How to Study in Montana State University, USA


How to Study in Montana State University, USA

Virtually 90% of study abroad experience has proved to be one of the most amazing phase in the life of every international students. Despite its awesomeness, it takes persistence and time, but with a guide like this, you will soer through smoothly.

One of the most easy but crucial step is choosing your course or program of study. This is a learning period where you  sit down and brainstorm ideas about what you really want in life. You have to read as many materials as possible to be sure. MSU has a special advise team that will help guide you through. Even at that, the easiest way to find your career is by following your heart. Discover what you love and delve into that part. They all lies on your hobby and Passion.

MSU offers different types of study abroad programs, so knowing the difference between them will also help you determine the course you must go for.

You can get admitted through Direct Exchange between Montana State University and other 50 partners around the world.

Faculty lead short team program

This is done by traveling for an abroad study with a cohort or MSU and faculty leader.

Direct Enroll

This option is available to MSU students who wish to participate in a non affiliated accredited study abroad program. At the time of application, you will be asked to pay $50 nonrefundable application fee for direct exchange (DEX), CCIS and direct Enroll Program.

Application process

Once you’ve selected the program of your dream, there are also numerous steps for applying to the program.

Step 1: Create a ‘My Global Connection’ account: Every online application for any international program is done online. Visit MSU official portal and create your ‘My Global Connection’ account.

Step 2: Attend an advising session: The MSU study abroad team provides drop in advising hours to make sure you’re in the right track an doesn’t make regrettable mistakes. Not only that, it gives you an edge when it comes to admission.

Step 3: Request application: Schedule an appointment with a study abroad advisor to help you as a guide. Visit MSU website to shedule the appointment. After the meeting, you can then request  for the appropriate application to be uploaded on your My Global Connection account.

Step 4: Complete application: Application differ by program or course of study. Generally, it include an application fee, official transcript, essay, passport information, and academic reference. Refer to the school website for more information

Another crucial thing you must take care of is your funding. Make sure you rely have enough funds. Once you’ve been nominated to a study program. Prepare for your study time abroad. The MSU study abroad team will guide and help you prior to your departure to help you prepare.

Studying in MSU can be one of the best thing that can happen to a student. Not only are you going to read for your future, you’ll be exposed to so many connections and adventure. The natives are friendly and will make you forget home. Protection Status



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