NDDC Scholarship Test

NDDC Scholarship Test

What does NDDC Scholarship Test Looks like?

The Niger Delta Development Commission is poised to alleviate illiteracy in the South-South South East and some western part of Nigeria, they are awarding Scholarships to Masters and Undergraduate degree students who are indigenes of the Niger Delta States. We have organized scholarship Test questions for students who wish to partake in the examination this year but didn’t know how to go about the examinations.

The Examination is explained in detail here as a way of helping students win the scholarship. The Scholarship has categories like Petroleum Engineering, Management Sciences, General Knowledge, Computer & ICT, General Engineering (Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Engineering)

Test Categories

  1. The NDDC Scholarship Technical Based Tests is a subset of the NDDC Scholarship Exams which comprise of 60 questions which you will answer in 30 minutes. Your set of 60 questions are usually fielded specific and will likely in the format of English Language – 20 questions, General Mathematics – 20, and General (or Technical) questions. However, the NDDC Scholarship Technical Based Test which you’re about to take comprises 15 questions that you will have to answer in 8 minutes and be graded.
  2. Hey there! Welcome to our NDDC Medical Science Test section. We are glad to have you join us. Our team of experts has painstakingly curated this FREE NDDC Medical Science Test for you. This is to enable you to improve and familiarise yourself with what you should expect in similar real-life tests.
  3. The NDDC Scholarship Environmental Test which you're about to take comprises 15 questions that you will have to answer in 10 minutes and be graded effectively. The tests assess your understanding of general concepts and principles in basic geography. The questions you'll be answering revolves around Environmental Sciences.
  4. Practice your way into success with the NDDC Petroleum Engineering Test. These practice tests you're about to take prepares you for the NDDC Scholarship Examination for Petroleum Engineering Students. You will answer 15 questions that are strictly based on your 200 Level undergraduate curriculum in Petroleum Engineering
  5. Ace your way to winning the NDDC Scholarship as a Management Science student by practicing our NDDC Management Science Test. The test comprises of 15 questions that assess your understanding of core business management principles and practices in 8 minutes.