100 Funny Private Story Names For Snapchat

funny private story names

If you’re feeling the pressure to spice up your Snapchat stories but don’t know where to begin, you know we’re always here for you. Regular stories are cool, but the real fun happens in private stories.

They let you share those goofy moments, inside jokes, and random adventures with just your closest friends. But the real struggle is finding the perfect name for your private story.

With over a billion downloads on the Google Play Store, Snapchat is a well-known social networking app that lets users post pictures, photos, and videos with friends and followers while offering personalized features like private story names.

In addition, Snapchat allows users to submit photos, pictures, and videos of what they do at any given time. One of Snapchat’s best features is the ability to create secret stories that can be viewed by people who are joined to the story.

We know you probably know all of these, but others may not. Let’s just get straight to giving you a list of our 120 funny private story names.

What Exactly is a Private Story?

You may have heard of Snapchat stories, where you upload a photo or video that your friends can view for 24 hours.

However, have you heard of a secret tale? You can limit who can see your Snapchat stories by setting them private.

It’s even more fun because Snapchat lets you give your Private story a unique name!

Another choice is to give friends the chance to post their own stories. This resembles a group chat in some ways but with 24-hour-only Stories instead of regular chat messages. These collective narratives may also have unique names.

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How Can I Create Funny Private Story Names on Snapchat?

Just adhere to these instructions to create a Private story on Snapchat:
Open the Snapchat app, then tap the profile symbol at the very top of the display.

  • You click the + New Story
  • button next to “My Stories.”
  • Choose “New Private Story”

After that, you name your Private Story and include people in it.

How To Identify Funny Private Story Names on Snapchat

You complete steps 1-3 from the prior section. Before naming a new Private narrative. Then, from that screen, you can name your Private Story and include pals.

How to Rename Your Funny Private Story Names on Snapchat

You must take the following actions to change the name of your private story:

Open the Snapchat app, then tap the profile symbol at the very top of the display.

Your narrative should be listed under “My Stories.”

A three-dot menu will appear next to your private narrative.

Choosing “Rename Story”

Pick a new name for your private narrative.

Funny private story names for girls

Through Snapchat Private stories, girls can share precious moments with their close friends and family.

Pick a name for these stories that accurately convey their subject matter and overall ethos.

Names for Snapchat Private stories for girls that are cute and original include:

  • Girl Talk
  • BFFs Only
  • Gal Pal Adventures
  • Slay Squad
  • Fierce Femmes
  • Queen Bees

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How Can Girls Pick The Best Funny Private Story Names?

There are numerous approaches to Girl’s private narrative name.

Some females opt for names that reflect their passions or pastimes, such as:

  • Book nerd
  • Travel bug

Others might select a moniker that accurately describes their character or state of mind, such as:

  • Sassy kat
  • Happy hippo.”

For their secret narrative identities, some females opt to use their real names or a variation of them. As an illustration, “katiemae” or “katiebug.”

This can be a clear and easy alternative, especially if you don’t want to give the name much thought.

Others can decide to combine words or phrases to come up with a more original private story name. Examples include:

  • Coffee and casual
  • Adventure awaits.

This might be a creative method to play with words and wholly unique names.

Regardless of the private tale name you decide to use. Pick a name that makes you feel secure and at ease and accurately describes your personality.

Snapchat Stories:

Sharing pictures and videos with family and friends via Snapchat stories is terrific.

Stories can be shared, privately or publicly with a single person or a group of people.

Users can choose from various artistic tools and effects, such as filters, stickers, and subtitles, to improve the look and feel of their narratives.

Keeping up with friends and sharing memories is easy with Snapchat stories. Using its different capabilities, users can create distinctive and fascinating stories to share with the world.

Snapchat stories will make any moment unforgettable, whether it is a private or public narrative.

Snapchat provides three distinct kinds of stories for its users, including the following stories:

The first one is a public story that anyone can watch by going to the Snap Map location where the story was uploaded.

The story will appear in the news feeds of all people who follow your account.

Public stories can be broadcasted on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram and viewed by anybody who follows the Snapchat profile.

Private Story

The second kind is a personal story that is only visible to those you have invited to the story. Anyone with access to the secret code can view it, but can only do so while they are around you.

These stories cannot be shared on social media and can only be seen by those added to the narrative. Depending on the story, you can also give private story titles.

News Story

The final one is a real-time life story that enables people to interact with friends and family and find more intriguing information from around the globe.

Why is There a Private Snapchat Story?

With personalized private story names, Private Snapchat stories let you share content in private with a select group of your closest friends.

Similar to Instagram, Snapchat allows users to share stories with a select group of people. You can do this to invite select friends who will receive notifications whenever new postings are made.

Additionally, until you respond and approve the request, you won’t be notified if someone sends you a snap whose recipient isn’t on the list of authorized viewers.

Before Private stories automatically vanish, 24 hours pass. A narrative solely for your friends or followers can also be shared.

How to Find the Best Private Story Names on Snapchat in 2024?

You can choose from a huge number of possibilities, strategies, and concepts when looking for the best private Snapchat story names on Snapchat.

We are aware that readers want imaginative, hip, and unique names for their stories. Names can be searched on websites, YouTube, and several other platforms.

TG Titles

TG Names is the best website to use if you need help with names for your funny private Snapchat stories.

It assists you in selecting the Ideal name for your Private story based on your needs and mood. Additionally, it has a sizable assortment of Names for Snapchat Private story categories.

Snapchat is a widely used social media platform that has grown to be a significant source of amusement for people today. The 660+ names of Private stories mentioned by TG Names are all listed on the website.

OF Zen and Technology

This website contains the names of the top private Snapchat stories. Visitors to Of Zen and Computing can quickly select good private story names.

This well-known website concentrates on many types of names that people frequently use, so people can use it to add excitement and appeal to the titles of their own stories. 

These names are chosen by individuals based on their current mood or recent activity.

Money Myth Luck

The Luck Money Myth is a website that lists the 400+ unique names of Snapchat users, making it straightforward to find the names of private Snapchat stories. Visitors can find great names and even change them for a personal story.

The Luck Money Myth lists names for people in categories including hilarious, offensive, excellent, brilliant, and the most recent names for Snapchat stories. This website has assembled some fantastic names.

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The Name Generator

When it comes up with sweet and innocent names for personal stories, this website is renowned for that. A free website called The Name Ideas offers numerous creative and current Snapchat private story names.

Do not overlook this website. Every cute and wicked person needs cute and hilarious story titles to interest their friends and followers on Snapchat.

Every Snapchat user aspires to give their private stories a cool, appealing, and creative name. These days, it can be tough for folks to locate names like that. But in 2024, the Name Ideas make it practical for them.

Name Options

When it comes up with sweet and innocent names for personal stories, this website is renowned for that. A free website called The Name Ideas offers numerous creative and current Snapchat private story names.

Do not overlook this website. Every cute and wicked person needs cute and hilarious story titles to interest their friends and followers on Snapchat.

Every Snapchat user aspires to give their private stories a cool, appealing, and creative name.


A website called Social.com gives customers advice on catchy names for their private Snapchat stories. This website offers 1100+ unique and appealing name suggestions for various categories.

A person will have more followers and friend interaction if the names of their private stories are hip, charming, or offensive. 

If you want to make your private Snapchat stories more interesting and effective, you will visit this website to find names for your stories.

50 Best Funny Private Story Names for Girls

If you are seeking the greatest Snapchat names for females’ private stories. We hope you enjoy this collection of girls’ names and intimate stories:

  1. Active Life
  2. Tiger of Days
  3. Hoes Angry??
  4. Girls’ Club
  5. Earrings and lipstick
  6. If You Can’t Stop ‘Em, Join ‘Em
  7. Pizza, Pizza! Time to eat!
  8. The Love’s Eye
  9. Private Event
  10. Women Only
  11. Friends for Life
  12. Girls of Gossip
  13. Red Ladies
  14. BFFS Together
  15. Sisterhood
  16. A Coven
  17. Spice and Sugar
  18. King’s Only
  19. The Gal Pal Gang
  20. Dollhouse
  21. The Group
  22. Beautiful Little Liars
  23. The It Girls: Strong Women
  24. Beauty Squad
  25. Ladies Before Gentlemen
  27. Infinite Girls
  28. Jewel Divas
  29. a lot of work
  30. Wishes for a Lush Life Champagne
  31. Barbie Pretty in Pink
  32. Glamour Girls
  33. Sweet Divas
  34. Pillow Talk
  35. Princess Posse Glitter
  36. Gang Secret Society
  37. All Right, Folks.
  38. Visualize This In The Womb, Behind The Scenes
  39. It’s A Tragedy
  40. The Morning After
  41. My Best Adolescent years Da Or Gang,
  42. You Won’t Believe This
  43. Woman Power
  44. Squad Sassy
  45. Ferocious Women
  46. Bee Queens
  47. Women’s Night
  48. Boy Talk
  49. Female Code
  50. “Sisters in Crime”

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Really funny private story names

  1. Slay Team
  2. Only BFFs
  3. Gal Pal Journeys
  4. Female Team Goals
  5. Friendship Objectives
  6. Circle of Girl Power
  7. Girlfriends
  8. Friends for Life
  9. Just issues, No Daddy
  10. Idiot Herd
  11. No, I’m Patrick.
  12. First Heard Here
  13. A Little Too Stiff
  14. Leader Of Crying
  15. Doggie Water
  16. Red Flags on the Move
  17. Congratulations! You’re in the VIP area.
  18. Thusly Tober
  19. Clout Goblin
  20. My 13 Arguments
  21. Bad Bleeps Only
  22. Ur All Invited To My Funeral, song
  23. People I could level within a fight, or
  24. Large Buns
  25. Swings in mood
  26. Posting While Being Ghosted
  27. Open 24/7
  28. I Am Dead Inside
  29. Area
  30. Miss Girl,
  31. Number
  32. The Inner Circle
  33. Bikini Bottom
  34. R-rated
  35. Social Battery On 1%: 72.1
  36. Caught A Vibe
  37. Heaven in Seven Minutes
  38. I’m A Little Salty
  39. My Depressing Life
  40. Unclean Laundry
  41. The Spam Squad
  42. Bears, Beets, and Bad Choices
  43. Eighty. Fat Chicks
  44. Dork Diaries
  45. Harry Styles’ spitting
  46. Drama Alert
  47. Plan B Survivors
  48. Fifty Shades of Failing
  49. More Problems Than Fashion
  50. That’s So Fetch

Dark humor funny private story names

  1. Sleep-Deprived Shenanigans
  2. Questionable Decisions HQ
  3. My Existential Crisis (Part 2)
  4. Adulting: Failing Spectacularly
  5. Not Today, Responsibilities
  6. Living on Caffeine and Chaos
  7. My Therapist Would Faint
  8. Midnight Munchies & Mayhem
  9. Sleep for the Weak (and Employed)
  10. Sunshine? Never Heard Of Her
  11. Low Battery, High Drama
  12. This Story Won’t End Well
  13. Don’t Judge, Just Laugh
  14. My Spirit Animal is a Trash Panda
  15. Adulting is a Scam
  16. Warning: May Contain Sarcasm
  17. My Life: A Hilarious Tragedy
  18. Don’t Worry, Be Petty
  19. Sleep Now, Regret Later
  20. This is My Happy Place (Maybe)


What are some good private story names?

Witty names for confidential stories
maintaining (your name)
a heated mess in the express.
Hello, diary.
Your name suite life
talking on your pillow.
Fan base.
Boys not allowed.

What is good private story name for Snapchat?

The Guarantees Life and Times
Pimps and Simps.
The meme group.
Add a catchy name here.
Imagine that I stated something humorous.
POV: You are my counselor.
You cannot sit with us.
Wednesdays are when we do pink.

What are some private Snapchat story names for girls?

Names for Snapchat private stories for girls that are cute and original include:
Girl Talk
BFFs Only
Gal Pal Adventures
Slay Squad
Fierce Femmes
Queen Bees
Make sure the name has personal significance for you and your pals.

What is a close Friend’s Private Story?

Using the Close Friends option for Snapchat Stories, you can choose a select group of friends or followers to share private Snapchat Story posts. Your story will be hidden from other followers and only visible to the people on your list.


This article was all about the top 120 private story names on Snapchat. Hopefully, this article helped with some ideas for the title of your personal Snapchat story!


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