Do People Really Use Their High School Lockers?

One of the exciting moments in high school movies is the locker scene where a victim may be shoved into a locker or a character shoves books into jumbled or neatly beautifully designed school lockers.

It looks attractive in every scenario and instills a dreadful or beautiful feeling based on the storyline driving the scene.

However, that’s movies, and we are in the real world and may be wondering, “Do People Really Use Their High School Lockers?” Well, that’s the cause of this article.

Here, we explore a full expository on the topic of school lockers and if people use their school lockers. So, sit tight! It will be an exciting and enlightening read backed by credible and reliable research. Let’s get right into it!

History of High School Lockers

To understand the concept of high school lockers in modern times, being up-to-date with their history is vital and intriguing. 

High school lockers date back to the 19th century when a curious lad, Linus Yale, got inspiration from the 1840s pin-tumbler lock by his father, therefore creating a smaller flat key with saw-edged edges as well as pins of varying lengths within the lock itself.

School lockers have been a part of American schools for over a century. The school system first introduced school lockers in the early 1900s to provide students with a secure place to store their belongings during the school period.

Initially, lockers of wood and every student got access to one. However, wooden lockers soon evolved into metal lockers, which are more durable and secure.

During the 1920s and 1930s, lockers became more common in schools across the United States. By the 1950s, lockers were a standard feature in most high and middle schools, and many elementary schools also began using them.

In the 1960s and 1970s, lockers became a symbol of teenage rebellion, with many students using them to store contraband items such as drugs and alcohol. In response, some schools began to limit locker use or eliminate them.

Today, lockers are still a common feature in American schools, although they have evolved in some ways. Many schools now use electronic lockers accessible by a key card or a code, and some schools have eliminated lockers in favor of backpacks or other storage solutions.

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Benefits of Using a High School Locker

Knowing and understanding its benefits is vital to comprehend if people use their high school lockers entirely. In light of the reasons for creating lockers, several advantages of using a high school locker are below. 

Secure Storage: Lockers provide a safe place for students to store their belongings during the school day, reducing the risk of theft or loss.

Organization: Lockers can help students stay organized by providing a designated space to store their books, binders, and other materials.

Convenience: Carrying all necessary materials from class to class can take time and effort. Lockers provide a convenient place to store items between lectures, reducing the burden of carrying everything around.

Personalization: Lockers can be decorated and personalized by students, allowing them to express their individuality and create a sense of ownership over their space.

Health and Safety: Carrying a heavy backpack all day can cause strain and discomfort, leading to health problems over time. Using a locker can help students reduce their weight, promoting better health and safety.

Time Management: Having a designated space to store items can help students manage their time more effectively, reducing the time spent looking for lost items and increasing the time available for learning and other extracurricular activities.

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Reasons For Not Using a High School Locker

Now that we know the benefits of using lockers let’s explore why some students may choose not to use this facility. 

i. Educational Technological Advancement

The educational system is moving with the fast pace of technological advancement. This factor rids the need for physical textbooks as the virtual book is now a main thing in the educational system. 

Students don’t always carry large sums of textbooks but use online knowledge sources. Students utilize laptops daily, and some assignments are no longer paperwork. 

They use lightweight Chromebooks to replace notebooks, allowing students to carry fewer things and making lockers unnecessary.

With technological advancement, students have lighter backpacks that may be manageable, unlike in the past. 

ii. Location and Convenience

One of the reasons students claim is the reasons they don’t use their lockers is location and convenience. Most students say their lockers’ place is distant from their lecture zone. 

Utilizing their lockers causes inconvenience due to pacing back and forth during short breaks between classes.

According to a student in a report by Old Washington Post, Echavarria stated, “My school is huge. It has four floors and a basement, and stopping in one specific location between each class would be ridiculous. And it’s harder to keep track of your stuff if it’s in another location.”

Some students feel the same way as Echavarria, which goes a long way to show how much students find lockers inconvenient due to their location.

iii. Forgetting Combinations or Keys

Another reason student do not use their lockers is the hassle of forgetting combinations or keys they need to access their lockers. 

After their first day in school, high schoolers find carrying along their combinations or keys card embarrassing, so sometimes, they forget their combinations or keys. 

High school students are often busy and have a lot on their minds. With so many different classes, assignments, and extracurricular activities to juggle, it can be easy to forget the combination or misplace the key to their locker. 

This experience can create a sense of anxiety or stress, and some students may avoid using their lockers to prevent this problem.

Rather than stick with always trying to recover their combinations or keys, they often choose to navigate their high school life without lockers. 

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iv. Heavy Backpacks Are Not a Problem

Over time, heavy backpacks have been a common problem for high school students for a long time. 

With numerous textbooks, binders, laptops, and other school supplies, students’ backpacks can quickly become heavy and uncomfortable. Some students find this more convenient than using a locker. 

In addition, with technological advancement, there’s little or no need for several books and paperwork compared to the past. 

Furthermore, the time spent using a locker may outweigh the discomfort of carrying a heavy backpack. Some students may have a schedule that does not allow them to access their vault easily. 

Do People Really Use Their High School Lockers?- Usage Statistics and Research

Locker, which used to be a pride of high schools, a point to socialize and meet up with friends, is slowly turning obsolete. 

Even the movie representation of students using their locker area for several activities is no longer a reality.

Most research reports show that students do not use their high school lockers as they should. 

According to a report by The Old Washington Post in Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School in Maryland, most students do not fancy using a locker. 

Almost five months into the school year, they discovered that Isabel Echavarria, a junior, had yet to use her locker. She’s not even sure she has one. 

Sophomore student Sean Radley at Tesoro High in Southern California hardly uses his locker. He believes there might be only one book.

First-year students Nekko Jones and Dwayne Burrell at Cardozo Education Campus in Washington were assigned lockers at the beginning of the year but were unaware of their location.

According to a National Center for Education Statistics survey, 79% of public high schools in the United States have lockers for student use. 

However, the survey also found that the percentage of students who use their lockers regularly is much lower, with only 33% of students using their lockers daily.

Other studies have found that high school lockers’ usage may decrease over time. For example, a survey of high school students conducted by the Los Angeles Times in 2019 found that only 30% reported using their locker regularly, compared to 50% in a similar survey conducted in 2000.

One reason for this decline in locker usage may be the increasing use of digital technology in schools. With more schools using laptops and tablets instead of traditional textbooks, students may have fewer physical items to store in their lockers. 

The rise of online learning and remote education may further reduce the need for lockers in some cases.

Other factors, such as school policies, locker location, and student preferences, influences locker usage. 

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Is Using High School Lockers Ideal?

Based on our verdict, using a high school locker is relative to individuals and schools. However, lockers have several benefits that should appeal to students. 

The heaviness of a bulky backpack can be unhealthy for students as it can cause back pain or wrong posture. 

School lockers allow students to move around the school easily rather than being choked with several books, school supplies, etc. 

As we stated earlier, the idealness of a school locker depends on the individual’s choice and school. The locker’s location significantly impacts the idealness of a school locker. No one likes the hassle of walking meters to access a locker. 

Lockers can be used for fantastic stuff like storing letters to future selves like Lee Schwartz, a student at Bethesda-Chevy Chase. 

During her sophomore year, Schwartz discovered an innovative use for her locker. She and her friends converted it into a time capsule by writing letters to their future selves and storing them in the locker to be opened at the end of the year.

Schwartz described the experience as fun. She claims it was nice to look back on and an excellent way to turn something not very useful into something pretty beneficial. Conclusively, school lockers are relatively ideal. 


While it may be true that high school students are not utilizing lockers as much as they did in the past, it is essential to recognize that lockers still offer many benefits. 

In addition to providing a secure space for storing personal belongings, lockers can help reduce the risk of theft on school premises. 

Although the world is constantly changing, there may be opportunities in the future to innovate and renew interest in lockers. For now, let us appreciate lockers’ role in high school culture and the benefits they continue to offer.

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FAQs- School Lockers

What is a school locker?

School lockers are intended to provide durability and safety, ensuring students secure their educational materials and personal items. School lockers have become increasingly essential as the number of students carrying mobile phones, tablets, and laptops continues to rise.

What are the advantages of school lockers?

School lockers offer twofold main benefits. They are mitigating the risk of theft on school grounds. And providing students with a secure area to store their valuable possessions and personal belongings. Students can feel more at ease and safe throughout the day by placing items like their phones, wallet, etc, in their lockers.

Who invented lockers and why?

Linus Yale was motivated by his father’s 1840s pin-tumbler lock in 1861. This led him to develop and patent a compact, flat key with serrated edges and pins of varying lengths inside the lock.

What is the invention of lockers?

Based on historical records, the first lock was invented approximately 4,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. As per, the earliest recorded use of lockers was at the Harleton Green Gold Club in South Carolina in 1786. These lockers were a basic arrangement of stacked cupboards secured with padlocks.



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