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You go berserk when someone who’s reading beside or around you says he’s done, yet you have struggled with that one book in your hands for as long as you can remember. To you, it looks like you don’t have enough time to read, and at other times, you really wish to read more without sacrificing your knowledge. That is why you should learn how to speed read.

This article will go over speed reading; a very useful technique and highlight the many online courses you can enroll in to learn how to speed read in 2022.

What is Speed Reading?

Speed reading is the rate at which a person reads written text in a certain amount of time. The number of words this person reads per minute is commonly used to determine reading seed.

Why take Online Courses to Learn to Speed Read?

Not only is speed reading speedy, but it is also efficient. It saves you a significant amount of time without sacrificing knowledge. While at it, your brain’s performance improves, and it helps you recall information more than you’ve done in the past. This is because speed reading stabilizes the brain.

Another significant reason to take online courses to learn how to speed read includes your desire for a boost in your self-esteem. As you improve your ability to grasp information at a faster rate, you will notice opportunities all around you.

Your confidence level will also experience a pump as you can understand the material in lesser time even and it will help you to live a stress-free life.

How long does it take to learn how to Speed Read?

Basically, there is time variation on how long it can take you to learn how to speed read. However, you can increase your reading speed in an hour or 2 to 4 weeks, depending on how much effort you put in while needing to improve your comprehension speed.

The time it takes to double your reading speed is determined by how much work you put in.

15 Online Courses to Learn to Speed Read in 2022

#1. Become a SuperLearner: Learn Speed Reading & Boost Memory – Udemy

This online course on learning to speed read will show you how to improve your learning, reading, and remembering skills, allowing you to learn anything and everything more quickly and effectively.

Whether you’re a student, a professional, or just starting a new hobby, you’ll discover an ever-increasing amount of data and knowledge.

Become a super learner will help you improve your ability to swiftly and successfully learn new skills or information while you delve into the cognitive and physiological components that make learning easier for you.

#2. Speed Reading MACHINE 3.1: How To Read 307 Books In 2022 – Udemy

Just as almost everyone takes in information in a massive and factual manner, the goal of this course is to show you how to read with intention, absorb the most important information from every book you read, and how to apply it.

This step-by-step guide in the like of an online course teaches you how to:

  • Make reading your priority and choose books that will help you learn more.
  • Have the best predictor of success; the proper reader’s mindset
  • Maintain a firm focus as it will impact other aspects of your life

Your learning adventure begins the very moment you join this course of over three hours of complete instruction.

#3. Rocket Reading: Learn to Read Faster and Comprehend More

You’ll learn how to become a fast and more efficient reader in lesser time while getting more out of it in this curse. You’ll discover simple speed reading strategies in this course that will help you read 2 to 3 times faster.

An additional benefit of enrolling in this course is that it will help you increase your memory, focus, and comprehension of what you’ve just read.

You can apply the concepts in this course with books, computers, and any other electronic devices.

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#4. The DEFINITIVE course on Speed Reading. All Techniques + Hacks – Udemy

This course will show you how top colleges and Guinness World Record holders use the greatest speed-reading techniques.

In less than 5 minutes, you can easily quadruple your reading speed and learn a technology trick to help you read even quicker.

You would be surprised to know that this definitive course on how to learn to speed read can help you ace your high school examination.

#5. Speed Reading Mastery Course – Read 10x Faster – Udemy

Wouldn’t you be all smiles if you could read 10 times faster that what you normally do? Regardless of what that material is that you can’t find time to read, the reverse will be the case upon you completing this course.

You will be able to efficiently create a speed reading method that can be useful in all areas of your life by learning and flowing the techniques outlined in this course.

It is also expedient to note that the more you learn, the more money you’ll earn. So, well use this learn to speed read opportunity and tap into your full potential.

#6. Speed Reading Mastery: Double Your Reading Speed In 30 Days – Udemy

Because this learn to speed read online course is all about looking through books and extracting information from non-fiction books that you can apply in your life, you won’t be reading every word. Click on the enroll button below to learn hw to double or even triple your reading speed in the next 30 days.

#7. Speed Reading & Memory – SuperHuman Brain – Udemy

The instructor for this online class seeks to ensure that you would achieve your breakthrough and personal development after this class. The various topics it covers include:

  • Become a learning machine by seed reading effectively and learning concepts that you can apply
  • Use the 20+ productivity formulas included in the course to become a productivity and time management master
  • Use proper brainstorming techniques, mind making training and 15+ applicable formulas to reach a deep level of intelligence and creativity
  • Learn t rewire your brain and get control over your thoughts, habits, feelings, and emotions.

#8. Speed Reading Mastery: Double Your Reading Speed In 7 Days – Skillshare

With novel suggesting and strategies, this course uses outstanding strategic ways to boost your speed reading. Jordan the instructor, also balanced it so anyone can benefit from it.

With its major focus on memory training and speed reading, you can click on the enroll button to get this course at a discounted price on Skillshare.

#9. Speed Reading Techniques – Skillshare

Did you know you save quite a lot of time when you speed read? While this isn’t the only benefit of speed reading, this course focuses on seeing that you recall as much data as possible, even after reading.

Hence, it covers:

  • Speed reading techniques that work
  • Techniques for retaining customers
  • Several reading procedures.

#10. Triple Your Memory and Reading Speed In One Hour – Skillshare

Seed reading is an invaluable skill that you can pick up in about an hour or less. By using the many innovative ways in this course, you would increase your capacity to remember things, where you laced them, school information, etc.

Also, you will learn how to stay focused and even prevent brain fog and dementia later in life. You’ll be surprised at how quickly and easily these techniques are helpful in learning new things.

#11. Read BETTER FASTER: Triple Your Speed Reading In Just 7 Days Skillshare

When you master the best strategies taught in this learn to speed read online course, you’ll see that reading can be more fun and fulfilling! To learn hw to speed read, you must have a clear and open mind.

The use of this course is to teach you how to read at a rate of around 1,000 words per minute, putting you in the top 1% of Elite readers.

#12. SPEED READING FOR RESULTS | More Than Just Reading Quicker – Skillshare

This course will show you how to go from being a casual reader who reads one book per month to a master reader who reads 100+ books per year. You’ll learn how to turn your reading into actionable results, besides improving your reading speed.

#13. How to Read Faster: 7 Easy Steps to Master Speed Reading, Reading Comprehension & Learn Fast Reading – Skillshare

Everything you need to know abut reading and seed reading is all in this online course. The following are what you will learn taking this class.

  • Aspects that influence reading comprehension.
  • Factors that contribute to reading difficulties in children and adults.
  • Reading aids that you can use to help you overcome your issues.
  • Several advantages to learning to read quickly.
  • The most important approaches for improving reading speed.
  • Techniques for increasing your reading speed and comprehension.

This guide contains a wealth of practical advice to assist you in overcoming the problem of slow reading and poor comprehension.

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#14. Beginners Speed Reading Class to Learn Faster & More Effectively – Skillshare

This is a beginner’s seed reading session that will take you on the basics and, there is no requirement for prior experience.

You will learn the following in this class:

  • How does rapid reading work?
  • Why should you learn to read quickly?
  • An effective reading strategy that allows you to go through books quickly.

By the completion of this class, you should be able to:

  • Select appropriate books to read.
  • Know what your reading speed is and how you may improve it.
  • Construct a mental library that allows you to contribute useful value to the marketplace.

#15. Learn Secret Techniques of Speed Reading, Read Fast & Easy – Udemy

Every approach that you’ll come across in this curse is simple t use in minutes and can provide you with immediate benefits.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this learn to speed read online class.

  • How to increase your reading efficiency.
  • Increasing your understanding while reading efficiently.
  • Improving your overall comprehension of reading strategies.


So, that’s it! Above are the 15 online courses to learn to speed read that you can enroll in 2022. The link to each class is below so you can check out which one fits your time schedule.



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