The South African National Defense Force, SANDF, is please to call on for applications from eligible South Africans for the SANDF EDUCATION TRUST BURSARIES IN SOUTH AFRICA 2019.Hurry and apply now!!


SANDF  stands for the South Afican National Defence Force and consists of the SA army, SA Navy, SA Air Force and the SAMHS. Each year they have an Education Trust bursar for students who are eligible to apply for this bursary. You are eligible to apply for the SANDF bursary if you are/were dependent on a former SANDF member who died or has become severely injured. This bursary is on a year to year base and each year you have to apply again also if you already had this bursary the former year.

The commander of the SANDF is appointed by the President of South Africa from one of the armed services. They are in turn accountable to the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans of the Defence Department.

The military as it exists today was created in 1994,following South Africa’s first post-apartheid national elections and the adoption of a new constitution. It replaced the South African Defence Force and also integrated uMkhonto we Sizwe guerilla forces.


SANDF Education Trust:SANDF Education Trust was founded by the Chief of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF), General Solly Shoke 11 October 2013. General Shoke initiated the idea of an education trust after recent tragic incidents that happened to SANDF members. The main objective of the SANDF Education Trust is to provide financial assistance for study purposes to the dependants of the members or citizens who lost their lives or were severely injured within the course of SANDF operations.

The SANDF Bursary 2018-2019:This is a year to year bursary. This Bursar is intended for Primary and Secondary school learners and Tertiary learners. This Bursary is not intended for pre-school attendance, they have a separate fund for that which you can check out. The board of the Education trust will decide what the minimum and maximum amounts are for the Bursary each year. This amount may also vary each year.

SANDF education trust bursaries:The dependents of sandf members who were killed or severely injured while on official duty subsequent to 27 April 1994 are considered as beneficiaries and may apply for bursary to take care of education expenses.

SANDF Education Trust’s first 31 bursaries approved:The SA National Defence Force (SANDF) Education Trust will this year ensure at least 31 children, left without a breadwinner when their fathers died on were seriously injured while on duty, can continue their education.
Colonel Monica Muller, manager of the Trust nodal point, said further bursary awards would be announced soon. This includes cases where assistance is still being provided to guardians of applicants where applications and supporting documentation still have to be finalised


The SANDF education trust Bursary will be awarded to Primary school learners, secondary school learners and tertiary learners.


The field of study usually for this program is Human and capital development, however other relevant field of study can also be included from south african tertiary institution


Program will be taken in South Africa


This bursary program is available to south africans only

This Bursary is not ment for everyone. You can only apply if you fulfill the following requirements:

  • You have to be a Dependent on a SANDF veteran who got severely injured or got killed on duty with an active duty after 1994 27 april.
  • You have to be dependent on a Civilian member of the department of defence whilst they were serving during a SANDF operation, who got severely injured or killed on duty after 1994-27 april
  • The same accounts if you are a dependent of a Civilian of the Republic of South Africa who got severely injured or killed during an operation of SANDF taking into account that they were not fighting SANDF. (also after 27 april 1994)
  • The education trust will take your income into account if you really need this bursary
  • You will need a good academic record to prove you are dedicated to study.
  • A minimum score of 22 on your APS for tertiary first year students
  • Senior students (second year and on) need to have passed 60% of the modules they were enrolled in.

Prospective tertiary first year students must have obtained an APS-score of at least 22 during their June Grade 12 examinations and must apply before 31 October of the preceding year of study.

Senior students must pass at least 60% of the modules taken to be eligible for a SANDF Education Trust bursary in the next year. The closing date for senior students is 01 November

Primary and Secondary School Learners
Completion and submission of the official application form. Submission of certified copies of the required supporting documents as indicated on the application form. Submission of a quotation/invoice for the education expenses for the academic year. The quotation/invoice must be issued by the school on an official letterhead of the school.

Tertiary Learners
Completion and submission of the official application form. Submission of certified copies of the required supporting documents as indicated on the application form. Submission of a quotation/invoice for the education expenses for the academic year. The quotation/invoice must be issued by the institution on an official letterhead of the institution. In the case of 1st year students a copy of the Grade 12 June examination results must accompany the application. In the case of 2nd/3rd or 4th year students, the latest academic results must accompany the application.


You can download the SANDf bursary forms from the SANDF website. You have to file all the questions they ask and send the required documents with your application.

Things to send with the application:

  • A Certified copy of your ID or Birth certificate. If your ID is not available you can send your birth certificate but you don’t need to send both.
  • Certified copies of the ID’s or Birth certificates of your other household members
  • Matric certificate if you are a first year student
  • Matric certificate accompanied with your Academic grades (tertiary students)
  • You will need a proof of registration of the tertiary institution where you are listed to study.
  • You will need a quote of this institution with all the academic fees of this institution.
  • Proof of income from your household. Proof of all types of income need to be send with the application of all household members. If they are unemployed or pensioned you also need to send proof of that.
  • If one of the household members is receiving a Government Pension/Child grant, you will need to send bank statement copies of the last 3 months

Where to send your application:

You can either send the application by email of send it to their postal address.


Postal Address: Board of Trustees, SANDF Education Trust Private Bag X161 Pretoria, 0001

Hand Carried: C.O. Nossob and Delmas Road Armscor Building Room 1.3.137

APPLICATION DEADLINE:The deadline for this program is usually on October Annually 

For Enquiries:  Col M.E. Van Wyk Tel 012-355 5107 or Fax 012-355 5882

For more information , you can please see this link here


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