Top Bolivian Scholarship Opportunities 2017-2018



Here are Scholarships, fellowships, Grants and Awards which Bolivian Citizens are Eligible to Apply. Read through the procedures and Guidelines to Apply.

Fulbright Scholarship Programme for Bolivia 2017-2018.

The United states of America is given Scholarship Opportunities to Bolivian  citizens to study in any university in the US. Follow the Link and Apply

PhD Scholarships in Italy, For Bolivian Citizen 2017

PhD opportunities for Student from Bolivia in prestigious Universities Italy. The procedures, Application Form and other information about the scholarships in Contained in the Link Above.

Bolivian Students Scholarships at Robert Gordon University in UK, 2017.

Scholarship Offers are up for Bolivian Students at the Robert Gordon University, UK. Follow the Link above and complete your registration.

KNB Scholarship for Bolivian Students in Indonesia, 2017- 2018

KNB Scholarships for Bolivian students is currently ongoing in Indonesia for 2017-2018 academic session. Link above gives you clearer information on the scholarships.

MA Scholarship in Political Science and International Relations in Kazakhstan  For Bolivian Students 2017

For Bolivian students wishing to pursue there Masters Degree Course in Political Science, opportunities are up. Apply Now

University of Sussex Scholarships  for Bolivians in UK, 2017

University of Sussex is offering scholarships to Bolivian Students. For 2017-2018 academic year. Applications are on. Follow the procedures as stated and complete your Registration. Good Luck

MSc Human Resource Management Scholarship at UWE Bristol for Bolivians, UK 2017

Masters degree Scholarships for Bolivian in UK. Applications are still on going, follow the procedures and apply NOW

POGO-SCOR Visiting Fellowships for Bolivians, 2017.

Ongoing Visiting Fellowships for Bolivians, fully Funded. For 2017-2018 scholarships, follow the details and procedures to secure your place in the scholarship.

Robert Felix Memorial Scholarship -Tree Fund Scholarship Program 2017

Robert Felix Memorial scholarships program is up for international students. Bolivians are Eligible to Apply

Western Union Foundation Global Scholarship For Bolivians 2017

Western Union Foundation Global Scholarships is currently ongoing for Bolivian Students 2017-2018 academic year. Apply Now

Marshal Papworth Scholarships For Bolivian Students In Uk 2017

Marshal Papworth is Awarding Scholarships  to Bolivian Scholarships for 2017.  Check the procedures and requirements for the scholarship in the link below.


 PhD Scholarship for Bolivian Candidates at University of Newcastle in Australia, 2017

PhD opportunities in  Australia at the University of Newcastle for Bolivian Candidates.  Follow the procedures and Apply Now

INSA JRD-Tata Fellowship Programme for Bolivians in India, 2017

INSA JRD-Tata Fellowships Programmes for Bolivians  is currently going on. Apply Now

Royal Society of Chemistry International Exchanges Award In UK (UPDATE)

Royal Society of Chemistry is giving Award to international Students inn UK and  Bolivians are Eligible to the Scholarship, Apply Now

MMMF Grants for Women of Bolivia in USA/Canada

Offers are up for the MMMF grants for Women from Bolivia Studying in USA or in Canada. Follow the link Above and Complete your Applications

DAAD Scholarships for Developing Countries

For Bolivian students wishing to pursue their Undergraduate Scholarships, Masters Degree Course in Germany, opportunities are up. Apply Now





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