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Top 9 Reasons to Study Abroad in Germany

Germany has been a part of world’s greatest creations in the field of both arts and science. More than 12% of students at the German universities come from abroad. It is an attractive place to stay in and is also termed as a safe country.Not to mention the fact that Germany abolished all tuition fees for national as well as international students. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Well, that is just one of the many perks of studying in Germany. So dive in!

1.No Tuition Fees at Public Universities in Germany

Higher education is mainly funded by the state and it is free of cost for both national as well as international students. The higher education in Germany consists of around 400 institutions which are divided into public “tuition free” institutions hosting 2.4 million students across Germany and other private institutions enrolling less than 5 % of the total student body. Upon reaching consensus in October 2014, Germany is now offering access to free higher education in the country regardless of the student’s origin. This was a great news for all the students aspiring to study overseas and who have strict budget constraints.

2.Internationally Recognized Degrees

The universities in Germany operate under the Bologna reform, which ensures that all the students get a unified internationally recognized degrees such as masters, bachelors or Ph.D. Germany provides quality education and this fact has attracted many students. The perfect combination of quality education along with affordability is what makes Germany ideal for pursuing higher studies.

3.Diverse Range of Study Opportunities

The higher education system of Germany has something for everyone. It has 450 state-accredited universities and 17,500-degree programs.The German universities offer degree programs in a variety of subjects and academic levels may it be bachelors, masters or doctoral degrees. The courses offered are very practice oriented and they are offeredin a wide range of disciplines.

4.Affordable Living Expenses

The cost of living is low in Germany as compared to the other European countries. There are a lot of concessions which can be availed by the students. Students can just show their student IDs to avail discounts at theaters, opera houses, swimming pools, cinemas and other institutes. The cost of food, clothing, rent and cultural activities are equivalent to the EU average. This makes study abroad in Germany affordable.

5.Scholarship Programs

Germany gives you the scholarship to finance your studies if you are an international student having anoutstanding academic achievement. Immaterial of your country, subject or status, the German Academic Exchange Servicescholarship database has a scholarship that matches your profile. Thus if you meet the necessary criteria, you can avail scholarships and fund your education.

6.Living in a Safe Country

Germany is a safe country on an international scale. The crime is comparatively low and it is a safe for the students. The police are reliable and helpful. Whether you live in the country or the big city, you can move freely day or night without having to worry about taking any special precaution.

7.Diverse Country in the Heart of Europe 

Germany is a diverse country with many facets. The beautiful beaches and mountains, pulsating metropolises, medieval city centers and to top it all, the nature. Germany is located in the heart of Europe with other countries surrounding it. You have a wide range of destinations at your doorsteps such as Paris, Copenhagen, Prague or Rome. Weekend trips are always fun with various options. The diverse culture along with different languages is the catch.

8.Courses Offered in English

A lot of degree programs are offered in English especially at Masters Level. This is a good news if you do not know German or if it is not good enough yet. The international degree programs can very well be done in English.

9.You Are Not Alone

About 12% of the students in German Universities come from abroad. You can get an opportunity to interact with people from different nationalities. This gives you a chance of expanding your horizons and meeting new friends. Usually, the contacts made during your higher studies are lifelong relations and thus it helps you in networking.

Thus studying in Germany opens a lot of prospects and gives you an opportunity to shape your career by adding a global edge to it. You also get a chance to learn and grow and move beyond your comfort zone. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and accomplish your dream of study abroad in Germany!

Author: Amykals


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