Amazing Facts About SigEP At The University Of Florida


Amazing Facts About SigEP At The University Of Florida

Sigma Phi Epsilon (ΣΦΕ), commonly known as SigEp, is a social college fraternity for male college students in the United States.

It was founded on November 1, 1901, at the University of Richmond [formally called, Richmond College] by 12 original Founding Fathers.

Its national headquarters is at Zollinger House, 310 S. Boulevard Richmond, Virginia. SigEP was founded on three principles;  Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love (often abbreviated as “VDBL”).

The principles of Virtue, Diligence and Brotherly Love, were chosen as “The Three Cardinal Principles”. The fraternity Colors are Red, Purple and Gold, the colors dark red and royal purple were chosen to represent fraternity, while the golden heart was chosen as the fraternity’s symbol.

Carter Jenkens, one of the fraternity’s   founding father designed the fraternity’s badge before the addition of “Epsilon” to the fraternity’s name.

It is a golden heart surmounted by a black enameled heart-shaped shield, and upon the shield are inscribed, the Greek-letters of the fraternity, ΣΦΕ in gold.

The badge had only a “Sigma” and a “Phi” inscribed on the lobes of the heart, with the skull and crossbones below.

A last-minute telegraph requested that an “Epsilon” be added “somewhere” on the already-complete badges, so the jeweler replaced the bottom-most gemstones with a black enameled “Epsilon.”

The badges of founders Carter and McCaul are on display at the Sigma Phi Epsilon headquarters at the fraternity’s headquarters.

The fraternity’s mission statement is Building Balanced Men, and the frat Flower is a Violet and Dark Red Rose.  In terms of the current undergraduate membership, Sigma Phi Epsilon is one of the largest social fraternities in the United States.

The performance of the Ritual is the central experience that ties all SigEp brothers together.

These private ceremonies offer a consistent bond for brothers  that spans both geographic and generational boundaries.

The meaning of these symbols is divulged during the initiation ritual and known to the fraternity  members only.

Although the Rites of Passage for brothers are closed to the outside world, SigEp performs some open Rituals and public ceremonies, for occasions such as graduation and funeral services.

The creed of Sigma Phi Epsilon (sigep uf) was written by Oscar E. Draper, Washington State ‘19, who served as Grand President from 1928-30.

The unveiling of the Balanced Man Program (BMP) revolutionized the SigEp movement in 1991. BMP is a concept of single-tiered membership and continuous development that begins the day a brother joins.

The BMP offers an experience focused on education, leadership, professional development and life skills.

Members learn to live their best lives through unique, rewarding programming tailored to fit their needs and prepare them for the journey of life ahead.

Each brother has to pay a $300 registration fee due within 24 hours of joining, which covers; Lifetime Responsibility of Brotherhood, the manual of SigEp, Fraternity pin, Membership card, Membership certificate, Subscription to the Journal and the SigEp’s alumni magazine.

Sigma Phi Epsilon has initiated over 315,000 college boys since 1901, who have respectively grown to become business executives, world leaders, renowned artists, celebrities, selfless civil servants, military heroes and all-star athletes.

Most of the Sigma Phi Epsilon’s prominent alumni volunteer to help chapters and members by donating generously to the Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation for leadership events and scholarships.

The Florida Alpha chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon was brought to the University of Florida in 1925 as the 63rd chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon nationally, and the 11th Fraternity at the University.

Since that time the chapter has grown into one of the most prominent fraternities on campus and in the state of Florida. Florida Alpha has one of the strongest alumni networks of all the SigEp chapters.

The fraternity’s official website is at

Sigma Alpha Epsilon UF (sigep uf)

  • Inter fraternity Council Chapter: Florida Upsilon
  • Active Brothers: 85
  • National Founding Year: 1856
  • UF Founding Year: 1884

The Florida Upsilon Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon was the first fraternity established at the University of Florida on February 11th, 1884 and. The original  sigep uf chapter house was located on the corner of University Avenue and 13th street until the Fraternity moved to its current location at 2 Fraternity Row.

Florida Upsilon currently boasts the largest number of chapter initiates all chapters in the realm of SAE. The SAE’s Annual Cajun Cookout raises money to support the University of Florida Collegiate Veteran’s Society and SAE’s own Ehren Murburg Scholarship.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Executive Board includes the President: Matt Mainelli, Vice President: Jackson Kercher, Treasurer: Blake Bryant, Risk Manager: Brandon Climenhage, IFC Delegate: Hunter Huesby.

  • Chapter Website:
  • National Website:‎‎
  • Address: 2 Fraternity Row, Gainesville, FL, 32601


Sigma Phil Epsilon UF (sigep uf) Greek rank

Sigma Phi Epsilon – ΣΦΕ Fraternity Ratings at UF

Total Ratings: 162 Overall Average:54.2%

Associates with:

– Fraternities:  Zeta Beta Tau

– Sororities:  Alpha Chi Omega, Chi Omega, Delta Zeta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Phi Sigma Rho, Sigma Kappa

Ratings for Reputation: Smart  Friendliness:61.6%  Popularity:51.4%  Classiness:52.8%  Involvement:61.6%  Social Life:49.8%  Brotherhood:47.2%

In the past the SigEP fraternities has  drawn the glare of the media spotlight for its members unacceptable behavior, today SigEp UF has decieded to stand out within the Greek world by working to partner with reputable higher education institutions.

Sigma Phi Epsilon’s offers local, regional and national leadership events, which showcase a balance of self-development and team leadership skills training.

Through self-discovery, discipline and interaction, brothers develop skills necessary to lead a good lives even outside the fraternity world.

Some of these leadership events include; Carlson Leadership Academy, Life After College, Ruck Leadership Institute, Tragos Quest to Greece, Phillip A. Cox Volunteer Institute, Grand Chapter Conclave and more.

In December 2014, Sigma Phi Epsilon became the first fraternity in the North-American Inter fraternity Conference to accept transgender men as members.


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