Study In University of the Bahamas: Tuition Fees, Admission Requirements, Ranking


University of the Bahamas: Tuition Fees, Admission Requirements, Ranking

Do you want to Study in  University of the Bahamas? You may have heard many things about Admission, Ranking, Scholarships, Courses & Tuition Fees.

Here this post has a detailed information about procedures to Study in  University of the Bahamas. We promise that this post will end every doubt about Studying in  University of the Bahamas.

On 10 November 2016, University of The Bahamas was chartered by an Act of Parliament of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

The school welcomes new students and their families and provides for a successful transition to university life through a week of exciting and information-packed activities, but, that’s not even a case.

A lot of people want to learn but they struggle to identify the right people to teach them or the right place to go to learn. While it’s difficult for some people to learn, some people also have this odd feeling that they can’t learn or understand the things they are been taught.

As the national tertiary level institution for Bahamas, The University of Bahamas is mindful of their role in the community and encourage their students to be involved in and conceive of community initiatives.

Why are they doing so? They are a student-centered institution and they seek to improve the lives of students, not only through their teaching in the classroom, but also through a campus life experience that is growing and thriving.

People are taught from a very young age to look to others for guidance. Social norming is an important part of childhood where you figure out how to act in relation to everyone else – but the problem begins when you extend that process to include something as personal as your life purpose.

At University of The Bahamas, faculty and staff go above and beyond to ensure that their students have an excellent academic “living and learning” experience

And this is why we love them!

The faculty engage students in many extra-curricular activities that aim to showcase their talents and provide a more diverse university experience. As you know, you live from the outside in, not the inside out.

Many a time, we are lured into thinking that the purpose of life equals upward social mobility, establishing a career, accumulating wealth, competing (and winning), and holding power     ONLY.


Even if we can admit to ourselves that we aren’t fulfilled with success’ trappings, all too often we cling to our illusions because they’re all we know.

Here’s what I’d like to propose: Maybe our purpose has nothing to do with what we do for a living. Maybe our purpose is really about living authentically and discovering who we really are.

Most people will never be able comprehend this perspective. Are you one of them? University of The Bahamas is for you!

The school has a New Student Orientation (NSO) programme designed to familiarize students with their campuses and introduce them to the academic and co-curricular life of the institution, as well as the resources available for their success.

During the week, a team of student leaders and University of The Bahamas administrators host the ever-popular Parents’ Evening, Welcome Ceremony, Business Village, Block Party and Student Organisation Showcase.

Isn’t that amazing? New students meet with academic deans and faculty who share detailed information about programmes of study and advise them of courses to take.

Heck, not that alone.

During the week, students are able to reserve and pay for their courses and get their University of The Bahamas ID card. Also, fall semester NSO for Family Island students attending the Oakes Field and Grosvenor Close Campuses includes a tour of New Providence.

Boom. Boom!

Next, you’ll discover the following;

  • University of the Bahamas Courses
  • University of the Bahamas Mascot
  • University of the Bahamas Calendar
  • University of the Bahamas Freeport
  • University of the Bahamas Application Form
  • University of the Bahamas Contact

Before we delve into the courses, here’s something interesting you need to know about University of the Bahamas:

The University has a thriving intellectual and social life on campus.  Throughout the year, they host a series of events and lectures to expose their community to diverse topics and experiences.

Some of their signature events are the Colour of Harmony, the Anatol Rodgers Memorial Lecture Series, the Critical Caribbean Symposium Series, the Myles Munroe Memorial Lecture and our Business Week. The public is always invited and encouraged to attend.

Wouldn’t you love to be part of this great events? I bet you want!

As an archipelagic nation, it is part of their mission to expand their campus throughout The Bahamas, to ensure that every citizen has access to a quality university education.

They are doing this to ensure that international students studying in The Bahamas have the opportunity to travel throughout the country, by studying at different campuses. Whether you are an international student or not, University of the Bahamas has a lot to offer.

In case you don’t know, they have a first-rate Accounting programme; an exciting Media Journalism programme; an Art programme that has helped to produce many of The Bahamas’ and the world’s famous artists; Education and Nursing programmes that continue to meet the needs of our country; and others.

So, whether you are a prospective student, alumnus, or visitor, we’ll be sharing some critical things about the school and also invite you to explore more on their website to further your learning.

Here, we go…

University of the Bahamas Courses

Below are the courses of University of the Bahamas.

  • Business and Hospitality Management
  • Chemistry, Environmental & Life Sciences
  • Communication & Creative Arts
  • Culinary Arts & Tourism Studies
  • Education
  • English Studies
  • Mathematics, Physics & Technology
  • Nursing & Allied Health Professions
  • Social Sciences

University of the Bahamas Mascot

On 27th February 2018, University of The Bahamas officially launched its new athletics brand and introduced its new mascot at the Harry C. Moore Library and Information Centre at the campus.

With enthusiastic athletic students, faculty and staff, President Dr. Rodney Smith noted that the process of rebranding the College of The Bahamas to the University of The Bahamas started almost seven years ago, when a Request For a Proposal (RFP) of the same was sent out.

The athletics brand and mascot, “Mingoes”, is the brainchild of alumnus Renward Mortimer, who noted with much enthusiasm noted that as a proud alumnus it was a team effort that got University of The Bahamas to the point of the launch.

Kimberley Rolle, Director of University of The Bahamas athletics, said the mascot is expected to be entrenched in the life of the university and is not solely for athletics purposes.

University of The Bahamas President Dr. Rodney Smith described it as an “historic” day for the university. He said student athletes are already making their presence felt in the country as well as outside of the country, and it is anticipated that UB’s athletes will be competitive winners and the institution will host tournaments in years to come.

The athletics Director said over the past three years the athletics department has worked assiduously to develop competitive teams and attract the very best cadre of student athletes and coaches.

She said University of The Bahamas is beginning to see the results in the performance of their athletes, locally and internationally, as well as calibre of coaches. In track and field, soccer and Basketball, University of The Bahamas is becoming a force to reckon with.

University of The Bahamas currently has six athletic teams including men and women’s basketball, soccer and softball. The school have plans to expand the department to include golf, sailing and baseball programmes.

University of the Bahamas Calendar

University of The Bahamas – Academic Calendar

 Academic Year 2017 – 2018Academic Year 2018 – 2019Academic Year 2019 – 2020
FALL Semester   
Registration ends for continuing studentsFriday, Aug 04Friday, Aug 03Friday, Aug 02
Holiday – Emancipation Day (University closed)Monday, Aug 7Monday, Aug 6Monday, Aug 5
Last day to pay for returning students (before 4pm)Thursday, Aug 10Thursday, Aug 9Thursday, Aug 8
Deregistration of unpaid students (after close of business)Thursday, Aug 10Thursday, Aug 9Thursday, Aug 8
Parents’ Evening – Oakes Field CampusThursday, Aug 8Thursday, Aug 7Thursday, Aug 6
Parents’ Evening – Northern Bahamas CampusThursday, Aug 8Thursday, Aug 7Thursday, Aug 6
Orientation for New Students – Oakes Field CampusTuesday, Aug 08 – Friday, Aug 11Tuesday, Aug 07 – Friday, Aug 10Tuesday, Aug 06 – Friday, Aug 09
Orientation for New Students – Northern Bahamas CampusWednesday, Aug 09Wednesday, Aug 8Wednesday, Aug 7
Financial Aid Decision Available for new applicantsMonday, Aug 14Monday, Aug 13Monday, Aug 12
Advisement for New StudentsThursday, Aug 10 – Friday, Aug 11Thursday, Aug 09 – Friday, Aug 10Thursday, Aug 08 – Friday, Aug 09
Registration – New Student only – online (begins at 4pm)Friday, Aug 11 – Sunday, Aug 20Friday, Aug 10 – Sunday, Aug 19Friday, Aug 09 – Sunday, Aug 18
Faculty SeminarThursday, Aug 17Thursday, Aug 16Thursday, Aug 15
First day of classesMonday, Aug 21Monday, Aug 20Monday, Aug 19
Registration – Late registration only – onlineTuesday, Aug 22 – Wednesday, Aug 23Tuesday, Aug 21 – Wednesday, Aug 22Tuesday, Aug 20 – Wednesday, Aug 21
Registration – Drop/Add only – onlineThursday, Aug 24 – Friday, Aug 25Thursday, Aug 23 – Friday, Aug 24Thursday, Aug 22 – Friday, Aug 23
Deadline for Schools/Units to send Course Extension & DIS forms toMonday, Aug 28Monday, Aug 27Monday, Aug 26
Registration – Course Extensions & DIS only (Students must go to Records Office)Monday, Aug 28 – Tuesday, Aug 29Monday, Aug 27 – Tuesday, Aug 28Monday, Aug 26 – Tuesday, Aug 27
Last Day to Pay for Fall Semester for new students and late registrants (at 4pm)Friday, Sep 1Friday, Aug 31Friday, Aug 30
Final De-registration of all unpaid students (after close of business)Friday, Sep 1Friday, Aug 31Friday, Aug 30
Financial Aid Symposium – Oakes Field CampusThursday, Sep 14Thursday, Sep 13Thursday, Sep 12
Financial Aid Symposium – Northern Bahamas CampusThursday, Sep 21Thursday, Sep 20Thursday, Sep 19
Opening ConvocationFriday, Sep 29Friday, Sep 28Friday, Sep 27
Deadline for New Student Application for SpringFriday, Sep 29Friday, Sep 28Friday, Sep 27
Deadline for application for Financial Aid & Scholarship for SpringFriday, Sep 29Friday, Sep 28Friday, Sep 27
Deadline for Fall Graduation Application/Evaluation FormsFriday, Sep 29Friday, Sep 28Friday, Sep 27
Mid-semester ExamsMonday, Sep 25 – Saturday, Oct 14Monday, Sep 24 – Saturday, Oct 13Monday, Sep 23 – Saturday, Oct 12
Mid-semester BreakThursday, Oct 5 – Saturday, Oct 7Thursday, Oct 4 – Saturday, Oct 6Thursday, Oct 3 – Saturday, Oct 5


For full University of The Bahamas Academic Calendar, click here.

Search calendar online now? Click here.

University of the Bahamas Freeport

University of the Bahamas is located at Grand Bahama Hwy, Freeport, The Bahamas. And their official website can be accessed here today.

University of the Bahamas Application Form

University of the Bahamas Contact

For Admission (Click there)


Deferred Payment Plan




 Financial Aid

Application for Financial Aid
Application to Renew Financial Aid

Residence Life

Application for Housing (University of The Bahamas-North)
Application for Housing (Oakes Field Campus)


University of Oslo Scholarships & Awards

Application for Astarita Nassauvian Art Scholarship
Application for Merit-Based Scholarship
Application for Need-Based Scholarship
Application for Private Book Award
Application for Private Bursary


Office of Recruitment and Admissions

Student Services Centre
Keva M. Bethel Building
Oakes Field Campus
University of The Bahamas
P. O. Box N-4912
Nassau, The Bahamas
Tel: (242) 302-4499

E-mail: [email protected]


Office of Recruitment and Admissions

Administration Building
University of The Bahamas-North
Grand Bahama Highway
University of The Bahamas
P. O. Box F-42766
East Grand Bahama, The Bahamas
Tel: (242) 688-5911/5900

E-mail: [email protected]


BONUS: For the Academic Catalogue of the school, click here to download.

University of the Bahamas Tuition and Fees

Notwithstanding the high cost of a quality tertiary-level education, University of The Bahamas continues to offer excellent academic programmes as well as rich and rewarding student experiences at a cost that is affordable to most families.


Lower-level coursesUpper-level courses
Bahamian rateB$100.00 per contact hour$B150.00 per contact hour
International rateB200.00 per contact hour$B200.00 per contact hour


Bahamian Tuition Rate

The following students are eligible for the Bahamian tuition rate:

  • Bahamian citizens, a person currently married to a Bahamian citizen, the child of a Bahamian citizen;
  • Permanent residents with the right to work in The Bahamas, a person currently married to a permanent resident with the right to work in The Bahamas; the child, or adult child under the age of 25 years, of a permanent resident with the right to work in The Bahamas;
  • Persons who have completed six consecutive years of secondary education in The Bahamas;

Persons employed by the Government of The Bahamas; a person who is currently married to a person who is employed by the Government of The Bahamas, a child, or adult child under the age of 25 years, of a permanent resident with the right to work in The Bahamas.

Non-Credit Upgrading Courses

Upgrading and Pre-Tech courses are assessed at a rate of $300.00 per course plus applicable laboratory fees.


Non-Credit General Interest Courses

Tuition and fees for non-credit general interest courses are determined on the basis of related expenses.



Courses with higher-than-average operating costs are assessed additional fees. As a result, an additional laboratory, tutorial, studio or other fee may be attached to a specific course to cover related expenses such as materials, supplies, field trips, etc. Unless otherwise indicated, these fees must be paid at the time of registration.

Additionally, UB charges various incidental fees to cover the cost of services such as new student orientation fee, student identification fee, security deposit fee, all of which are included as part of the student’s statement/bill.

The capital development fee, for example, assists with capital development projects and the long term maintenance of the UB’s physical plant. The student activity fee, payable at the time of registration, provides funds for Student Government and UB student clubs and organizations.

The mandatory, non-refundable technology fee covers computer and Internet access and $50.00 worth of prints. The library fee allows students access to the library and its resources such as study rooms, online library access and book borrowing.

In those instances where a course is cancelled by UB, students will receive a full tuition and fee refund.

If a student decides to cancel his/her registration or withdraw from a course, the refund schedule as outlined below will apply provided the student completes the Course Change and Withdrawal Form and pays the requisite fee at the Business Office.

Refunds will be processed after the registration period has ended; however, the following fees are non–refundable: student activity fee; UB ID fee; course withdrawal fee; Deferred Payment Plan fee.

 Refund Schedule


Fall and Spring Semesters
Before first week of classes90% refund
During first week of class75% refund
During second week of class50% refund
After the second week of class0%


Summer Session
Before the start of classes90% refund
1st and 2nd day of class75% refund
3rd and 4th day of class50% refund
After the 4th day of class0%
  1. While we have sought to be as comprehensive as possible, some fees may have been inadvertently omitted from this list.
  2. All fees are subject to change.
  3. This listing does not include applicable VAT charges.


Summary of Fees
Accident Insurance$ 25.00Per year
Administrative Fee – Graduate and LLB$150.00Per semester
Application – Undergraduate$ 40.00Non-refundable
Application – Graduate$ 80.00Non-refundable
Application Fee – Undergraduate late$0.00
Art Laboratory$ 50.00 –Art Laboratory
$ 75.00Per laboratory$ 75.00
Capital Development Fee$100.00Per fall and spring semester
$ 50.00Per summer session
Challenge Examination$ 75.00Per examination
Deferred Payment Plan Processing Fee$ 50.00Per semester
Deferred Payment Plan Penalty Fee$ 50.00Per month (3 months max.)
Dormitory Security Deposit$500.00 – $750.00One time – refundable on condition of the facility
Dormitory Rent$500.00 – $750.00Per semester
Drop / Add$ 20.00Per application
Extraordinary Sitting of Final Examination$ 75.00Per examination
Final Grade Appeal$100.00Per appeal
Food Preparation Laboratory Fee$175.00 – $200.00Per laboratory
Graduation$100.00One-time, non-refundable
Identification Card$ 25.00One-time, non-refundable
Identification Card – holder$ 3.00Per request
Identification Card – lanyard$ 5.00Per request
Identification Card – replacement$ 15.00Per request
Language Laboratory Fee – French & Haitian Creole$100.00Per semester; per lab
Late Registration$150.00Per registration
Letter Request$ 10.00Per request
Library Fee$ 50.00Per fall and spring semester
$ 25.00Per summer session
New Student Orientation Fee$ 50.00One-time, non-refundable
Returned Cheque$ 40.00Per cheque
Seat Fee – Graduate (COB MBA)$300.00
Security Deposit Fee – Bahamian$100.00One time only; refundable after graduation upon request
Security Deposit Fee – Non-Bahamian$200.00One time only; refundable after graduation upon request
Science Laboratory Fee$ 50.00 – $350.00Per laboratory
Student Activity Fee$ 50.00Per fall and spring semester
$ 25.00Per summer session
Student Printing: monochrome (Black & White).10¢Per sheet, single‐ or double-sided
Student Printing: colour.25¢Per sheet, single‐ or double-sided
Technology Fee$120.00Per fall and spring semester
$ 60.00Per summer session
Transcript$ 5.00Per copy
Sample UB Attendance Budget Based on 15 Credit Hours per Fall & Spring Semester (Local taxes, subsistence and housing costs not included):Estimated Annual CostEstimated Annual CostEstimated Total Cost
1st & 2nd years3rd & 4th years1-4 years
Tuition and fees$5,600.00 per year$6,800.00 per year$24,800.00
Books and supplies$1,500.00 per year$2,000.00 per year$7,000.00
Total$7,100.00 per year$8,800.00 per year$31,800.00


Tuition & Fees Calculator


How to Pay?
Tuition and fees are payable in the form of cash or debit card or credit card (excluding American Express), by money order or certified cheque made payable to University of The Bahamas.


Where to Pay?
Payment may be made online at or at the Business Office, Student Services Centre, Keva M. Bethel Building, Oakes Field Campus, or the Administration Block, University of The Bahamas-North.

There are many reasons why study abroad programs are becoming so popular. For most international students, the appeal is likely to be a combination of gaining a high-quality education, experiencing immersion in a new culture (and often a second language), gaining a global mindset and expanding future employment prospects.


As you school at University of the Bahamas, explore more and live your dreams. Success!


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