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How To Get Student Accommodation In Newcastle Very Cheap | 2021 Full Guide

Now that you’ve passed your A levels and successfully gotten admission into one of the universities in Newcastle, where are you going to live?

Newcastle is one of the most popular student cities in the U.K; so you will definitely enjoy your stay here. To make it comfier, you need a perfect student accommodation in Newcastle that does not only make you feel at home but is also pocket friendly.

To that end, World Scholarship Forum is here to help you with the step by step tips on how to get a student property at a cheap rate in Newcastle.

The city is big enough to be vibrant and exciting and small enough to feel like home. Here you can study at the University of Newcastle, Northumbria University, and Newcastle College.

To ease academic activities, you can afford to take time out and explore the city and the surrounding area.

Therefore, to match the excitement and nervous feeling, we’ll be dishing the tips on how to get student accommodation in Newcastle at a cheap rate and without much stress. Stay with me!

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How Easy Is It To Get Student Accommodation In Newcastle?

Finding the best student property in Newcastle is a crucial part of your academic life in the city. This aspect of your academic life can have an enormous impact on your stay in college and also your budget if not chosen correctly. Therefore, as you search for a student property in excitement, there are things you need to consider.

We’ll be showing you tips on how to get student accommodation and the things you need to consider when choosing a student property in Newcastle.

Tips On How To Get Accommodation In Newcastle

Each student’s residence has its own identity and quirky character. To make your student life special, keenly adhere to these tips.

Tip 1 Work out your budget

The cost implication of student properties in Newcastle differs according to the property you want to rent, who you are renting from, and a whole lot of factors. So, you need to do a background check and find out how much it will cost you to rent a particular room in a specific location.

Tip 2 Decide who you want to live with

Before you decide to rent a student property, you have to make the choice of a roommate on time. In making selections, be sure you can live with your housemates or roommates for the next 9 -12 months. You must be able to trust each other. A signed tenancy agreement is a legally binding document and once signed, it is not easy to get out of.

Tip 3 Decide where you want to live

There are various areas in Newcastle where students can choose to live. For instance, those in Newcastle university can choose to stay in places like; Jesmond or Heaton. So, it’s important you choose where you want to live based on your preference or closeness to college. Furthermore, this will help you narrow your property search.

Tip 4 Choose the right place

Once you’ve narrowed your search to a particular area, the next line of action should be to consult a reliable letting agency or landlord in Newcastle. They will help you search for the student property that suits your budget and taste.

Most private student accommodation in Newcastle is in the city and near to campus, so it’ll only be a short journey to those early morning lectures. 

If you choose to stay in the University accommodation, do well to check the school website for detailed information on how to apply. Most schools set reminders and deadlines for students who indicate interest to stay in the school hall.

Staying in University accommodation is a chance to make friends for life and be in a supportive community with people sharing the same experience.

What Are They Types Of Student Accommodation In Newcastle

While you look to secure student accommodation in Newcastle, you also need to know the types of student accommodation available. This will help you put your compare your options before making a decision. The types of student accommodation in Newcastle are;

Where Can I Get Cheap Student Accommodations In Newcastle?

Before you get student accommodation in Newcastle you have to take some steps in the right direction. This can be done either through utilizing student properties letting websites or touring student residence facilities.

Here’s a list of student property letting websites you can count on for affordable student accommodations:

To make it easier, once you click on any of the websites, you’ll see a section where you can select your location and budget to streamline the search.

Can I Get Cheap Temporary Student Accommodation in Newcastle?

I know you might want to stay in Newcastle for a quick program and you won’t need to spend a lot of money on accommodation, so you’re probably wondering if you could get cheap accommodation while you stay.

Newcastle offers a lot of accommodation placements and although most of them come at a premium price, you can get a few of them for free. Places like Sandyford and Heaton will offer you cheap temporary accommodation spaces.

Where Is The Best Place To Live As A Student In Newcastle?

There are four areas in Newcastle where most students live and it’s split down Newcastle/Northumbria Universities lines. If you’re at Northumbria, you’re more likely to live in Sandyford or down by Quayside. Newcastle students are more likely to be in Jesmond or Heaton.

Jesmond is about a 25-minute walk from the university (or five minutes if you get the metro) and is a mixture of students and families. A great game to play is “student house or family house” – you can usually tell by the state of the front garden. It’s great because it’s not too far from town (especially if you get the metro) but it actually has a decent amount of shops and bars so you don’t have to go very far for anything you need.

Although Jesmond is more expensive than Sandyford and Heaton, it’s still easy to find very affordable flats and, when you compare to the rest of the UK, it’s really quite cheap – you can usually get somewhere for about £70-75 a week.


The city of Newcastle with its vibrant culture, rich heritage, buzzing nightlife, along with iconic landmarks and great shopping offers students the best experience.

FAQs On How To Get Student Accommodation In Newcastle

Where can I get cheap student accommodations in Newcastle?

You can get cheap student accommodations in Newcastle by utilizing student letting agencies. To get started just search for the keyword, ‘cheap student accommodation in Newcastle’ on google.

Is student accommodation first come first serve?

Yes. The first students who register for an accommodation get places first.

Can I see the property before I move in?

Yes. If you want to see the property before booking you can reach an agreement with the property agent.

How do I apply for student accommodation in Newcastle?

There are basically two ways to apply for student accommodation: if you wish to stay in a student hall, you can apply through the school’s website or through letting agencies if your wish to stay on private property.


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