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TOEFL Speaking Practice 2022: Best Ways to Practice, Study Guide, Free Test

If you are planning to work, study or migrate to another country, then you need to take the TOEFL.

Candidates who write the TOEFL are always terrified of the speaking section. Although it is the shortest section of the test, candidates struggle with it the most. This is because, unlike some other sections, it requires more technique since you can’t just tick an answer and depend on fate to play out.

Basically, you will speak in English under a time constraint to answer any question thrown at you.

The only antidote is to practice with the TOEFL speaking practice test. This will boost your confidence and skills necessary to pass the test.

Don’t even think about skipping it because all sections carry equal marks and you can’t pass with a low score here.

TOEFL speaking is not really difficult. All you require is just a practice test and a guide. We have carefully examined all that in this article.

Meanwhile take a look at the table of content below.

Overview of TOEFL

TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. It is an English language proficiency test developed by ETS, an American company. It tests four major areas which are reading, speaking, writing, and listening.

TOEFL is the world’s most accepted English language test for study, work, and immigration.

Also, university admission officers certify candidates who pass this test as ready to study.

TOEFL Speaking Test

Before we examine the TOEFL speaking practice, we will give a general overview of all the actual speaking tests will cover.

During the exam, the TOEFL speaking has a duration of 17 minutes and it contains 4 sections.

Usually, the questions set ponders on academic situations set inside and outside the classroom.

In the classroom scenario, you will respond to questions, contribute to class discussions, read or listen to something and summarize or give your opinion about a topic under discussion.

Similarly, you will take part in conversations with staff and students and also give an opinion in the outside classroom scenarios.

Description of the Speaking Tasks

Remember we mentioned that speaking has four sections. They are below.

Independent Task

Task 1. Choice: This section presents two situations where you’ll be asked to make a choice and explain the reasons for the choice. Usually, it takes 15 seconds preparation time and 45 seconds response time.

Integrated Tasks

Task 2. Campus Situation Topic: You will either see a passage to read or listen to. Your task will be to summarize your opinion within the context of the passage.

Task 3. Academic Course Topic – General/specific: This section provides a reading passage that defines a term from an academic subject. In addition, an excerpt from a lecture that further illustrates the term will be provided. Your job will be to combine and ascertain important information from the two texts.

Task 4. Academic Course Topic – Summary: In like manners, a listening passage that explains a term will be provided. The candidate will summarize the idea.

Best Ways to Practice for TOEFL Speaking

In a study we recently conducted, Jamie, a TOEFL speaking coach explained that many students complained of going blank during TOEFL speaking practice test.

However, we have conducted research to find out ways to help candidates scale the speaking practice with a 26+ score.

#1 Speak Often

Students who will get the target speaking score of 26+ are those who speak English often.

Here is what speaking often does: it eliminates stuttering and increases speech flow. Some grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation problems will be resolved.

Try addressing a team of professionals and your speech flow will improve rapidly.

People who score 26 and higher sound almost perfect.

#2 Imitate TOEFL Speaking Tests

The fastest way to learn is to imitate. Jamie asserted that her students learnt faster when she got them to imitate high scoring TOEFL speaking responses.

Imitate their intonation and pronunciation, voice range and vocabulary usage.

#3 Seek Correction

One way to boost your confidence for the TOEFL speaking test is to seek speaking correction from English speakers you trust. Most times, what the students we have encountered needed was just that confidence boost.

#4 TOEFL Speaking Practice

If you wish to tackle the TOEFL speaking questions once and for all, don’t joke with the speaking practice.

They will stir you in the right direction and give tips on how to pass this section. This is because the examiners expect responses that are intelligent, have effective use of grammar and vocabulary, and well developed and coherent.

TOEFL Speaking Practice Study Guide

Trust me, you really need to study for the speaking session. Would you like to know what to focus on?

The main idea behind the TOEFL speaking section is to ascertain if you can form a clear response to topics given. For this, you will need to think fast, use good grammar, and present your response within a time frame.

Therefore, while practicing the TOEFL speaking, time your response to be within 15 to 60 seconds. Practice your vocabulary. However, avoid fancy words whose meanings are unclear to you. It is better to play safe with simple words.

It is advised to record your response. This will bring your intonation, pronunciation, and coherence to check.

Lastly, get a TOEFL English tutor. The tutor will identify your areas of weakness and guide you through it. While some people can learn from online tutors, if you would like an in-person tutor, check Wyzant(the US only).

TOEFL Speaking Free Tests

There are many platforms that offer free speaking TOEFL practice tests. They are listed below.

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Official TOEFL Speaking Practice

These are the best materials to use because you can be sure they’ll be similar to the real TOEFL Speaking section.

Below are all the official TOEFL speaking practice materials available, both free and paid resources. ETS doesn’t provide just TOEFL speaking samples, so each of these resources also has practice questions for the other sections of the TOEFL.

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Sample TOEFL Speaking Practice

Here are some of the sample test questions set on TOEFL. Unfortunately, we will list only a few of the TOEFL speaking practice questions as text.

 Example 1

In this question, you will read a short passage and then you will hear a short talk on the same subject. Then you will answer a question that relates to both of them.

Read an article from a campus newspaper. Take notes on the main points of the reading passage. Answer the questions that follow.
Reading time: 45 seconds. Response time: 60 seconds.

Why isn’t recycling mandatory on campus?

How does an Ivy League educational institute, such as U of C get away with being so nonchalant about recycling? After a recent search across campus, volunteers from the U of C Environmental Watch group counted only 10 recycling bins. In comparison, the students counted 30 vending machines, the majority of which carry plastics, cans, and glass bottles. Only one paper recycling bin was found. This means that almost all of the paper that is discarded on campus, including U of C residences, is being disposed of in the regular garbage. When asked why no recycling bins for paper have been placed on campus, U of C president, James Wicker, explained that the company the university employs to pick up recycling does not currently recycle paper. When asked why another company is not used, Wicker cited university finances as an obstacle.

Now listen to two students discuss the article. For the sake of this post, this audio has been transcribed.

M: Hey Lisa, you and your roommate have a recycling bin in your dormitory room, don’t you? I’m sure I’ve thrown a water bottle in a bin at your place before.
W: Sure. Why do you ask Mark? Are you wondering where to go to pick one up. I think they have them available in the housing office.
M: No, it’s not that. My roommate and I have one too, and we put it out with our garbage each week. It’s just that I read this article in the campus paper today that suggests that none of the dormitories on campus are recycling.
W: Oh, I read that article too. I agree that the writer obviously didn’t check her facts. But, she had a point about the lack of bins for recycling paper. I mean, what type of institution goes through more paper than a university?

M: True. And, like anything, the budget is always to blame.
W: What I don’t get is how they can charge us student dues for things like live entertainment, which many people don’t even use, but they can’t charge us for something like a recycling program.
M: Maybe you should write a letter to the editor about that. I for one wouldn’t have a problem throwing in a few dollars each year to do my part for the environment and save a few trees.
W: Maybe, but I’m not sure how many other students would share your enthusiasm.

Question: Why does the woman approve of the article? State her opinion and explain the reasons she gives for holding that opinion.

Example 2

Some people think they can achieve more when they are with other people. Others think they are more productive when they are alone. What is your opinion? Explain why.

  Preparation Time: 15 seconds
  Response Time: 45 seconds

Speak your response into the microphone.


TOEFL speaking requires you to respond to certain questions. Practice your speech, intonation, and grammar to be able to pass with a 26+ score. These can be found in the TOEFL speaking practice questions. The World Scholarship Forum wishes you well!

FAQs on TOEFL Speaking Practice

What is TOEFL?

TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. It is an English language proficiency test developed by ETS, an American company. It tests four major areas which are reading, speaking, writing, and listening.
This test is accepted worldwide by university admission officers to show that students are ready to learn.

How is TOEFL Speaking scored?

TOEFL speaking section is scored on a scale of 0-30. Therefore, the speaking will be scored to a 30%.

What Are the Best Ways to Practice for TOEFL Speaking?

The best ways to practice for TOEFL are:

1. Speak Often
2. Immitate TOEFL Speaking Tests
3. Seek Correction
4. TOEFL Speaking Practice

Where can i find TOEFL Speaking Free Tests?


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