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TRT World Fellowship in Turkey Application

The TRT media is happy to announce the application of their TRT World Fellowship in Turkey. The World Fellowship is open to all the regions in the world who are interested in journalism and media-related areas. If this meets you right and you meet the requirements, don’t delay as applications are currently ongoing. The WSF Team has arranged all you need to be a TRT World Fellow.

About TRT World Fellowship

The TRT World Fellowship is an interesting initiative in Istanbul that allows young talent from around the world to gain unique practical experience in the field of transformational journalism.

  • Invaluable hands-on experience in News, Programmes, Digital and Vision departments
  • Work with experienced traditional broadcast and digital journalists
  • Get Digital know how and take part in debate forums and round table discussion groups
  • Learn how it all works from the field to the newsroom
  • Targeting Proficient English speakers (Level C1 & C2) who are recent graduates and those in their third or fourth year of tertiary studies

The objective of the Fellowship program is to attract people who want to hear the views of TRT World and TRT Arabi, to keep up with the latest developments in the media industry and to improve their understanding of Turkish culture.

TRT World Fellowship

Fellows spend two months (June 17 to August 10) on TRT World and TRT Arabi

Since 2002, Turkey has become an increasingly important country both as a regional player and a global player. This period of stability, development and strong international relations has led to the natural emergence of TRT World. Turkey’s geopolitical and geocultural positioning suggests the potential to see the events of the world differently. Throughout history, this country has welcomed the cooperation of many civilizations and has long been a hub for ideas, information and trade. In the information age, where English is the primary language of mutual communication between different cultures, TRT World will provide an international audience with new insights into world events.

Reading, listening to or watching the news is not the end of the line for TRT World audiences. They aim to get an answer from our viewers. a reaction, a change in their thinking, a different perception of social problems and a clearer and deeper understanding of different cultures and ethnic groups. TRT World is a two-way series that invites you to be part of his quest and inspiration.

They define their audience as global citizens with a global conscience and believe that they deserve to be at the center of history. Your first approach on the ground means that your journalists will be located all over the world, ready to cover all live events. TRT World will focus on the humanitarian angle of each story, prioritizing how the event influences people rather than stakeholders.

With an original media business model, not influenced by those of other global media, they hope to contribute to the narrative of how stories are told and channel new perspectives of thought. In other words, they aspire to a more informed global audience.

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All You Need To Know About TRT World Fellowship

Level/Field of Study

The TRT World Fellowship is open to journalists, editors, PR professionals, producers, reporters, and videographers.

Host Nationality

The TRT World Fellowship 2019 is hosted in Turkey. You can utilize these scholarship opportunities to solve most of your academics problems. Check out other scholarships you can apply for in 2019 to study in EuropeAfricaAsiaAmerica, etc.

Eligible Nationality

The TRT World Fellowship in Turkey is open to individuals from all the regions.

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Scholarship Worth

  • During the fellowship programme, you will work full time in TRT World while taking your experience to the next level through a demanding schedule of training which provides a 360-degree view of the modern media industry with professionals from a variety of backgrounds including journalists, editors, PR professionals, producers, reporters, and videographers.
  • You will be engaged in weekly seminars, workshops and master classes emphasizing on journalism skills, cinematography, editing skills, documentary making, humanitarian programmes, Turkish culture, and politics.
  • The participants of the fellowship programme will also be provided site visits of institutions and news agencies.

Eligibility For The TRT World Fellowship

  • Proficient English language speaker (TRT World)
  • Proficient Arabic and English speaker (TRT Arabi)
  • A recent graduate from university from related majors
  • Interested in international journalism
  • Commitment to engagement in the related fields
  • Critical, strategic thinking, intellectual, and analytical skills
  • Fellows show interest in the Turkish culture and history
  • Interest in migration, security, international relations, and media.

How To Apply For The TRT World Fellowship 2019

Apply online through the given link. Apply now

Application Deadline For The TRT World Fellowship 2019:

The application deadline for the TRT World Fellowship 2019 is on March 31, 2019. After which applications will not be considered.


For more information on the TRT World Fellowship 2019 click on the link below.

Official link

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