Top 5 Reasons to Study in Turkey


Top 5 Reasons to Study in Turkey

Turkey is fast attaining a reputation as an ideal destination for international students seeking quality educational qualifications. Is this level of interest justified or will it fizzle out as just another fad of the globalization? As the following irrefutable reasons why you should consider studying in Turkey show, this is most certainly not the case.

  1. Cost of Living

With its dynamic economy and heady cultural diversity, Turkey has some of the most modern cities in the world. The country offers quality of living that is at par with the most advanced global cities as a result. The main difference with some of the world’s well known melting pots of culture is the cost of living. Turkish cities offer all the convenience you expect of first world economies at a surprisingly low cost. If any proof was needed then the fact that Mercer’s 2013 rankings of world cities in terms of cost of living had all the major metropolitan Turkish cities at the bottom of the list should more than suffice.

  1. University – Industry Cooperation

For well over a decade today, the Turkish government has aggressively pushed for greater integration between courses offered at universities and the needs of the world’s industries. The first tentative steps to this reality came into effect with the passing of the Law on Technology Development centers back in 2001. The law paved the way for development of technology development centers and techno parks right in university campuses to provide the most relevant hands-on training for students. As of 2014, 32 such centers are already in operation with about a dozen others set for completion in the near future.

There has also been a renewed drive to offer ever more industry relevant associate degrees in all Turkish Universities. These two year courses offer vocational oriented programs and the graduates given all the skill and knowhow needed to work as intermediate staff in various sectors of the Turkish economy where it is all the training institutions can do to keep up with demand for such jobs. The programs are developed in close conjunction with industry players so as to offer the students internship placement in relevant firms.

  1. A Host of Scholarship Opportunities

According to data from UNESCO, well over 3.6 million students were enrolled in degree programs abroad at the turn of the decade. This represents a sharp increase compared to the state of affairs in the early 2000’s. Such a radical transformation can be directly attributed to the increased availability of scholarship opportunities. Emerging higher education destinations such as Turkey were identified as key contributors to this encouraging trend. It is worth noting that a vast majority of scholarships awarded to international students in Turkey are funded by the Turkish state.

  1. Quality of Education

The higher education sector in Turkey has undergone a virtual revolution in the last couple of decades. It is not just the number of universities which has increased markedly but the quality of the education offered has also greatly improved too. The 2014 Times Higher Education BRICS & Emerging Economies Rankings had 3 Turkish Universities ranked in the top 10. Turkey also had 7 of its universities placed in the top 100 list.

  1. Ideal Location

Turkey is euphemistically known as the “Bridge to the World” or “Where East Meets West” and the concepts are true in a literal sense as well. Turkey is ideally located at the geographical meeting point of Europe and the Middle East, and as such serves as a veritable melting point of diverse cultures and worldviews, all coexisting harmoniously. This unique aspect of everyday life in Turkey guarantees a discerning student the perfect environment where to learn and create a repertoire of scintillating memories.

As we have established above, Turkey has plenty to recommend it as an ideal international study destination. If it sounds all too good to be true, you don’t have to take our word for it. Apply for your Turkey visa today and experience this unique nation for yourself. Protection Status



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