Top 5 Reasons To Study In North CYPRUS.


Top 5 Reasons To Study In North CYPRUS.

studying away from home can be adventurous .you getting to meet new people , exist in the new timeline , enjoy new weather conditions  and so many other reasons . in this piece im going to blow your mind away with reasons WHY you should choose north Cyprus as your ideal location to study. The school summer holiday period’s long, sunny days take any chill out of the Mediterranean Sea; that run across the hot yellow sands and the refreshing plunge into the clear blue waters is a delight for children and adults alike

When most young adults think about studying abroad away from home, familiar faces and customs; they think of the USA, UK, Germany, France, etc; places they have probably seen hundreds of times in movies.

Today, I will share with you just 5 of the many reasons why  u should choose to study abroad in North Cyprus, Europe. Some of them are academical, some personal, some financial, some career based, while some are just crazy.

Academic and Financial Benefits of Studying Cyprus, Europe

I will list my reasons and benefits of studying abroad in North Cyprus below and in order to keep this post as short as possible, I will not go into much detail.

1. The Cost to Study Abroad

Universities in North Cyprus offer one of the cheapest study abroad international programs worldwide and that’s good news. Who wants to pay  6 to 10 times more for an education of equal quality? Tuition fees in North Cyprus universities are very affordable and so you can enjoy your study abroad experience without going bankrupt.


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2. Study Abroad while Studying Abroad

Now ,that’s what is called killing two birds with one stone. Internationals students who are studying abroad in north Cyprus universities are given the opportunity to study abroad through various programs. You can choose to study abroad during the summer break, or you can also choose to study 3 years in the north Cyprus University and your last year in a foreign university abroad.

3. Study Abroad International Student Scholarships

North Cyprus universities encourage study abroad programs by offering generous international students scholarships. So you get to study abroad cheaply and also with a scholarship. Wow, that’s a bargain.


4. Summer School for International Abroad Students

You may have a course you want better grades in, here in north Cyprus, you can retake those course during the summer break. Or is you may want to speed up your degree program, then you are allow to take additional courses in summer to enable complete a 4 years degree program in 3 or 3.5 years. Those are some extra benefits of studying abroad in North Cyprus, Europe.

5. Top Standard Education Programs and High Ranking Universities

Are you looking for quality education degree programs with high standard and worldwide acceptance, then, studying abroad in North Cyprus is for you. I love low tuition and scholarship but I was not going to sacrifice the quality of education for them. There is a friendly relationship between the professors and their students, the vast array of state of the art academic facilities, the campus environs and classrooms are very conducive for easy assimilation of lessons and so much more.



6. Study Abroad for Quality Double Major Degree Programs

When studying abroad in North Cyprus universities, you can benefit from the double major degree programs in which you can obtain a two degree certificate or diploma within 4 or 5 years. Protection Status



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