STUDY ABROAD: How to find supervisor or professor for your masters and PhD



STUDY ABROAD: How to find supervisor or professor for your masters and PhD


A supervisor is a faculty member who mentors a graduate student in their research. Many research-based graduate programs expect students to identify a prospective supervisor prior to applying for admission. It is best to check with the graduate program you will be applying to, to find out if this is expected.

Hence ,It  is  for this  reason the WSF team have put this article together to help you in your search for a supervisor or professor during Masters  and PhD levels.

NOTE: You and your supervisor will be working closely together. Invest time at the beginning of the relationship and make a good first impression.

Before you start

Do your research. You should know:

  1. What program you want to take? Sometimes your field of study may have a different name at the  university you are interested in.
  2. What are the admission requirements for your chosen program? Remember some programs may have higher than the minimum admission requirement. Some programs may require additional documentation such as a GRE. Check what is required for your program.
  3. What area of research do you want to pursue? Are there professors doing research in the area of interest to you?
  4. You should identify one or two professors who are doing research in an area closely related to what you are interested in.


The more specific you can be in your first email the better success you will have. You should:

  • Read the Professors webpage;
  • Check out any online publications that are available and read them;
  • Calculate you current grade-point average;

Writing Tips

Professors get dozens of emails from potential students. If you want to get your email noticed, you must give the professor the information they need, quickly, clearly and professionally.

  • The professor is not your friend or colleague. Use proper titles – Dr. Smith;
  • Keep your email short, just three paragraphs, no more than 250 words;
  • Use complete sentences;
  • Use spell check.

Key Parts

Introduce yourself: Tell the professor in two or three sentences who you are. State your degree level and your research area. Give a clear statement indicating that you meet the admission requirements which includes your grade point average and, if required, your English proficiency test results. If you do not have proof of English proficiency, state when you plan to take the IELTS or TOEFL test.


Dear Dr. Smith,
My name is XX XX and I am from the University of XX. I am in my final year of a masters in Biology with focus on plant breeding research. My GPA is 86% and my TOEFL iBT is 100.

Make a connection and provide reasons to be considered: Use specific references to make a connection between the work that you have been doing and the research projects that the professor is working on. Important points to include:

  • Papers, journal articles, either published, accepted or submitted.
  • Conference papers given;
  • Scholarships won

My current research project for my master’s program is in canola breeding for fungus disease resistance and I have just submitted a co-authored article which was accepted by XXX. I have attached a brief research interest statement with more details. I was reading about recent work in genetically modified wheat on the website and it looks very interesting. I am interested in building upon my master’s experience and expanding my research into related areas. I have attached a copy of my C.V. for your review.

State your request; tell the professor what you are looking for.

I wish to begin a PhD program in XX in September 2018 and would be very interested in working under your supervision. I would appreciate if you could review the attached documents and let me know what the possibilities might be.  

if this is done, most times even when we got the admission and a professor to work with, we most times turn this offer down  because of some financial constraints . here are some of the methods / steps to  find a professor or supervisor to sign off on your grant application.


How to Find Supervisors or Professor When Applying for Grants/ scholarships

The passionate and energetic international students who want to pursue their education in countries like South Korea, New Zealand, Australia etc need to contact universities supervisors or professors for scholarships grants.They have to find their course related supervisors first and then they have to contact them.

In this part, we will tell you a 3 methods of how to find supervisor or professor for Masters and PHD scholarship grants.

Method 1:

In the first method find the list of universities, you want to apply for by writing your query in google like “Universities in Australia”, “Universities in South Korea”, “Universities in Germany” or by writing “Scholarships in Australia“, “Scholarships in Germany” etc.

Scholarships for International students

After that, you will get the list of all universities there. You can choose the university by opening each link on the google.

Method 2:

In the second method, first of all, finalize your area of interest, you can finalize your area of interest by looking at your final year project, subject in which you are best, some already done research or some tool in your field that you think you are best. For example you have done Bachelor in software engineering and your favourite subject is Software Engineering so find universities that are offering scholarships in software engineering field by writing in google and find as many keywords as you can from them related to software engineering like software quality assurance, software testing, software requirement engineer and then search on google to find the universities.

scholarships for pakistani students

Also read: International Engineering Scholarships In Canada

Method 3:

Open google and write the research area of your interest with some university name whom you have already found out in the first point given above.

how to find supervisor for scholarships

Through all the above-mentioned method that how to find supervisor or professor for postgraduate scholarships, you will get the results from Google about the universities and departments. Open the link one by one and check the faculty of each university of your related interest. For example, through the first method, i found the universities list and I open university of Sydney website. On their website, i searched a faculty page

How to contact supervisor for postgraduate scholarships

On the faculty page, i got a list of university faculty departments and I opened a department related to my interest and then I got a complete list of faculty. I started checking each faculty member and note down their contact information.

How to find faculty member of university

Through these methods, you can easily find professors or supervisor of your field for Master or PHD scholarship grants and pursue your study in world best universities.



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