Testimonies from Scholarship Winners: “I Have Applied for Many Scholarships and Failed Until I…”


There are many ways to get Inspired. You can be inspired either through Books,  Audios, Video documentaries  and Many more.  But the most inspiring is the   testimonies of one who has gone through the same journey you are about to embark on.  Testimonies spur you to dare the impossible. You are Looking for a Scholarship to Fund your fees and probably,  you may have tried out many opportunities and not is coming forth. What you just need a powerful motivation from a person who have been in the same shoes. Most Students apply for scholarships just ones and they gave up all other opportunities available just because they were not successful.  Let me Shock you “If you Apply for  Scholarship Only Ones, You will fail”.

What do i mean, There are Many scholarship opportunities that you are eligible to apply for. Everyday about 100 new Scholarship opportunities are made available by The Governments, individuals, community foundations, and businesses for Students and Applicants which you’re one of them.  You may be Lucky to get the scholarships on your first Application, but the surest is getting a handful of scholarships you can apply for and you taking the pain to apply. The Testimony is  compiled from previous winners of scholarships.

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Volunteer your time, and you may just be rewarded with a scholarship:

Kyler, a math lover from Somerville, Mass., always believed in the notion of “paying it forward.” When he began actively participating in the activities held by his local Dollars for Scholars chapter, Somerville Mathematics Fund, he saw an opportunity to give back. In ninth grade, Kyler began vigorously fundraising and volunteering for the chapter. For the next four years, he not only volunteered to help out at nearly every event, but he also raised more money than any student had in the chapter’s history. In recognition of Kyler’s dedication, he was awarded a $4,000 scholarship from Somerville Mathematics Fund, the largest scholarship the chapter gives out to students.

What’s The Lesson here Do your best do Work for others and you see the best on your own way


Start early and stand out:

Lynn’s parents encouraged her from a young age to study hard and earn good grades so she could go to college. For Lynn, getting into college wasn’t the problem; it was finding a way to pay for it. Lynn wanted to avoid student loan debt, and realized early on she’d need to earn scholarships. She also knew that her best chance of standing out on scholarship applications was to do something unique. When Lynn got the opportunity to audition for a TV news show made by teens for teens, she jumped on it. Her experience with the program helped Lynn stand out from other kids when applying for scholarships. Lynn received a full four-year scholarship to Drake University, plus a renewable $3,000 Northwestern Mutual Scholarship, a program administered by Scholarship America. She credits her work with the teen television program as giving her an exclusive edge among other equally dedicated students.

Lesson: Never give Up

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Apply for as many opportunities as possible—at least one is likely to pay off:

Lily had always been a good student, in addition to being involved in sports, holding down a part-time job, and helping her younger brothers and sisters with their homework. Lily didn’t know how she was going to be able to afford college tuition, let alone her dream school—a private college not far from her home—with tuition roughly equal to her mom’s yearly salary. Though Lily saved as much as she could from her part-time job, it wasn’t enough. Little did she know that a school counselor had nominated Lily for a scholarship from her local Dollars for Scholars chapter; when she unexpectedly received the $1,500, she realized that there were probably other scholarships available. By the end of the school year, Lily had applied for and received a number of scholarships, allowing her to attend her dream school entirely on scholarships. Lily’s success has encouraged her younger brothers and sisters to go to college, too.

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Sell yourself:

We compiled this Secret from past winners, and here’s a powerful one from Petite Diva

I was confused about what the the scholarship panel wanted from me. I consulted  an alumnus of this university that was also awarded a scholarship when he was here and he said ‘you have to sell yourself’. You have to show that you are worth the award. Some of the guys I interviewed said you need to show all that you have done in terms of experience, previous awards if you have been given, any volunteer work, how good you were during your undergraduate studies (for example if you were in the top 10% of your class when graduating). I had written the answers I thought were perfect when I asked him and I was like ‘wow! I have to hype myself’. It was strange for me because I usually like my work to speak for me.

From This you can figure out what we meant by  ” Sell Yourself”.

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