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TESDA Scholarship 2019

The TESDA Scholarship Program is now open. The Technical Education and Skills Development (TESDA) offers qualification and TESDA scholarship program in 2019. It is open to all, including the OFWs.

TESDA (Authority for Technical Education and Skills Development) offers various scholarships and financial support to encourage more Filipinos to participate in Technical and Vocational Education (TVET).

Overview of TESDA Scholarship

After TESDA’s CEO, Guiling ‘Gene’, Mamondiong stepped up funding for provincial, municipal and district grants for assistance when it participated in the two national days of registration and professional training technical and technical. was taught from February 27 to 28 will be held.

Mamondiong said that national registration and TVET paralleling would take place simultaneously across the country, in local government units (LGUs), sports complexes, shopping malls, an urban stadium, and other areas. designated.

The event aims to reach the different TESDA programs they can use, he said.

“This activity will be implemented in partnership with Local Government (LGU), the Public Employment Office (PESO), the regional/provincial offices of the Ministry of Labor and Employment (DOLE), the enterprises/industries and technical and vocational education institutions (TVI).) and other stakeholders, “said Mamondiong.

TVET produces skilled workers with the necessary skills to fill national and international jobs with high demand and low demand locally and abroad

The Technical Education and Skills Development currently offer three (3) TESDA scholarships available:

  • The Job Training Scholarship Program (TWSP),
  • The Private Education Student Scholarships (PESFA)
  • The Special Training Program for Employees ( STEP).

Level/ Field of Study

To make initial VET education more accessible and desirable for more Filipinos, there are many free TESDA courses available to you through TESDA grant programs.

If you are searching for undergraduate scholarships or masters scholarships, you can click the links to various categories to find out other scholarships available to you in 2019.

Host Nationality

The TESDA Scholarship 2019 is hosted by the Technical Education and Skills Development (TESDA) Authority. Check out other scholarships you can apply for in 2019 to study in EuropeAfricaAsiaAmerica, etc.

Eligible Nationality

The TESDA Scholarship Program is open to all students.

The Authority for Technical Education and Skills Development (TESDA) will bring their scholarships closer to those who want free skills training and will even help their graduates find jobs.

If you are an international student looking for a scholarship to Study Abroad, you can check out our Study Abroad scholarships available for International students

Eligibility for TESDA Scholarship 2019

However, applicants must meet the minimum requirements to be accepted into a particular program. Details of the application are available on the official TESDA website (www.tesda.gov.ph/education).

Note that All Filipinos over the age of 15 may be interested in registering for various technical and professional courses (Tech-Voc).

The prerequisites for registration are a valid birth certificate, issued by ID or 1 × 1 image. On the other hand, applicants must bring their TESDA certificate and resume it.

Mamondiong said the event should also expand in support of TESDA graduates looking for a job. This will serve as a “social marketing” and “advocacy mechanism” for TVET and TESDA, he added.

What do I stand to gain from TESDA Scholarship Program

TESDA Scholarship Program serves as a driver to change and improve the lives of the Filipino population, which will contribute to the socio-economic development of the country.

The head of TESDA also published new rules for scholarships under TWSP 2019 (TWSP) and Special Training for Employment (STEP) as part of the program for the reform and development of TESDA.

How can I Apply for TESDA Scholarship 2019

Interested applicants must apply online to participate in TESDA Technical and Vocational Education Scholarships (TVET) programs.

There are 3-Step to TESDA Scholarship 2019 Application form.
Interested candidates need a desktop/laptop computer connected to the Internet and 5 to 10 minutes to complete the three steps of the online application process. You must first visit www.tesda.gov.ph/education and proceed as follows:

Step 1 Start the new TESDA grant application.

  • Fill out the form
    – Applicants must provide their full name, permanent mailing address, gender, date of birth, email address, place of birth and the full name of the parent / legal guardian and their permanent mailing address.
  •  Click the CREATE button
    – The “Create” button is located in the lower left corner of the online application form.
  • Get the Learner ID

After completing the form, applicants will receive a confirmation email with their unique participant ID.

Step 2 Select the TESDA Training Program

  •  Click on the TESDA Institute of Technology
    – Candidates must first select their current region and the name of the school (optional), then click on the search button. The list of schools recognized by TESDA will be displayed. Candidates must click on each school to see the courses offered.
  • Select the course
    – Candidates must choose the technical course of their choice offered by the school of their choice
  • Enter the applicant’s family name and unique identifier
  • Check the profile
  • Completed application

Step 3 Comments from the TESDA Scholarship Office

– Candidates are invited to check their e-mails regularly to receive comments from the TESDA office. Feedback is information about the time of training and the location of the training center.

In addition to the above-mentioned scholarship programs, TESDA also offers 40 free online courses and 5 foreign language courses are also available free from the TESDA Language Proficiency Institute (LSI).

According to TESDA, between 2010 and the second quarter of 2019, 10,543,440 aspirants completed the TESDA (TVET) vocational training through online programs, institutional training programs, and business programs. The records also show that 64.4% of graduates are already employed from 2005 to today.

TESDA Scholarship 2019 Application Deadline 

TESDA Scholarship 2019 is still ongoing.

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