UNESCO Arts and Crafts Scholarships+Internships for Students 2019


If you are looking to study an Art related course (art, fine art, design, fashion, design, and graphic design or other art related courses) then take hold of this opportunity UNESCO offers.

UNESCO opens an offer for UNESCO Arts and Crafts Scholarships+Internships for Students 2019, these are international art scholarships and grants that can assist you with meeting the financial requirement to make learning a lot easy if you apply for it.

 note that eligible persons will be considered for these scholarships for art program and all applications must be submitted before the stated deadline.


The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO is a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN) based in Paris. Its declared purpose is to contribute to peace and security by promoting international collaboration through educational, scientific, and cultural reforms in order to increase universal respect for justice, the rule of law, and human rights along with fundamental freedom proclaimed in the United Nations Charter.

It is the successor of the League of Nations’ International Committee on Intellectual Cooperation.

Why UNESCO Arts and Crafts Scholarships 2019?

There are students that believe that art is life. they derive joy in it because Arts and crafts describe a wide variety of activities involving making things with one’s own hands. Both children and adults enjoy arts and crafts.

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The scholarship for art programme is a scholarship for artists, which enables arts and crafts students coming from disadvantaged backgrounds to complete a study tour at home or abroad. It allows young  students nearing the end of their studies to discover the know-how of craftspeople in developing countries, and it allows students from developing countries to discover the know-how of French craftspeople.

This international art scholarship programme helps students launch their professional career by enabling them to work in a professional environment; acquire new skills and cultural experiences abroad; design and create innovative products; develop a professional network, and participate and present their work at international fairs.

Level/Field study: 

UNESCO Arts and Crafts Scholarships 2019 is specifically designed to cover Training and Short courses.

Host Nationality

This scholarship for artists is being sponsored by UNESCO. To Be Taken in France and Developing Countries.Read also if you wish to study outside your home country Simple and Detailed Answers about Applying and Winning a Scholarship.

Eligible Nationality

UNESCO Arts and Crafts Scholarships 2019 is open to French citizens and students from any of the Developing Countries. If you are an international student and you wish to study in the UK, this is for you Complete Guide to Getting A UK Tier 4 Student Visa For International Students.

Scholarship worth

  • Applicant’s round-trip plane ticket; logistic support as well as monthly financial support covering all the expenses relative to the four months stay in France, the journeys and the purchase of material linked to the study tour will be covered.
  • An internship agreement will be signed between the student, the school and the hosting professional organization.
  • A scholarship agreement will be signed between the student and the Foundation Culture & Diversity.

UNESCO Arts and Crafts Scholarships Eligibility

 Applicants must meet all the following criteria before they can be qualify to apply for any of the UNESCO Arts and Crafts Scholarships:

  • Level of the study of at least 2 years equivalent to an Arts & Crafts Diploma,
  • Enrolled in Arts & Crafts schools/institutes/universities,
  • Recipient of scholarships and awards (and being able to give proof of it)
  • Speaking French and English

How to Apply:

If you are eligible for UNESCO this arts and craft scholarship 2019 and you want to apply, please fill the Application Form.

Deadline for submitting UNESCO Arts and Crafts Scholarships application 

The Deadline for submitting this scholarship form was on the  20th of October 2017. so if you are interested in applying for this scholarship please check back we will keep you updated.

Visit the Program Webpage for Details


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