Sarah and Daniel Hrdy Fellowship for International Students in USA, 2017

The Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University is pleased to call for applications from students  for Sarah and Daniel Hrdy Fellowship in Conservation Biology. International applicants can apply for this fellowship and eligibility criteria applies.This scholarship is aimed at supporting studies in Conservation BiologyThe Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) is a 501(c)3 non-profit international professional organization devoted to scientific study of the “maintenance, loss, and restoration of biological diversity.

Course Level: This is a visiting research fellowship programme.

Study Subject: This fellowship is awarded in the field of Biology and Ecology.

Scholarship Award: The Hrdy Fellowship award provides a stipend of up to $80,000 per year, depending on professional status, need, and duration of the fellowship. Modest support is also available for research and travel costs. Hrdy Fellows are ordinary employees of Harvard University during their tenure and are eligible for health insurance benefits. Fellows must be in residence for the full term of the Fellowship.

Number of Scholarships: Not Known

Scholarship can be taken in the USA

Eligibility: The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for fellowship:

  • Applications are sought from researchers whose work focuses on contemporary issues in conservation biology.
  • Applicants should be well positioned to conduct original, independent research and to publish their findings in peer-reviewed publications.
  • Applicants are required to be fluent in English and expected to have a record of effective teaching.
  • Applicants are required to have a terminal degree by the start date of the position.

Nationality: International applicants can apply for this fellowship.

College Admission Requirement

Entrance Requirements: Applicants are required to have a terminal degree by the start date of the position.

English Language Requirements: Applicants are required to be fluent in English and expected to have a record of effective teaching.

How to Apply: Applicants should contact a faculty sponsor with whom they will collaborate, before applying. Interested individuals with general questions about the program may contact Chris Preheim at

Fellowships are awarded through a competitive review process. To be considered for a fellowship, applicants should submit a concise proposal in PDF format that includes the following:

  • Cover letter. The cover letter should clearly state (i) the applicant’s interest in the fellowship; (ii) the length of the term desired by the applicant and potential start-date; and (iii) the applicant’s contact information.
  • Research Statement. The statement should be no longer than 4 pages, single-spaced, and should clearly describe the research project. The statement should detail: (i) the nature and scope of the proposed research project, (ii) the approach and methods to be employed, (iii) how Harvard resources would be utilized, (iv) all laboratory and equipment requirements, and (v) how the project will advance knowledge about conservation biology.
  • Research Budget. A modest level of funding is available for research and travel costs. Applicants should submit a simple, one-page budget which itemizes the research and travel costs associated with the proposed project.
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Three letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation should clearly indicate the name, title, mailing address, phone, and email address of the person providing the recommendation. Letters may be sent under separate cover, provided they meet the deadline.

Application Deadline: The application deadline is June 30, 2017.

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