Top 20 PhD Degree Scholarships For Petroleum Engineering Students


Top 20 PhD Degree Scholarships For Petroleum Engineering Students

Congratulations for making the decision to enroll for a career pursuit in petroleum Engineering. What then should be your next line of action? Advisably, you should sign in to applications for petroleum Engineering scholarships.

The cost of education can be overwhelming high but if you say education is costly, try ignorance! Despite hoe high the cost id bei g educated might be, it can in no way be cmmensurate to the cost of ignorance as being educatrd remains a hallmark to all rond growth and cubing of siocietal menace.

Are you a petroleum engineering student who doesn’t have enough money or financial stability to further his/her pursuit?, don’t try ignorance please… I am glad to bring to bring the fact that the long awaited opportunity  and answer that you’ve been seeking fir us here!

Grants and scholarship aid is for sure available for different areas of studies including the petroleum field. Major crude oil companies have setup academic funds structured to assist students via sponsoring the sharpest students based on GPA score, academic merits, SAT and et cetera.

Via these scholarship programmes, students are opportune to gain exposure to applied science in the real world. Fellowships provide a platform for collaboration between students and companies to make findings about new methods to extract crude oil in different countries of the globe. This engagement ultimately leads to more jobs, hands on training and career opportunities for everyone involved in the industry.

Besides the oil corps, some of the best engineering colleges also provide scholarship programs designed specifically for majors in the field of petroleum. Landing a fellowship would seemingly be difficult unless one has great scholastic credentials. However there is no need to get discouraged as no academic requirements is attached to certain online scholarship opportunities These online fellowships funded by private organizations is aimed at helping out the average students



  1. SWE Annual Award

Society of Women Engineers  (SWE) award recognizes innovators and leaders who are in support of the advancement of women in the engineering community ranging from industry to education.

This society was founded in 1950 and is the world’s largest advocate and catalyst for change for women in engineering and technology. The educational and service organization is a non profit one and is the driving force that establishes engineering as a highly desirable career aspiration for women. This is aimed at ensuring that SWE members reach their full potential as engineers and leaders. SWE is a champion of diversity and gives empowerment to women in order to succeed and advance in their personal and professional lives.

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  •  Petroleum Engineering, M.Sc. Opportunities

 The Master of Science programmes in Petroleum Engineering or Petroleum Geosciences has a requirement of years of full-time study and builds on a complete BSc/BEng degree or the requisite equivalent.

The Petroleum Engineering, M.Sc. posseses two branches which includes Petroleum Engineering and Petroleum Geosciences. The specialization options for Petroleum Engineering includes Reservoir Engineering, Petroleum Production and Drilling Technology while that of Petroluem Geosciences ranges from Petroleum Geophysics to Petroleum Geology.

The programme starts in August 2019 but application would be on till 1 Dec 2018 for International classification and 1 Mar 2019 for EEA/EU. The programme intensity says full time and it has a duration of 24 months.

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  1. Star Scholarship and Fellowship

The Star scholarships and fellowships supports those pursuing degrees related to the oil and gas industry.

With regards to eligibility, applicants must be students enrolled, or soon to be enrolled, in curriculum related to the petroleum industry, must be an SPE member and must be enrolled the year following the application year. Applicants must comply with sanction policy and are to complete the electronic application submission process.  Award funding is to be distributed in December each year.

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  1. Nico van Wingen Memorial Graduate Fellowship

This memorial graduate fellowship, Wingen Memorial Graduate Fellowship in petroleum engineering,  is supported by the SPE Foundation. All the recipients of this  award are nominated by the SPE Student Chapter Faculty Advisor or Department Chair. Up to two awards are given in the amount of USD 5,000 each per year, for up to four years.

Applicants must be an SPE member at an official student chapter and must be at the Ph.D. level. They must intend to pursue a career in academia and if awarded, must submit annual confirmation from advisor showing progress and a justification for renewal and must comply with sanction policy.

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  1. Henry DeWitt Smith Memorial Fellowship

Henry DeWitt Smith’s example served all of his adult life in the mining industry and this is his heritage to the industry. In memory of Henry Dewitt Smith, his wife, Ellen Burke Smith, created the Henry DeWitt Smith Fellowship. The recipient will receive a single payment of USD 5,000.

The applicant must be pursuing a graduate degree (master’s or PhD) in petroleum engineering or a related field, must be an SPE member and must comply with sanction policy. The electronic application submission process must be completed.

Applications must be submitted only via the link provided in order to be accepted.

In applying,  the online application form CDT (UTC-5) is to be submitted and one must submit at least one recommendation and documentation for entry exams (if applicable)

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  1. HSF/ Marathon Oil College Scholarship Program.

 The HSF/Marathon Oil College Scholarship Program is a scholarship wherein scholars will be paired with a Marathon Oil Corporation employee who will serve as a professional mentor.

This scholarship is open to colleges majoring in fields like  Chemical Engineering,  Computer Engineering,  Computer Science, Geology/Geosciences, Environmental Engineering,  Electrical Engineering, Information Technology (IT/MIS), Mechanical Engineering.

This scholarship is open to Hispanic American, African American, Asian Pacific Islander American,   and American Indian/Alaskan Native heritage students who are citizens of U.S. Also, a minimum 3.00 GPA (out of 4.00) is required of applicants.

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  1. AEE Foundation’s Scholarship Fund

This Scholarship program was established to encourage qualified practitioners in energy engineering and energy management via awarding scholarships in order to help them further their education in these fields. To date, 1500 outstanding students have benefited from this foundation as it has awarded over $905,000 in funds.

The AEE Foundation, being aware of the rising costs of higher education, decided to expand its efforts to support and improve the financial support of the Scholarship Program.

To tis effect, the Foundation continues to welcome contributions from AEE members, chapters, certified professionals, corporations, and individuals who according to history are the backbone of this foundation’s funding.

Major leaders of  industries  increasingly recognize the value of this  scholarship program and the relevance of their role in contributing to the future energy visionaries’ development.

Candidates, undergraduate or graduate degree students, enrolled in an accredited college or university focusing on energy engineering, energy management, and energy/sustainability are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

For individuals to apply, they must be nominated by a local AEE Chapter. Via electronic means,  all scholarship forms must be sent to the Scholarship Chair.

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  1. EME Department Scholarships

The scholarship, in all cases, the scholarship sponsors give definite specific guidelines for the use of their funding. Each scholarship is awarded in accordance to the donor’s wish. Applicants are evaluated by the criteria of the available awards and  the best match of students to scholarships. Not all applicants receive awards because there are more applicants than the available funds.

The existence of Endowed scholarships is  because generous alumni and friends have donated funds to support the students. Afterwards, those funds are invested, and the principal remains invested and intact.

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  1. Frank F. and Clare M. Aplan Centennial Scholarship

All full-time undergraduate and graduate students enrolled or planning to enroll in the mining engineering program who have achieved superior academic records or who manifest promise of outstanding academic success, and who have a proven financial need.

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  1. MPGE Student Aid

 A limited number of teaching assistantships is offered by MPGE. Individual faculty members are able to offer research assistantships to qualified individuals but it all depends on funding. Availability of each varies from semester to semester.

A full tuition waiver, wherein fees is not included is available for students supported half-time through a combination of teaching and/or research assistantships.

The graduate assistantship is open to all M.S. thesis and Ph.D. applicants. For a student’s first year, If an assistantship is available for a student’s first year, information about such would  be included with the acceptance letter.

It is expedient to note that students in pursuit of the M.S. non-thesis option are not eligible for teaching or research assistantships and that  International students who indicate an economic need for assistance will only be admitted on the basis that assistantships are available for the first year.

For candidates to be eligible for this aid, they have to meet up with the federal eligible requirements which includes being admitted and working toward completion of an eligible degree, having earned a high school diploma or GED, being a citizen or eligible non-citizen, having a valid social security number and maintaining satisfactory academic progress .

With regards to this scholarship, male applicants are required to comply with the U.S. Selective Service registration requirements.

Students with non-immigrant visa status are not eligible for federal or state financial aid.

Applicants are not to be in default on any previous student loans. For parents applying for a Direct PLUS Loan, this is also applicable.

Applicants are not to owe a refund or repayment on any previously-awarded federal grant. They are to demonstrate financial need for need-based aid. It is expedient to note that it is not all types of aid require need.

Candidates should be enrolled at least a half-time – 6 credit hours for undergraduate students and 5 credit hours for graduate students.

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  1. Missouri S&T awards scholarships .

For this scholarship programme, merit-based scholarships are awarded at the time of acceptance with basis on ones academic accomplishments and ACT/SAT scores. This scholarships is only available to U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

The minimum awards listed for this scholarship programme  may be supported by a combination of funding sources. More so, S&T need-based grants are available to those who qualify. To be eligible, a FAFSA by February 1 of your senior year is to be submitted.

All entering freshmen merit-based awards require the student to be enrolled in a minimum of 12 hours at Missouri S&T and maintain a 3.25 cumulative GPA for renewal. They are available for up to 8 semesters. Additional renewal information can be found at .

A first time college freshman is defined as a student who enrolls at Missouri S&T during the first regular academic semester (fall or spring) after high school graduation

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  1. Science Graduate Fellowship Program

This program is established to support outstanding students in pursuit of their graduate training in basic research in areas of physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, engineering, computational sciences, and environmental sciences relevant to the Office of Science and to encourage the next generation’s development in scientific and technical talent in the U.S.

For three years, Science Graduate Fellowship Program award provides partial tuition support, an annual stipend for living expenses, and a research stipend for full-time graduate study and thesis/dissertation research at a U.S. academic institution.

The application deadline says 12/17/2018 11:59:59 PM Eastern Time Zone

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  1. The Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship (MLEF) Program

 This program provides an opportunity for college students to gain and develop research skills with the Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy for a period of 10 weeks over the summer. During this interval, fellows will be in receipt of a stipend and some students may be eligible to receive housing and travel allowance for the duration of the program.

For over 20 years, students pursuing STEM degrees (short for science, technology, engineering and math) have been aware of DOE research opportunities. The aim of this program is to have the opportunities for women and minority students in these fields improved. However, this doesn’t stop all eligible candidates from applying.

With regards to eligibility/qualification talk, applicants must be at least 18 years of age at time of application and must be U.S. Citizens. They are to be in possession of a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.

As at the time of application, applicants should be currently enrolled full-time as a degree-seeking student in a STEM program at an accredited college or university at the Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral level.

Scholarship Link:

  1. Frank F. and Clare M. Aplan Centennial Scholarship

These are the requirements that is to be satisfied before applying for this scholarship. They include:

  • All full-time undergraduate and graduate students enrolled or planning to enroll in the mining engineering program
  • Applicants must have achieved superior academic records or manifest promise of outstanding academic success.
  • They must have a proven financial need.

Scholarship Link:

  1. James T. and JoAnne Ternyik Arnone Award

To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must exhibit exemplary achievements and must be full-time undergraduate and graduate students enrolled or planning to enroll in mining engineering.

Scholarship Link:


  1. Energy Business and Finance Scholarship in Honor of Dr. Richard L. Gordon

This is a scholarship available to outstanding graduate students enrolled in the Energy Management and Policy option. First preference is given to those whose ethnic, cultural, and/or national background contribute to making the student body diverse.

Scholarship Link:

  1. Joseph W. and Margaret Nesbit Hunt Scholarship

This scholarship programme in John and Willie Leone Family Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering is available for full-time undergraduate and graduate female students enrolled or planning to enroll and that have achieved superior records in academics or who manifests promise of outstanding academic success.

Scholarship Link:


  1. Thomas A. Koza Scholarship

Thomas A. Koza scholarship is available for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in mining engineering and who exhibit outstanding academic achievement.  

Scholarship Link:


  1. Charles B. Manula Memorial Scholarship

Charles  B. Manula Scholarship is one available for full-time students, graduate and undergraduate, enrolled in the John and Willie Leone Family Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering who have academic ability that has been demonstrated and who exhibit a potential demonstrated for an active role in the application of computers to mining problems.

Furthermore, there should be a promise of outstanding academic success from applicants and they are to have a demonstrated financial need.

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  1. The Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation

The Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation was founded by the Congress in 1986 aimed at serving as a living memorial in  honor of the lifetime work of Senator Barry Goldwater, who as a soldier and statesman served his country for 56 years, including 30 years in the U.S. Senate.

This foundation, the Goldwater Foundation is aimed at ensuring that the U.S is producing the numeral of highly-qualified professionals the Nation needs to thrive in these critical fields. It actualizes this via providing scholarships to college sophomores and juniors who intend to pursue research careers in the mathematics, natural sciences and engineering .

This foundation is 30 years old and has awarded thousands of undergraduates. Many of its recipients have gone on to bag other prestigious awards like the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Fellowship, Rhodes Scholarship and et cetera.

Presently, Goldwater is not just focused on scholarship programmes as its alumni is conducting research that is helping give defense to the  Nation, proffering cures for catastrophic diseases and imparting knowledge to future generations of scientists, mathematicians and engineers via teaching them.

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