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Tips On How to Apply for Visa to Study in Germany

Tips On How to Apply for Visa to Study in Germany

If you plan to study in Germany it is important to note that as an international student you will need a Visa.Although students from the EU/EEA area do not require a Visa to study in Germany,students from other countries require Visa to gain entry into Germany for studies.If you like to know the procedure and process to secure a Visa to study in Germany,then pay close attention.


If you are from within EU/EEA countries like Norway, Iceland, Switzerland etc., you do not require a students’ visa to study in Germany. Students from Israel, Japan, United States, South Korea and New Zealand to not require visas to study in Germany,however you need to submit a registration form at the locals’ resident registration office and aliens’ registration office to obtain residency permit; this must be done within two weeks of arrival. Students from Brazil, Honduras, San Marion,Taiwan and Andorra should take note :

You do not require a German visa, but if you plan to work before or after your education you will need to applyfor a visa from your home country via the consulate or German embassy.

It should be noted that both visa and non-visa holders must apply for residents’ permit within two weeks of arrival.

If you are from Taiwan make sure your international passport carries an identity card number.

Applicants from the rest of the world:

Students from countries outside countries listed above require students’ visa to study in Germany.


  1. Ensure you start your visa applications’’ process at least 3 months before resumption date.

You must ensure you plan ahead to apply for your visa so you can tackle anything that comes in betweenand not get stuck.

  1. To apply for visa you have to make sure your documents are intact, the documents you need to compile foryour visa application includes:

Completed application form

Valid international passport

2 Passport photographs

Letter of acceptance of admission

Academic record

Certificate of proficiency in German language or proof that you intend to attend a language course in Germany – if you wish to study in German

Financial Statements – You will be required to provide financial statements declaring you have sufficient funds to support yourself while in Germany ( a record of about $10,500 will be fine )

– Note that a trick here to prove you intend to study in Germany is to deposit funds into a blocked account,this means you are depositing funds into an account and will not have access to it until you arrive in Germany.

Health Insurance Records

Declaration of authenticity of documents

Take note that depending on the embassy you apply you may be asked to provide proof,that you do not have a criminal record.

Finally if you plan to study in Germany for more than 90days make sure you apply for National Visa for the purpose of study rather than Schengen Visa which grants access to stay in the country for just three months.

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