Top 10 Finland scholarships for International Students


What always comes to your mind when Finland is mentioned? to me it is always a place of quality and sound Education . Am I right? Yes of Course.

Finland is a perfect destinatination to qualitative and quantitative Education. Are you a Student looking fir where to study abroad Free. Here contains fully Funded Scholarships for International Students, Tuition Fee waivers. Study Abroad in Finland Free. Grants, Fellowships for International Students in Finland.

Finland is located in northern Europe between our neighbors Sweden, Norway and Russia. We are part of the European Union and a unique member of the Nordic family. But Finland and Finns are different. The Arctic climate gave us guts – or ‘sisu’ as we call it.

We always look for a practical solution, turning potential setbacks into steps forward. Finns are strong believers in equality and education. Our higher education system is one of the best in the world with great international connections, low hierarchies, and academic freedom.

Studying in Finland is not just about the studies. It is a chance to make friends, build networks, and experience something new. Finland is a safe country where things work and nature is always close by. English is our third, unofficial language.

Finland is looking for thinkers with a mind of their own. If you want to stand out, don’t do what everyone else does. Instead, improve your potential and prospects: Study in Finland.

The Challenge to be honest with you, is that students don’t carefully follow instructions to te Scholarship that is ongoing. Carefully follow the Instruuctions step-by-step.

1.Finland Government Scholarships P00I PROGRAME for International Students

The Finland Government scholarships are offered for a period of 3-9 months for Doctoral level studies and research at Finnish universities or public research institutes.The Finland Government Scholarship Pool programme is open to young researchers from all academic fields. The scholarship cannot be applied for Master’s level studies or post-Doctoral studies/researchAPPLY HERE

2 .CIMO Fellowship, An International PhD Fellowship in Finland

The CIMO Fellowships programme is open to young Doctoral level students and researchers from all countries and from all academic fields who wish to pursue their Doctorate (or Double Doctorate) at a Finnish university…APPLY HERE

3. University of Tampere International Scholarships, Finland

The University of Tampere is glad to offer a number of International Scholarships for 2017/2018 academic year. Those scholarships are open to non-EU/EEA citizens who are pursuing international master’s degree programme at the university. Varied amount of the award will be given to the winning candidatesAPPLY HERE

4. Aalto University Internatiomal\ Master Scholarships in Finland 

Aalto University specialises in science, art, technology and business. The university has improved markedly in rankings specific to these fields, and places high in the ranking lists. There are between 17 000 and 22 000 universities in the world, about 1 000 in Europe, about 70 in the Nordic Countries, and 14 in Finland…APPLY HERE

5 EMARO+ Masters Scholarships for non-EU and EU Students

EMARO and EMARO+ have been designed and accepted in the framework of the European Union ERASMUS-MUNDUS programme. The Erasmus Mundus programme is a cooperation and mobility programme of the European Union in the field of higher education which promotes the European Union as a center of excellence in learning around the world..

6. Robert and Lisa Sainsbury International Fellowships in UK

The Robert and Lisa Sainsbury Fellowships provide recipients with an opportunity to work in a scholarly environment conducive to completing a publication project. The Institute is offering one Fellowship for a maximum period of one year and two or three short-term Fellowships, of three months to half a year each, to scholars who have either received a PhD from a North American, Asian or European university, or who are currently employed by an academic institution or museum...APPLY HERE

7 .Endeavour Vocational Education and Training (VET) Scholarship in Australia

The Endeavour VET Scholarship provides financial support for international applicants to undertake VET at a Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Associate Degree level in any field in Australia for up to two and a half years. VET provides occupational or work-related knowledge and skills. The courses are directly related to a trade, occupation or ‘vocation’ in which the applicant participates. These courses exclude degree and higher level programmes normally delivered by universitiesAPPLY HERE

8 University of Bradford Postgraduate Bursary Program in UK,

The University of Bradford is inviting applications for bursary programme for the UK/EU students. Bursary is available to pursue full-time taught master or research postgraduate programmes.The aim of the scholarship is to enable and encourage academically able students from any nationalityAPPLY HERE

9.Masters in Research and Innovation in Higher Education (MARIHE) Scholarships for International Students

The Masters in Research and Innovation in Higher Education (MARIHE) Scholarship Application Period for student intake in August 2017 (Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree Scholarship) is now open. Apply now.

10.University of Helsinki Masters Scholarships for International Students

University of Helsinki scholarship programme is intended for excellent students  from outside the EU/EEA who want to do a Master’s programme . Interested candidates are been invited to submit applications online. Grants can be applied for while applying to the University of Helsinki’s Masters’ programmes...APPLY HERE


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