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Colgate Scholarships for Child Education for Pakistani Nationals, 2018

Colgate-Palmolive (Pakistan) Ltd (Colgate) is offering Colgate Scholarship for Pakistani  Nationals. All major individuals having a child/children below the age of 21 years, are eligible to participate in this offer. The scholarship offer is meant to help and support the education of...

Diya Pakistan Foundation Scholarships for Pakistani Students, 2018

The Diya Pakistan Foundation of Pakistan is providing the scholarships for the residential of Pakistan. These scholarships are for the aspirants who are registered in various universities of government sector and chasing their undergraduate and Masters degree Diya Pakistan Foundation scholarship...

Dalda Scholarship Grants for Pakistani Students, 2018

Dalda Foundation announces Grants for Pakistani Students to Study Diploma, Undergraduate and Master’s level in Pakistan. Dalda Foundation trust Pakistan offering merit scholarship scheme for Pakistan students who want to continue their study by availing scholarships from class 1styear, graduate to master level under special and merit based scholarships. Dalda Foundation...

PEC Masters and Bachelors Scholarships for Pakistani Students, 2018

The Pakistan Engineering Congress proudly presents the PEC Masters and Bachelors Scholarships for Pakistani Students, 2018. These scholarships are design for students pursuing their Masters and Bachelors degree in any engineering discipline in Pakistan. The Scholarship has a major objective to fund Student with a Cutting edge...

Vicky Noon Scholarships Program 2018

Applications are currently ongoing for the Vicky Noon Scholarships Program. This Scholarships are exclusively designed for Students from Pakistan pursuing their master or DPhil program at the University of Oxford. There are two awards will be granted. Those are covering...


Entries are currently been submitted for the NLC INTERNSHIPS FOR PAKISTANS 2018/2019, eligible scholars from Pakistan are by this noticed encouraged to send in all of their application before the program deadline.   About: 1.         National Logistics Cell (NLC) is offering paid short-term...