How Students Can Apply for Accommodation in Canada


How Students Can Apply for Accommodation in Canada

The type of accommodation to go for while in Canada depends on whether you’re planning to stay shortly or for a longer period. But as a student, lets assume your duration in Canada will past a year or more as permitted by your program. If so, then you need a cheap accommodation that will see you throughout your study in Canada.

Types of accommodation

  1. Hostel/Dormitory

Virtually all universities have hostels within the school or perhaps, close to the school. The building is usually huge with shared toilets and a general kitchen. Most hostels have kitchen and bathroom integrated in the students room and indeed, the choice of many.

Living in hostel, meeting a new fellow as roommate and getting more expose to your study environment is one of the uniqueness that hostels offers to it’s inhabitants. The roommate i met during my stay in the hostel made my life what it is today. I was positively impacted on.

The more reason why i will always prefer the hostel is because of the amazing facilities which an off-campus student may not enjoy. There’s a guarantee of steady water supply, constant power and sometimes, a mini night library for night readers.

The cost

In Canada, the cost of living in a hostel is $3,000 – 7,500 per academic year.

Applying for a hostel will be an advantage to you because of it’s cheap course.


  1. Off campus

Students can sometimes dislike staying in the hostel because of the noisy environment and some unfavorable schools rules in which they cannot cope.

Rules like:

  • Prohibition of cooking inside your room


  • Prohibition of using a gas cooker


  • The number of students allowed in a room


  • Toilets been unkempt

Because of the above and other numerous factors not included, students prefer staying off-campus; a place where they have more control and freedom.


Looking for an apartment can be a hectic journey, but going through local newspapers to look for close-by vacant apartment will certainly be a nice option to consider.

Off-campus students within the school can also be of help. Some might even be looking for a roommate. Been more observant around school, you will certainly see a poster ad pasted by students looking for roommates. Sharing a room with a fellow student will definitely cut down on the price of accommodation.

Cost for an off-campus

Prices of lodges usually differ depending on the size and location. For an apartment in a small town like Kitchener, Ontario is approximately $820 a month for a one bedroom apartment.

  1. Family Resident

Do you have a family or relatives living close to your school? Why not school from home and save yourself the accommodation cost? Almost 40% of Canadian students school from home without stress. Using the apartment money for something more productive proved to be an awesome decision.

Accommodation is a physical and mental display of settlement. Whenever you haven’t find an accommodation of your own, you tend to appear restless and unsettled. So, get one that suits your needs. Protection Status



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