Scholarship Portals for International Students, 2018


This post is a designed to provide easy access to Scholarship Portals in various Locations of the World. Are you a Student from a particular country wishing to study in a Study abroad destination? Here you can check Scholarship Portals which carry detailed inform on Local Scholarships in that area.

Also we are going to carefully give you trusted Scholarship portals for International Students, Developing Countries.

Internet is rapidly expanding  into the nooks and crannies of the world with all kinds of Information which comes in form breaking News, services, Advertisement and so on. This has moved offline Addresses to online platforms for easy access to Service. These Online Platforms are called web Portals.

 Wikipedia defines a Web Portal as a specially designed website that brings information from diverse sources, like emails, online forums and search engines, together in a uniform way. Usually, each information source gets its dedicated area on the page for displaying information (a portlet); often, the user can configure which ones to display.


A Scholarship Portal is specially designed website that provide Scholarship, Fellowship, Grants, and Competition opportunities Information to the Targeted Audience. This Scholarship Portal comes in form of Search Engines, knowledge Base System. Forums and Blogs.

Scholarship Portals get there information from schools, Organisations, Government, Companies and Establishments wthin their Locale.

You will agree with me that information are detailed when it is coming from a portal that is covering the region to whch the Scholarship is offered. We are bringing to you Scholarship Portals in UK, Scholarship Portals in USA, Scholarship Portals in Nigeria, Scholarship Portals in Canada, Scholarship Portals in Australia, Scholarship Portals in Developing Countries

With this tracking of Scholarships becomes very easy. But then World Scholarship Forum Team has also provided a Medium to bridge that gap. With the Scholarship by Countries Section, you can comfortably search for any local Scholarship of any countries in the World.

Best Scholarship portals for International Students

Scholarship Portals in Nigeria

Scholarship Portals in UK

Scholarship Portals in Australia

Scholarship Portals in Canada

Scholarship Portals for Developing Countries

Scholarship Portals in USA

The scholarship Portals mentioned above are not the only scholarship portals existing. We promise that we’ ll not rest untill this post gives the best value ever to you. If you value the post. Please do well to share it.

For more scholarship opportunities, visit the following portals


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