U.S awasthi IFFCO Rural Innovation Scholarship to Farmers 2018


Last updated on January 18th, 2018 at 09:40 am

Farmers having been faced with the challenges of getting direct source of Farmer inputs and Outputt from the central Government. Currently the Manual system has failed both the government and the people (Farmers). This has caused a drastic reduction in the Produce to Take care of the Food Demand in India.
In the Bid to improve productivity, IFFCO in the last few month has Launched the digital initiative. They build an ECommerce website which enables Farmers purchase agricultural inputs and products. This portal is a Knowledge based system with a well classified procedural approach to buying and selling of Agricultural products. The system incorporated job platform for IFFO Youth.

US-Based IFFCO has its main object for the past 24 years to raise Cooperative Societies to IFFCO. Since then massive Success has been recorded. Over 35 Thousand Coperative Societies has been add to IFFCO from then till date.

Currently US. Awasthi has officially announced the IFFCO Village Innovation Scholarships with a sole objective of hunting and developing innovative ideas available among rural youth. The Scholarship is to trigger the sense of purpose among the rural youth, knowing that they have a contribution to make in societal development with the Talents and Creativity. The U.S. Awasthi believe that in every youth lies the sleeping lion that needs to be awaken.

Are you a youth with the burning purpose to change the Agricultural Sector of the Economy with a cutting edge idea to enhance productivity in Agriculture? Are you passionate about the change in the Health care for Women and Children or Education, Hygiene, elderly care with all the Ideas linking to Technology? The Idea must be able to reach at least one million people. Then the U.S. Awasthi IFFCO Village Innovation Scholarship is designed for you.

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