15 Scholarships for Djibouti to Study in France 2019-2020



15 Scholarships for Djibouti to Study in France 2019-2020

Hello! Glad to see you come to our site, you are here because you wish to study in France as a Djibouti student. We have analysed different scholarships for Djibouti students in France for you.

Just feel free and browse through all the scholarships listed on this content. These Djibouti scholarships in France has been made in such a way that you cannot leave without securing a scholarship.


From our research, about 3200 students search for scholarships for Djibouti in France monthly. We have come to understand how important these scholarships in France for Djibouti students are to them, that is why we decided to compile different scholarships for Djibouti in France in 2019.

As a student growing up in a poor family was not easy for me as my parents could not afford my educational requirements. But with the help of scholarships, I was able to finish my education. Why do I have to come up with this? I wanted you to know the importance of scholarships. The 5hours you might spend looking for scholarships in France or any other country on this portal will never be in vain.

Grab your coffee, sit down and let’s explore these scholarships for Djibouti in France.

France. Below you will find some of these scholarships available for students from Djibouti in France.

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15 Scholarships for Djibouti in France

Here are the lists of 15 Scholarships for Djibouti in France 2019-2020

  • Po Science Scholarship in France
  • JACK & JONES Scholarship
  • INSEAD Nelson Mandela Scholarship for students from sub-Saharan Africa
  • Qatar Foundation Scholarship
  • IBRO – ARC Grant
  • INSEAD Business School Scholarship
  • Fully funded scholarships at the International Fashion Academy in France
  • INSEAD African Leadership Fund Scholarship Program
  • Robert S. McNamara Scholarship Program
  • Scholarship program of the Aga Khan Foundation
  • OFID scholarships for international students
  • CIMI LabEx Fellowship
  • Global Scholarships of the Rotary Foundation
  • Scholarship at the University of People
  • NFP scholarship

1Po Science Scholarship in France

This scholarship is available to the Science Po MasterCard Fellows in France, which is an international research university. The scholarship is available to 120 talented candidates for undergraduate, graduate and summer programs.

Applicants must be from sub-Saharan Africa (Djibouti students inclusive), who aspire to shape the future of Africa. The deadline for applications is January and February. Visit the official link of the scholarship for more information: https://www.sciencespo.fr/en/news/news/120-mastercard-scholars-to-study-at-sciences-po/3787

2JACK & JONES Scholarship

This scholarship is open to students over 18 years of age and is enrolled in programs related to business and fashion.

The scholarship provides financial assistance to three students to reduce the financial burden of their education, such as tuition costs, travel expenses, conference expenses, books, equipment and other overhead costs, and equipment needed for their classes. It has a value of 1,000euros.

Djibouti students can apply for this scholarship. Visit the official page of the scholarships: https://www.jackjones.com/

3INSEAD Nelson Mandela Scholarship for students from sub-Saharan Africa

This scholarship is available to students from sub-Saharan African countries. Candidates must have spent an important part of their lives in Africa and have obtained a large part of their university degrees in Africa.

The scholarship is taken in France. Candidates must also have demonstrated a clear financial need. It is available for MBA courses. Official link of the scholarship: http://sites.insead.edu/mba/schlmgmt/dsp_schl_info.cfm?schlcode=AFR02

4Qatar Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to each candidate and is open to all students of all nationalities in all fields of study for undergraduate, masters and doctoral programs.

It lasts the entire duration of the study.  Visit the Scholarship website:


5IBRO – ARC Grant

This research grant is offered by the IBRO-ARC (African Regional Committee) to residents of African countries with the sole purpose of research in neuroscience. The candidates must have had important publications in neuroscience.

The grant offers 4,000euros each to the beneficiaries to carry out an independent investigation in all the universities of the world. The deadline for applications is February 20, 2019. Visit the official link of the grant:


6INSEAD Business School Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to students from sub-Saharan African countries for an MBA in France. The scholarship is judged according to the quality of the candidate’s essays and the level to which they meet the eligibility criteria.

It has a value of 73,000euros. Official link of the scholarship: http://sites.insead.edu/mba/schlmgmt/dsp_schl_info.cfm?schlcode=INT

7Fully funded scholarships at the International Fashion Academy in France

This merit scholarship is available for undergraduate, masters and MBA studies at the International Fashion Academy, France. It is available to all international students (Djibouti students inclusive).

The scholarship is awarded in three groups: full scholarship, which is a 100% exemption from tuition fees, a scholarship of excellence with a 40% exemption from tuition fees and a distinction scholarship worth 20% of the exemption from tuition fees.

The deadline for the application is March 15, 2019. Official link of the scholarship: https://www.ifaparis.com/admissions/scholarships

8INSEAD African Leadership Fund Scholarship Program

This scholarship is open to African students with obvious financial needs. It is available to study at business schools in France at one of INSEAD’s business school campuses.

The scholarship is awarded to high-level deserving students for a period of one year. The scholarship is valued at 50,000euros. Official link of the grant: https://sites.insead.edu/mba/schlmgmt/dsp_schl_info.cfm?schlcode=AFR

9Robert S. McNamara Scholarship Program

This scholarship, in collaboration with the World Bank, provides $25,000 to PhD students in banking and finance from all institutions of higher education abroad for a period of six to ten months.

Candidates from developing countries (including Djibouti) can apply for this scholarship. Official scholarship link: www.worldbank.org/en/programs/scholarships

10Scholarship program of the Aga Khan Foundation

The scholarship is for students with excellent academic results from developing countries (Djibouti students inclusive) who have no other means to finance their studies.

The scholarship involves a fifty per cent loan and a fifty per cent grant and is granted through a highly competitive application process. Link to scholarships: www.akfn.org/our-agencies/aga-khan-foundation/international-scholarship-programme

11OFID scholarships for international students

The scholarship is available to international students from all over the world. It is worth paying the school fees and a return ticket to the country of origin and the school, including additional costs.


12CIMI LabEx Fellowship

The International Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science awarded research fellowships and grants at the Mathematics Institute of Toulouse (IMT) and the Institute for Research in Computer Science of Toulouse (IRIT) for six students in postdoctoral research in the field of mathematics and computer science.

The scholarship is intended for French students and international researchers (Djibouti students inclusive). The scholarship amounts to 2,330euros per month, including health insurance and other types of social security.

The application deadline is February 3, 2020. Official link of the scholarship: http://www.cimi.univ-toulouse.fr/en/post-doctoral-fellowships

13Global Scholarships of the Rotary Foundation

The scholarship is available for masters and doctoral studies as part of the course work or research in one of the priority areas of Rotary which are, Peace and conflict prevention/resolution, Maternal and child health, Water and sanitation, Economic and community development Basic education and literacy, and Disease prevention and treatment.

It is available during the duration of the courses. The scholarship can be used in any country including France. The scholarship is worth $30,000. Official link of the scholarship: https://my.rotary.org/en/take-action/apply-grants/global-grants

14Scholarship at the University of People

This fully funded scholarship is offered to foreign students studying to obtain a degree in a country around the world at the University of the People for any course offered by the school.

People’s University is an online school. The annual registration deadline is February 28, 2019, for courses beginning April 11, 2019. Official scholarship website: http://uopeople.edu/


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