking for ways to improve their products and this is where you come in. Your feedback is the tool for their product improvement while you get paid for testing the products.

Below are the best 11 platforms you can get paid to test products from home.

How Do I Get Paid To Test Products?

There are various methods of payment for product testing depending on the company offering you the job. Some companies give you cash to test their products while others reward you with the actual product you test.

You could do whatever you want with these products like deciding to keep and use the products if you actually love them. In the same vein, you can elect to sell the products and make money. Whichever way, you still get rewarded for testing the products.

How To Join Product-Testing Sites

It is quite simple to get product-testing gigs. The first step to take is to join product-testing websites. here, you will be required to fill short forms online.

Also, if you are looking to join more than one site from the list of platforms you can get paid to test products from home we are going to revealing shortly, we advise that you create a new email account for this purpose as you are going to be getting lots of emails for products to test.

11 Platforms You Can Get Paid To Test Products From Home

There are numerous platforms to test products for free at home and still get paid. They are;

#1) VIP Voice

VIP Voice is a platform that pays members for giving reviews about products. The company puts a call to you to learn what you have to say about certain products. Do you have a voice? Then join VIP voice to start making money

#2) Survey Junkie

This website connects you to work directly with brands looking to enhance their products and services. Survey Junkie is one of the best product-testing websites around with high pay. Members can redeem their earning on the platform through PayPal or as a Gift Card.

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#3) Product Testing USA

This platform is rather different in its way of operation. They offer products as a reward to members for testing certain products. To stand a chance of being selected to test a product, you would need to enter a pool. Sign up through the link provided

#4) Panda Research

This is a foremost market research website, one of the best around. The platform is known to have paid out over $2.3million to its members. Join Panda Research to start earning money today from testing products.

#5) Springboard America

Springboard America has age limit of 14. The website pays users for carrying out surveys about products. The payment method is via PayPal or Bank account.

The surveys include product testing, focus groups, and online surveys. The site has a minimum cash out of $50. Click the link below to sign up and start making money.

#6) Pinecone Research

This is one of the oldest and trusted market research sites around. The site records only a few complaints from users annually. Products to review on the platform include food, drinks, and beauty products, among others.

Members cash out their earnings through PayPal or check. Join today and get paid to test products.

#7) UserTesting

Usertesting is not a usual product testing platform. It involves reviewing apps and websites to get reward. All you need to become a member is to be observant. The testing on the site only requires about 20mins. Tests pay $10 via PayPal.

#8) Toluna Influencers

This platform is different from the conventional product testing sites. The website hires people who are actively involved with social media to influence products of brands that want to increase their popularity.

Application to the site is free and available to all but requires you to test the product before joining. After application, if you are selected to test products, you would receive items to test after which you would give feedback about the product.

Remember, you will get paid for testing products.

#9) BetaTesting.com

This website is similar to UserTesting. The website was created a few years ago and has a good review from members. Usually, members will get paid for testing products.

#10) BxxAgent

This company is new on the block but has excellent user reviews. The site differs from other sites because it basically focuses on product testing, unlike other sites that involve taking surveys.

The site is open to citizens of the following countries USA, Canada & the UK. Download the app to start making money.

#11) Parenting.com Mom Tester Program

One of the requirements of this product testing website is that you will be a parent.

There is no cash reward for testing products on this platform. However, the platform rewards members with items they test such as strollers, diapers, toys, bath products among others.

During registration on the website, you would need to fill in details about your kids. Learn more about this site through the link below.


The above list highlights the 11 platforms you can get paid to test products from home. Try them out today and get paid to test products for free at home.

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  1. Thanks for this great opportunities, my question is can I operate this websites as a Nigerian? If no, how can I do it?

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    eddress: Azizi bank,logar,afghanistan

  3. Very interesting, I’d love to join the Panda research. Like, I need money good people.

  4. Its really fantastic idea and simple to do it but how am going to make it from Nairobi Kenya will you give me detail please if I qualify over here.

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