sub-Saharan Africa Students INSEAD Olam MBA Scholarships for 2018/2019


INSEAD Olam MBA Scholarships for African Students is now available and applications are invited from eligible persons whom are interested in the scholarship. Candidates will be assessed on the quality of their scholarship essays and the level to which they meet the eligibility criteria.

Application Timeline: 

  • Applications Open: 17th July 2017
  • Deadline: 31st July 2017
  • Decision Notifiication: 15th September 2017

Essay Questions:

 1).Describe (a) why you wish to undertake the INSEAD MBA (b) How you envisage contributing to the future development of your country or region (c) Why you should be selected for the INSEAD Olam International MBA Scholarships for Change Catalysts in African Markets. (Max 400 words for all the questions)
2).Provide a concise but accurate description of your financial circumstances as well as a cash flow forecast for the year at INSEAD (details of income set against all expenditures). Explain how you expect to finance your studies if you do not obtain this scholarship (200 words).

Eligible Countries: Sub-Saharan Africa countries

To be taken at (country): France

About the Award: Olam recognises the need to foster leadership and governance in Sub Saharan Africa by supporting aspiring and capable students to pursue higher education at international centres of excellence. Through the INSEAD MBA scholarship and Olam mentoring, we hope to play our part in developing the necessary skills and knowledge in a highly talented select group of change agents. They in turn will then have the opportunity to contribute towards economic transformation and catalyse change in their community.

Type: MBA

Eligibility: The INSEAD Olam International MBA Scholarships for Change Catalysts in African Markets will be open to meritorious candidates who are nationals of Sub-Saharan Africa, regardless of their current country of residence, but who are committed to working in their home country or region. Only candidates admitted to INSEAD’s full-time MBA programme will be considered (December 16 and July 17 Classes) .

Selection Criteria: Candidates for this scholarship will need to demonstrate:

  • academic achievement and promise
  • teamwork as well as personal ownership to deliver
  • leadership potential and entrepreneurial spirit
  • a commitment to contributing to their country or region at the end of the course.

Number of Awardees: Not specified

Value of Scholarship:  73000 EUR

How to Apply: To access the scholarship application form on-line, you will first need to register (important : your name should be indicated exactly as on your admission application).

Upon registering, you will receive your personal login ID and password to navigate through the scholarship website.   You will first need to answer all the profile questions (personal contact details, educational and professional information).  This will serve as a background for all applications.  Thereafter, you will have the option to apply for different scholarships.

Throughout the period that the on-line application is available, you can modify or withdraw your scholarship applications as you please. You can track the status of your on-line application with the help of your scholarship login ID and password. Please note that the scholarship portal is not part of the platform for the admitted candidates and therefore you will need to register for it separately.

Access the scholarship application form

You can access the scholarship application form on Monday 24th October.  To submit an application, first go through the Scholarship Application Guide and then register yourself.

Visit Scholarship Webpage for details

Award Provider: INSEAD  Business School Protection Status



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