THIS STORY HAS GONE VIRAL: Scholarships, pour awesomely for this Honest Boy whose Story has Inspired Millions


A story posted on Facebook by All About Philippines of an awesomely honest boy is something we shouldn’t miss. Why? Because it’s a story of kindness that goes back to the person who chose to be kind and honest – in this case, a young boy named Andrey.

One online user, Dindo Lorenzo, who posted this blessed experience with an indigent boy have somehow become an “angel” who made good things possible for the latter.

He narrated that it was around 1 am on August 20 that he had unknowingly dropped his cash when he took his phone out of his pocket. He was on his way to buy some food for his family from a McDonald’s branch in Sta. Maria Bulacan.

Inside McDo just as he was about to place his order, he said a young boy called him saying he had dropped his money on his way in. Turns out it was worth P7,000, in thousands bills – and the boy wasn’t tempted to keep it to himself — for the simple reason that it wasn’t his! Such honesty, right?

Lorenzo then offered to buy him a meal, but the boy refused; saying he was full. The grateful man then decided to give him cash instead as he wouldn’t order.

The boy, who’s a parking boy, then gladly accepted; telling Lorenzo he would give it to his mother. His father, who’s almost blind, could no longer work, the boy said, so it was plain that the money would be appreciated.

End of story? No.

The post gained much attention as it’s always a great thing to find “feel good” stories on the net. The boy’s story went viral.

And it reached some people who decided to reward the boy with some real piece of great news!

Indeed, who would expect that resisting a tempting 7K  would give the boy some huge opportunities?

Well, as you can see on the attached photos, Andrey Macabuhay, is now a recipient of a generous scholarship grant until he finishes college! Just WOW! Worth so much more than seven thousand pesos! A ticket to a brighter future!

Plus the benefits! School uniform, food allowance, free books, school supplies, etc. and employment assistance, too!

Now who’d say that kindness doesn’t pay? A good deed is rewarded tenfold!

Image capture of post by D. Lorenzo via Facebook

Admiration poured for this boy.

“Sa murang edad natuto ng maghanapbuhay para makatulong sa pamilya.. ang batang parking boy n nd natukso sa pera khit sa kabila ng kahirapan sa buhay nd sya ntukso sa pera..ang kanyang katapatan ay agad na suklian.. saludo aq sa mga batang tulad mo..mabuhay k!”

[In his young age he has learned to earn a living to help his family… the parking boy who wasn’t tempted to take the money despite difficulties in life. His honesty is worth rewarding. I salute kids like you…long live!]

Image capture of post by Ahvin Dela Merced via Facebook

Jelyn Reyes Macabuhay, apparently an aunt of the wonder boy, expressed her gratitude on the comments section: “Maraming maraming salamat po sa lahat lahat ng magandang iniisip para s pamangkin tuwang tuwa at proud ako s pamangkin at kahit salat kami sa buhay naging mabuting bata nag pasalamat n din ako sa nag post sana maging maganda pa pamumuhay at handa tumulong sa iba.. god bless po sa ating lahat..”

This story brings to mind Albert Einstein’s well-known line: “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”

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