30 Unblocked Music Apps at School in 2023 | Step-by-Step Guide

Are music websites restricted in your school? We have a solution you can’t do without. It is common knowledge that access to music websites may be restricted in schools. However, some apps continue to offer unblocked music for free. These websites are frequently referred to as unblocked music sites.

You can listen to your favorite music without limits on these free, unblocked music apps.

Similarly, if you want to create a video with unblocked music tracks, try the MiniTool software.

Music has always been the best therapy needed in life, and with the advancement in technology, listening to music online is easier than ever. There are a ton of websites that provide you access to your favorite music online whenever and wherever you want.

These apps and websites are what we will discuss today.

Unblocked Music Apps at School in 2023

These are the best-unblocked music apps for easy access online.

  • Grooveshark
  • Playlistsound
  • LiveXLive
  • Jamendo
  • SongArea
  • Soundzabound
  • AccuRadio
  • BlueBeat


The most well-known unblocked music website on the Internet is Grooveshark. It is one of the most excellent unblocked music apps available, giving users unrestricted free access to their own music albums, tracks, and playlists in schools.

You only need to register for a Grooveshark account to utilize this website.

Simply; go to their website, type in the songs or artist’s name, and start listening. Those who want to download the music should click on the song title to reveal the download button.

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One of the top unblocked music apps at school is Playlistsound, which enables you to stream the newest music online. Its user interface is speedy and fluid. The idea behind the website is that to play free music for free, you must register, and you can then search for songs by artist, band, and song.

Everything about this collection of tunes is original and fascinating, including the user interface. They have all the well-known and well-liked artists in their collection, which is what I like most about them. This implies that there will undoubtedly be a listing for your favorite musician.


LiveXLive (formerly Slacker Radio) is another well-known unblocked music website with over 200 channels.

You can listen to any music whenever you want, whether you’re at. The best collection of songs is free to users on this website, and they have limitless access to music.


A well-known free music website is Jamendo. This website offers free access to a vast library of tunes and music (220,000+ royalty-free music tracks).

You may also get free access to the most recent and previous hit songs on the Jamendo website. This website enables unblocking of free music downloads at school.

Jamendo is a well-known name in the song collection database. The user can stream millions of songs in practically all languages and genres on this unblocked song app.

At Jamendo, creating an account is entirely optional. However, if you join Jamendo, you can benefit from additional benefits, including making a playlist, uploading your songs, and sharing them with other users.


One of the first free music streaming websites is SongArea. You can easily search for and download popular songs on SongArea. The most amazing aspect of this website is how all the playlists are alphabetized when you type in a music search in the search bar.

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Unblocked music website Soundzabound was created with students in mind. The website provides a wide range of free music in its extensive library, allowing users to use these tracks for leisure or educational reasons. This website is the greatest option for downloading and listening to royalty-free music for educational reasons.

There is a huge selection of free music available on Soundzabound. The website’s administrators said that the site was purposefully created for educational purposes and nothing illegal is offered there. As a result, you can visit Soundzabound and listen to whatever you want without fear.


You don’t need to register an account to listen to songs and albums on the AccuRadio channel because almost all songs are well-liked and entertaining. The website provides free webcasts from numerous radio stations. From among the many radio stations, you can freely select anyone to start listening to music on.

AccuRadio provides numerous stations of free internet radio. Select any Radio station from the extensive list of available channels to begin listening to music. Because it’s a more traditional way to hear music and get news, most people prefer to listen to radio stations.

Select a category, then start listening to your favorite stations. No account is required to listen to songs and albums on AccuRadio.

The web browser player is also fantastic. It displays all of the channel’s information, including the playing music. The homepage has many suggestions, top channels, and other things.

They give a lot of additional selections, including classical, blues, chill, and many others. There are various website skins available.

Change the UI whenever you become tired of the default layout to enjoy a new user interface. This is a fantastic perk.


Another top unblocked music website that offers free music to listen to is Bluebeat. It has a sizable, free music collection that includes many 3D tunes. This website lets you listen to top-notch music and quickly switch between any tune. You may also make playlists based on the most well-liked songs on the homepage.

You may readily get audio files for free from practically every genre.

BlueBeat also functions as a community for all music enthusiasts where you can rapidly follow your friends or other people’s playlists of music.

BlueBeat also allows users to make their playlists, and you can utilize the homepage search feature to browse for hot music. Again, BlueBeat also offers free access to a big library of 3D tunes, which is a fantastic bonus.

Google Music

My preferred source for unrestricted music is Google Music. Since it is a Google product, the school blocks it. It is a free, quick, responsive, and user-friendly website. The user is also given access to a free app; however, using the web version is OK. Google Music has almost all of the songs and albums.

A premium subscription is also available, with monthly rates beginning at $99.99. Ads are removed, and more features are unlocked when a user pays for a subscription. But for most users, including me, a free subscription is sufficient to access free music.

You must have a Google account to use the Google Music website. The best feature also includes seasonal music. For instance, all songs that pertain to or characterize the Halloween season will be available. The most recent albums and suggested new releases are easily accessed from the homepage.

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Everyone with internet experience is familiar with YouTube. How about this huge video storage site offering millions of tracks without charge? All the well-known musicians post their songs, artwork, and other works on YouTube. You can easily locate well-known music on YouTube. You only need to perform a single search for the song to appear on your screen.

In actuality, many people use YouTube as their music streaming platform. It’s just that YouTube offers a great platform for musicians to showcase their work to a global audience. Therefore, all of the well-known songs are freely available on YouTube.

You may also find songs on YouTube by doing a Google search, copying the video URL, and then downloading the song using a YouTube downloader. It’s the best approach to easily listen to music at school.


Spotify is another unblocked music app and website. One of the most used music streaming services is Spotify, which includes a sizable catalog, collaborative playlists, podcasts, and many other alluring features.

It allows you to listen to well-known songs online for free and includes a lot of good music and song collections.

To use this app, you must register and log in. Spotify is available on Android and iOS.

The website is one of the greatest premium portals because it has no commercials and allows users to listen to all the popular songs online without spending a penny.

One of our best options for unblocked music app at school is Spotify because it offers the most consistent music streaming experience and lets users listen to music offline.

Additionally, the overall loading time is less, and you can download the tracks.

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Apple Music

Apple Music is the best option if you want free access to a vast selection of music tracks.

With its enormous song library, it is simple to instantly access and listen to your favorite songs for free with just a few clicks!

Typically, you only need to pay for a VPN service like Express VPN to get around the network policy restriction at school. With a VPN, Apple Music is the best-unblocked music app at school because its popularity makes it one of the apps blocked on the school firewall.


The best unblocked music streaming website with animations for students is Scratch. With the various built-in tools, you can make music stories, games, and animations.

In most schools, Scratch is unblocked.

With school internet, you can access thousands of music for free. Numerous schools permit pupils to use it formally to gain new skills. It offers all of the music right on the homepage. There are multiple genres, including animation, art, games, music, stories, and tutorials, for you to discover.

So, what exactly is Scratch? MIT created Scratch as a tool for students to express their creativity and make online interactive games and animation. It animates most imaginatively while instructing pupils in coding. Many schools formally permit children to access Scratch without restrictions because it is a student creativity platform.

Scratch is an effortless way to listen to music in class.

Search for the song you wish to stream on the website scratch.mit.edu.

Many student-made projects containing the song you wish to listen to will appear when you search.

Now all you have to do to listen to the song is launch the project.

The majority of international schools officially endorse Scratch. Thus, there is zero danger that it will be blocked. Without question, Scratch is one of the top unblocked music apps for schools. Use Scratch to test your creativity, and learn to code and animation instead of only using it for music.


Want to listen to free-flowing hip-hop and rap music in school? A popular website called FreeZiki has a big library of songs, albums, and discographies. The user interface is aesthetically pleasing and reasonably responsive for extended navigation.

Furthermore, FreeZiki is a no-brainer if you enjoy listening to vintage hip-hop tracks. On this website, you don’t need to register to stream music.

Because the website is not largely popular with millennials and baby boomers who are school administrators, it is usually unblocked.


This Unblocked music app and website are basically for people in the USA. They can access Pandora, an online radio station that lets users build stations of their choice. In addition, it’s simple to join stations that have already been created depending on your musical preferences.

Numerous licensed songs are available on the Pandora website, where names, artists, or albums can quickly find them. The straightforward layout and easy song accessibility via the homepage search box are Pandora’s strongest features.

In essence, Pandora is a form of online radio that enables you to stream several music stations on a single platform. This is similar to listening to the best tunes from around the globe, and believe me, it is one of the most well-liked services on the list of unblocked music websites.

This service can be compared to a personalized radio. However, there isn’t much of a difference. It caters to your tastes and lets you stream the music you enjoy listening to rather than just playing random tracks.

You may immediately start browsing your favorite music by choosing from various categories, such as artists, songs, and genres. Combining all these factors, you may make a station that exclusively plays songs that fit your musical preferences. Amazing, isn’t it?


Every day, SoundCloud creators upload hundreds of tracks. On the homepage, the top trending free songs are displayed weekly or daily. The top 50 are shown on the front page. As a result, this app allows you to enjoy free unblocked music in the school. Every month, millions of people visit and view the pages of SoundCloud because of its user-friendly interface.

To access more SoundCloud features, register for a free account. Invariably, there are two types of SoundCloud subscriptions. The first one is free and only demands that you register. The following one requires a $7 monthly payment and is a premium subscription called Pro. Pro Unlimited is the next, and it costs $15 per month.

Soundcloud is on the list of unblocked music websites is SoundCloud. You can use it wherever you choose because of the reasons mentioned earlier.

On this platform, you can stream countless pieces of music without a second thought, whether it’s the newest hip-hop, R&B, romantic music, or ancient classics. Unblocked music websites like SoundCloud may be the ideal place to find music that suits your tastes.

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Finding new music has never been simpler than with Deezer! This app has something for everyone because it has millions of songs in its database and provides free alternatives for both streaming and downloading.

On this best unblocked music app for schools, 35 million songs are available for listening to, with brief advertisements interspersed. Sign in to select artists you like, and they will suggest genres you might enjoy in return.

Additionally, you can listen to playlists made by other people.


Are you looking for the newest music that is free? Then you should use iHeartRadio. Numerous radio stations worldwide are accessible through this free, unblocked music app, and you can even download them to listen whenever you like!

You can listen to live radio stations and make custom stations depending on your musical choices with the free online streaming service iHeartRadio. IHeartRadio operates as follows: Radio Stations, Live radio, Custom Stations, and Podcasts.

You can rate the music you’re listening to on iHeartRadio by selecting the “Thumb Up” or “Thumb Down” buttons. This feedback enables iHeartRadio to comprehend your musical tastes and adjust the station to suit them.

IHeartRadio’s “Discover” feature makes suggestions based on your listening patterns and preferences. It recommends fresh musicians, radio programs, and playlists that suit your taste in music.

In addition, iHeartRadio offers two premium subscription services called “iHeartRadio Plus” and “iHeartRadio All Access,” which come with extra features, including ad-free listening, limitless song skipping, offline listening, and the capacity to play songs on demand.

The iHeartRadio app can be downloaded and installed by going to the app store for your device (such as the App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android) and searching for “iHeartRadio.”

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn offers a greater selection of audio streaming services, including news, radio, sports, music, and podcasts, in contrast to other unblocked music sites for schools. It allows you to listen to exclusive music from across the world while staying up to date with CNN, MSNBC, Fox News Radio, BBC, and NPR stations.

With millions of people logging in each month, TuneIn is well-liked by music fans. A comprehensive variety of music and channels is available for any mood and taste. The app is downloadable and available for Windows, Android, and iPhone.

The website’s substance can be understood from the name alone, TuneIn.

Users of TuneIn get access to a vast selection of music. All users can access the free and premium versions of the website using the freemium model. Although you may access additional features with a premium subscription, their free service is also available. Free users don’t need to register to use the app.

Simply select the area you’re in, and you’ll receive many helpful suggestions. Their standout feature is their internet radio, which you should try. There are numerous languages and regions represented. In terms of music, they have a vast collection.

There is also a free mobile version for iOS and Android smartphones.

Unblocked music websites like TuneIn have a paid subscription plan called TuneIn Premium, which is available for an additional $7.99 per month for upgrades. The decision to choose it is entirely up to you.

Jango Radio

The slogan for Jango is “Free unlimited listening.”

So while you cannot download music from Jango, it is unquestionably a better option than most unblocked music app for schools on this list.

There are different genres available on the homepage. These include gospel, gentle jazz, mellow Mondays, meditation, and 80s chart-toppers.

It functions similarly to radio and has a wide range of customizability options.

Additionally, it provides pre-configured stations like the top 100, party hits, etc. Also shown are the top tracks by the artist you searched for.

Jango retrieves videos related to the music you are listening to. Lyrics are occasionally accessible as well.

The music timestamp does not allow forward or backward movement, although play/pause is still an option.

On this unblocked music app., there are no sign-up or registration requirements and no advertisements.


Another well-known brand for listening to music on unblocked websites is PureVolume. You can access a vast library of music files on the website for free and listen to extensive collections from practically every genre.

In addition, the website gives users the option to search for music by genre, artist, song title, album, etc. Simply put, PureVolume allows you to quickly and completely pick all of your chosen music files.

You can upload your songs or musical creations and share them with everyone on this site, making it a useful platform for musicians.


An Indian website called Gaana offers access to millions of music. However, this does not imply that they just play Indian music.

Gaana is the equivalent of Spotify in India; it provides both paid and free subscription options. Their international selection features all the well-known artists in the world.

Both their app and website offer free unblocked music for your listening pleasure.

Users can access free music based on their interests. Make sure you choose the appropriate interests when you first visit them so that you can receive more relevant updates and music.

Their web player is simply fantastic. Select the desired song to initiate playback.

Although the variety of English songs is limited, it is still a good option for students. Unless you enjoy Indian music, I wouldn’t advise you to get a paid membership.

Give Gaana a try if you’re seeking an unblocked music streaming website that is trustworthy and free.


Those who find it difficult to listen to the same song more than once have been featured to love this unblocked music website. The way Radiooo sorts music is what makes it popular. You can choose a location and a period from the map while listening to intriguing music.

Even while not all nations and eras are represented on the map, you can still find an engaging playlist for most of them. You can choose the genre of music you want to listen to on Radiooo by using the buttons up top.

The unblocked music website gives you a ton of options to choose from, like weird, fast, and slow. Many colleges and schools leave Radiooo unblocked because it is not well-known.

Wynk Music

One of the best websites for unblocked music is Wynk Music. Visit and search for the song you wish to listen to.

Wynk Music offers albums with millions of songs. As a free user, it’s not a major concern that ads are displayed on their website.

They offer Hindi, English, classic, contemporary, and current music. There is no end to the collection, and there is very little possibility that your school’s firewall will prevent access to this site. Therefore, it’s still another excellent option for accessing free WiFi networks to listen to music.

I advise signing up for a free account to preserve a playlist and other content. Keeping all of the songs, playlists, and albums you enjoy on Wynk is simple.

The media player has shuffle, repeat, next, previous, and play/pause options.


Reliance Industries owns Saavn, which is accessible everywhere.

Saavn is one of the most fully unblocked music streaming websites you can come across. The explanation is that it provides songs and online radio without being prohibited by firewalls.

Despite being an Indian website, it offers music from all around the world. The fact that Saavn also offers radio for musicians is its biggest feature. If you’re looking for Coldplay, you may easily access their official Radio channel and music on the Saavn website.

You’ll receive high-quality music, resulting in excellent audio quality. However, I advise selecting mid-level quality for streaming. Otherwise, buffering will occur, making listening to the song less enjoyable.

Saavn also has apps on iOS and Android.


This unblocked music site Streamsquid has the added benefit of live streaming with video alternatives. You can stream radio stations in addition to songs.

Streamsquid has held onto its position by providing the best music. This is a typical explanation for why college and high school kids absolutely adore Streamsquid.


Tidal will put an end to your quest for the best audio files. Many songs in high-resolution formats are available on this unblocked music app, which can be downloaded and played at any time, even offline.


Musicians can post their favorite tracks to the free music streaming service AudioMack, where users can listen to them without paying a dime.

This unblocked music website has apps that can be downloaded on PlayStore. The homepage features the newest and most popular songs, and pressing the play button initiates the song. Users can access an audio player with basic yet useful functions, such as shuffle, play, pause, mute, embed, favorite, etc.

The trending tab is my favorite because it allows us to hear some well-known and up-to-date musicians that we usually wouldn’t.

Even if you can compose music, register on AudioMack and add songs at no charge. Other people will be able to listen to it after the administrator approves.

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Mixcloud is a form of internet radio where you can connect with your friends and listen to the best music. The world’s top DJs and radio hosts collaborate on this platform so that users can access the most recent tunes of all genres.

The first step to assess this unblocked music website and the app is to sign up for a Mixcloud account. Thankfully, there are no additional fees associated with this process or subscriptions.

Even school pupils can browse unblocked music websites like Mixcloud because they are so easy to use. On this platform, you can choose from several possibilities, including the ideal musical genre for your musical exploration.

This website also allows you to add the correct audio files, making it an open-source platform. Additionally, you can search for any music files you choose. Definitely, a terrific addition to this list of unblocked music websites is Mixcloud.


LiveOne, which Slacker powers, was once known as LiveXLive or Slacker Radio. It is a well-known unblocked music website with more than 200 channels. You can listen to any music whenever you want, whether you’re in class, college, or the office. The best collection of songs is free to users on this website, and they have limitless access to music.

It is an unrestricted music website with superbly curated playlists starting at $3.99. In addition to being accessible on desktops, mobile, smart TVs, and the web, it offers a comfortable way to consume music.

How to Get Music Apps Unblocked at School in 2023 | Step-by-Step Guide

I understand how upsetting it is to see a notification on the screen informing you that the administrator has blocked access to a website. Sometimes, the WiFi network at school can be quite irritating. However, we have some tricks to help you.

This advice demonstrates exactly how I got beyond firewalls, and it has a 99% success rate. There is a very small chance that none of the techniques listed below will be effective for you. Try any of these approaches instead of going there to enjoy everything without limitations and get music apps unblocked at school.

#1 Using Proxy Browsers

It’s my preferred way because nothing needs to be downloaded. Many fantastic internet proxy browsers enable you to access any music websites quickly. You can also look at proxy websites that function on any network. Or look up other options. Numerous free internet proxy browsers are available on the market.

How To Use:

It’s simple; follow the directions below:

Go to any of these websites, like https://kproxy.com

You should input the URL of the music website there and then click “SURF.”

At school, enjoy the free music.

#2 Using a free VPN

Virtual Private Network, or VPN, lets users browse privately and access the most blocked websites. You could find this incredibly helpful in unblocking the websites you desire at school.

Utilizing a premium VPN is unnecessary because Tunnel Bear offers all the speed and functionality you need during the free trial; I advise you to use them.

#3 Using a Chrome extension

The Hola extension is incredible. This add-on operates similarly to a VPN. Install it immediately into your browser from the Chrome Store and surf any website you like.

Users can unblock any website using one of the many available servers. This extension is available here.

FAQ on Unblocked Music Apps at School in 2023 | Step-by-Step Guide

What are the Unblocked Music Apps at School in 2023?


How can I enjoy music offline?

You must download music from the top music apps, including Google Play Music, Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, etc., to listen to it offline. You can listen to these downloaded music tracks when you don’t have an online connection.

How can a site be unblocked?

Use VPNs to unblock
Use proxy sites
Change the browsers’ network proxy
Replace the DNS server.
Change URL

On Chrome, how do I unblock a website?

For a website that can be unblocked in Google Chrome’s settings, to unblock websites, use a VPN.
Use Chrome extensions to unblock websites.


Some of the top unblocked music websites, and apps we have found so far include those mentioned above. Whether at a company, institution, or school, you can access all the music for free with any of them.

We have provided all the resources that anyone can use to listen to unblocked music at school. Feel free to use them at will.



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