The University of Kansas Scholarships 2019-2020



The University of Kansas Scholarships

The future and current students of the University of Kansas are generally wondering how much education will cost them. Fortunately, KU has several scholarships to finance their studies. One of the best ways to start your scholarship search at KU is to complete the FAFSA application. This form quickly tells you if you are eligible for a grant at the federal or provincial level. Another great way to study at KU is to seek scholarships offered at the university itself. Some of these scholarships are reserved for new students, others are for returnees, transferred students or doctoral students. The World Scholarship Forum has arranged The University of Kansas Scholarships 2019. Take your time and go through this article, You will get all you need to win any of The University of Kansas Scholarships.

About University of Kansas

The University of Kansas, also known as KU, is a public research university with its main campus located in Lawrence, Kansas, and several satellite campuses, research and teaching centers, medical centers and classrooms throughout Kansas.


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See the list below for some of The University of Kansas Scholarships 2019:

1National Merit Finalist or National Merit Scholar:

Students who have been designated as either a National Hispanic Scholar or a National Merit Finalist and who are residents of Kansas are eligible to receive this scholarship automatically. Eligible students should simply choose KU as their top college pick when they are filling out their rankings on the National Merit Scholarship Corp. Eligible students receive a $ 40,000 scholarship. The price is divided into $ 10,000 a year. More information on this scholarship and other scholarships for undergraduate students can be found here.

2KU Excellence Scholarship:

The KU has several merit scholarships for incoming freshmen who are residents of other states. The KU Excellence Award is an example. In order to be eligible, students must have achieved at least a 3.5-grade point average in their high school career, have scored 1310 on the SAT (or 28 on the ACT), and reside in a state other than Kansas. All applicants automatically receive this scholarship if they apply to the university by November 1st. The award provides eligible students with a total scholarship of $ 43,852. This amount is divided into four equal increments, that is, the amount students received each year. You will find more information about this award and other awards for international students at the bottom of this page.

3Transfer Student Scholarships:

The KU holds various scholarships for students planning to move to university. In general, all scholarships awarded to Kansas residents require at least 3.25 or 3.4 on average. In addition, they must register at the university before February 1st. The amount of scholarships varies between $ 500 and $ 6,000. These scholarships are only for students who wish to obtain their first undergraduate degree and have at least 24 credit hours before they can be transferred from a community college.

There are also transfer scholarships for students based in other states. The value of these scholarships ranges from $ 3,750 to $ 32,889. All students must have an average score of 3.25 to be taken into account. You will find more information and admission criteria here.

Here you have it a list of Kansas scholarships. Dont just read and pass, make an effort by applying for any of these scholarships that suit you.

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