Study Free in Germany: Admission Requirement| Cost of Living | How to Apply for Visa


Study Free in Germany – Admission Requirement, Cost of Living and How to Apply for Visa

Germany offers a great opportunity of good quality education. Apart from the good education, Universities in Germany offer tuition free education.

Compared to other European countries, the cost of living in Germany is quite reasonable. The prices for food, accommodation, clothing, cultural events, etc. are basically in line with the EU average. You will need around 850 euros a month to cover your living expenses. The largest expense is your monthly rent.

Students require around 850 euros per month to cover the cost of living in Germany. In large cities, costs can vary considerably depending on where you live. You should plan on spending more on living and studying in Munich than in Leipzig, for example


The majority of higher education institutions in Germany is financed by the state. As a rule, fees do not apply to Bachelor’s courses or to most Master’s courses offered at state higher education institutions. Study fees may apply to specific continuing education Master’s programmes, which are not, however, particularly high when compared with other countries. Higher fees may be charged for studies completed at private higher education institutions.

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However, the Federal State of Baden-Wuerttemberg has decided to charge non-EU citizens study fees amounting to €1,500 per semester for study courses (Bachelor’s, Master’s, Diplom, state examination) with effect from the winter semester 2017/18. Doctoral students are not affected by these fees. Students who have already embarked on their studies in Baden-Wuerttemberg but who will not have completed their courses by the WS 2017/18 will not be subject to the above-mentioned fees.

Courses such as Medicine, Law, Humanities, Engineering and other courses are been offered at about 300 Universities in Germany. Most courses are taught in German with a few taught in English.


Rent and utilities€ 323
Food and drink€ 168
Clothing€ 42
Learning materials€ 20
Car and public transportation€ 94
Health insurance, medical costs, medicine€ 80
Telephone, internet, TV€ 31
Recreation, culture, sports€ 61
Total€ 819



  • English/German language proficiency result
  • Birth certificate
  • Medical certificate showing how healthy an applicant is
  • O level results and transcripts showing grades
  • A valid international passport


  • English/German language proficiency result
  • Birth certificate
  • Medical certificate showing how healthy an applicant is
  • A valid international passport
  • Result of degree
  • Transcript that shows all courses taken by the student with their grades as well as a degree result
  • Should provide two reference letters
  • Statement of purpose and or research work

HOW TO APPLY To Study Free in Germany

Once a University with the preferred course has been found through searching the internet an application can be done. German Universities receive both paper based and online applications, although Universities most times prefer online applications as it is a much easier way to apply and receive documents. The online application includes opening an account on the website of the University and filling the forms and submitting. Paper applications involve making photocopies and notarize all documents and send them along with the downloaded application forms to the admission office.

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PROCESSING VISA To Study Free in Germany

One important aspect in schooling abroad is the student visa. The school will provide an invitation letter after applying which will be needed when applying for a student visa. The applicant will go to the embassy in their home country with documents such as results, health insurance, passport photographs, International passport and others. When this is done the applicant will be told when to come for an interview.

It is important to note that applicants will have to open a German block account of 7000 Euros before the visa can be obtained. Applicants should not be bothered as the embassy will guide them on the procedure in doing it.


  • Fachhoschule Konstanz
  • Frankfurt University
  • Free university of Berlin
  • University of Hamburg
  • Hamburg Media School
  • Homboldt-university, Berlin
  • International University, Bremen
  • International University in Germany
  • University of Augsburg
  • University of Bamberg
  • University of Dortmund
  • University of Flensburg
  • Aachen University of Technology
  • Dortmund University
  • Duisburg Technical University
  • European Mnagement School Mainz
  • Fachhoschule Erfurt
  • Fachhoschule Furtwangen
  • Fachhoschule Hannover
  • Fachhoschule Jena
  • Fachhoschule Koblenz


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  1. Dear Sir, I am a Ghanaian resident in Rio who will be completing my law studies in 2018, and would like to pursue a Graduate course in Law in Germany right after my studies. I would be glad if you could use your good offices to help me obtain a scholarship to study in any of the distinguished institutions in Germany.

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  4. Hi I am Nigerian I graduated from University of Ibadan, Ibadan. Which strong second class lower division studied Adult Education/and Political science in 2012 academic session I am with my valid international passport I want to get your scholarship in your institutions in order to study Msc. Or MA political science So I will be very glad if I got a scholarship from your country. Thanks

  5. Hi..I’m Ethiopian. I graduated by Bachelor degree in Public Health from Ambo University,Ethiopia on 01/07/2017.I would be very glad if you could use your goodness to help me to get a scholarship to continue Msc. in any public health related course.


    • ….I am an undergraduate who wish to study in Germany…….Am a Nigerian,Am I eligible for this scorlarship program…thanks.

  6. Hello sir, I am a Gambian residice in manjai I am an ungraduate student and i wants to study in Germany.
    Please I would like you help me on how the process is done.
    Thank you

    • Thanks for make this information available.
      Iam a Ngieria, with three children (triplets},born on 30th June,2000.they are undergraduate and would like to study Medicine and Surgery,Petroleum and Gas and Business Management respectively.

      Will highly appreciate if these God given children are given the opportunities for their career dreams.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Thank you

  7. Dear sir, am Nigerian an undergraduate student.
    I love to apply for the scholarship, please I need more info and how to proceed with it

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    Am a Nigerian and a undergraduate student wishing to study Electrical and Electronic Engineering….and in your helping hand if you can help me secure one
    Thank you sir…….

  10. Hi dear sir/madam,my name is Jinenus Dinsa who is young graduated from Ethiopian Technology University by bachelor science mechanical engineering with CGPA of 3.60. Now I’m very interested to study master degree to develop& improve my knowledge and to change my society by my knowledge. Please help me! And contact me via :+251923390531/+251983093591
    Thank you for helping me!

  11. Am a Ugandan, aged 22. Ready to persue an undergraduate degree in fashion design.
    Looking upto participating with,
    Grateful if you considered me.

  12. my name is Dr. Yitagesu Seyoum from Ethiopia. I would like to study my msc degree by veterinary medicine or related flied in one of these Germany universities. so help me the way to contact with u.

  13. Am Lawrence chege from Kenya an undergraduate student at Kenyatta university and am requesting for a scholarship to continue with my studies in bachelor’s degree in gender and development studies… Thanks in advance

  14. Hello sir/madam, i am Yonatam Yibrah from Ethiopia i love to study Master in Electrical engineering in one of the Germany university please hlep me to contac with you.
    I thank you.


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