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Poetry Scholarships 2019

Do you want to be a Poet and you don’t want the dream to be shattered? Congratulations! Poetry Scholarships 2019-2020 is currently ongoing so this is your opportunity to make your dream a reality.

So, read through to be enlightened more about Poetry, Poetry Scholarships, what it will take you to apply and more importantly, how you can apply.

Poetry Scholarships High School Students

Poetry is a branch of literature that is very vast. It almost does not have a universal definition, as it means many things to many people. The subject is as old as history and religion. A major characteristic that sets poetry aside from other forms of literature is its economy of language.

Poets are very critical in the way they render words on a page. They make sure to go beyond word minimization and they consider a word’s emotive qualities, its backstory, its musical value, its double- or triple-entendre, and even its spatial relationship on the page. Also, they pay particular attention to their choice of words.

Therefore, a more standard definition of poetry would be the art of rendering words in such a way as to evoke intense emotion from the reader, being economical with language and often writing in a set form.


Poetry is a way of expressing oneself. It is more a way of life than a discipline to be studied in educational institutions. In the universities and colleges, it is often studied under the broader umbrella of “English Literature” or “Creative Writing.” People enjoy sitting down in serene environment listening to poetry, and so, in its own way, poetry fetches a source of income to the poets.

Its level of acceptance in the society is tremendous and this is felt in the level of financial support given to poets, students, and writers. These are usually through poetry slams, poetry chapbook competitions, and poetry scholarships.

Here is a compilation of ongoing poetry scholarships for amateurs, students, poets, and writers.

  • The Amy Lowell Poetry Travelling Scholarship
  • Learn Between the Lines Scholarship Slam
  • Scholarship
  • The Narrative Prize
  • The Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Fellowships
  • Just Poetry Scholarship
  • 2019 University of Canberra Vice-Chancellor’s International Poetry Prize
  • 2019 Autumn House Poetry Contest
  • Morton Marr Poetry Prize
  • Poulin, Jr. Poetry Prize

The Amy Lowell Poetry Travelling Scholarship

This Poetry Scholarship is an opportunity open to any American poet who is willing to spend a year outside North America. The award does not have to be used for college tuition but can be used for travel and expenses. The scholarship recognizes the legacy of Amy Lowell, an American poet who died in 1925.

In her will, she established a scholarship to fund the travels of American poets who want to go abroad. The value of the scholarship is $59,000 award and it is administered annually by the trustees of her will.

Applicants must complete an application form (PDF) and there is also the option of providing a brief CV.

The deadline for applying for the 2019/2020 Amy Lowell Poetry Travelling Scholarship close on Monday 15 October 2019and hard copy applications must be received by the administering law firm by October 15, 2019.

Apply here:

For more Information visit:

E-mail address:

 Learn Between the Lines Scholarship Slam

This Poetry Scholarship opportunity is open to U.S. high school or former high school students between the ages of 13 and 25. The value of the scholarship is $1,000 and it is administered annually to help cover the cost of college.

Eligible poems are selected by a team of judges, and a winner is randomly selected from the top five.

The deadline for applying is July 11, 2019.

Apply here: Scholarship

This Poetry Scholarship opportunity open to undergraduate, graduate students and high school seniors who have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. The value is $500 and the award is administered annually to one or two poets by

Every year, a new theme for the contest guides applicants as they produce a visual poem and essay.

The deadline for applying is May 1, 2019.

Apply here:


 The Narrative Prize

This is as the name says, a prize. Rather than a scholarship, the prize is a way to make money from your poetry or other writing. It is open to any new or emerging writer whose work has appeared in Narrative within the past year.

The value of this poetry scholarship is $4,000 and it is administered annually by Narrative Magazine for the best work published by a new or emerging writer in their magazine.

The deadline for applying is June 15.

Apply here:

For More Information

The Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Fellowships

This Poetry Scholarship 2019 is available to U.S. citizen or resident between the ages of 21 and 31. The fellowship program was established in 1989 by Ruth Lilly, the last surviving heir to the fortune amassed by pharmaceutical magnate Eli Lilly, her great-grandfather. There are five of these fellowships which were increased from $15,000 to $25,800 each and are distributed annually by the Poetry Foundation.

The deadline for applying is April 30.

Apply here:

To read the poems in the portfolio, click here.

Just Poetry Scholarship

This Poetry Scholarship is an opportunity open to U.S. high school students and the American High School Poetry Teacher. The scholarship is administered by Just Poetry the National Poetry Quarterly.

The poetry scholarship is broken down into the “Easterday Poetry Award” of a value of $500.00, the 4 “Best of Issue” Winners ($500 scholarship prize, 1 selected each quarter), and the 4 Editor’s Choice Selections ($100 scholarship prize, 1 selected each quarter). The total value for this scholarship for poetry is $1,100.

Deadline for applying is September 30, 2018, for the winter, December 31, 2019, for the Spring

Apply here:

The full text is available at


2019 University of Canberra Vice-Chancellor’s International Poetry Prize

This is a poetry prize open to entrants aged 18 and over. The scholarship for poetry is administered by the University of Canberra annually since 2014 and the total value is AUD$20,000.

The winner will receive AUD$15,000 and the runner-up (second-placed poem) will receive AUD$5,000. Entries are accepted from any place in the world and you don’t have to be a previously published poet to enter.


The deadline for applying June 30, 2019. Each entry of a poem will cost AUD$20 if submitted by 11:59 pm GMT, 28 February 2019 and AUD$25 if submitted between 1 March and 30 June 2019.

Full Conditions of Entry

Apply here:


2019 Autumn House Poetry Contest

This is a contest open to all poets. It is administered annually by Autumn House Poetry. For the 2019 contest, the Autumn House staff serves as the preliminary readers, and the final judge is Cornelius Eady. The winner receives publication of a full-length manuscript and $2,500.

The breakdown of this amount is $1,000 advance against royalties, and a $1,500 travel/publicity grant to promote their book. All finalists are considered for publication and poetry submissions should be approximately 50-80 pages.

The submission period opens January 1, 2019, and closes June 30, 2019 (Eastern Time).

Apply here:


Morton Marr Poetry Prize

This is a prize awarded to current undergraduate or graduate student. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older at the time of application and must have an interest in writing poetry. The prize is administered annually by Southwest Review and the value is $1,500. $1,000 for the winner and $500 for second-place winners.

The prize is non-renewable. The winning poems will also be published in the ‘Southwest Review’. This award is open to U.S. and international students.

The deadline for applying is September 30.

Apply here:


A. Poulin, Jr. Poetry Prize

This is a prize awarded to U.S. citizen or legal resident who are 18 years of age or older. The entrant must have a strong interest in writing poetry and not yet have published a full-length book of poetry.

The prize for this scholarship for poetry is administered by BOA Editions, Ltd. annually and it is non-renewable. The total value is $1,000. The winning author will also have his/her book published by BOA Editions, Ltd., and will be offered a standard book contract which will include a royalty rate.

Deadline for applying is November 30.

Apply here:



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