14 Online Colleges In Oregon For International Students | 2023

Students who attend classes online do not have to rearrange their personal or professional commitments to attend class. 

Students can prepare dinner before or after logging on and prioritize doing the dishes over homework. 

It also implies that regardless of whether a person is prepared to sit down, concentrate, and learn, courses will still wait for them when they get home, whether they work nights or have odd hours.

And when those students do sit down, they frequently discover that they are more successful than they would have been in a more conventional setting. 

For example, learning about chemistry or German is much easier at home on the couch, when you want to be there, than in a room lit by fluorescent lights, at whatever time a registrar wants you to be there.

Learn more about the best online colleges in Oregon for international students by continuing to read.

Why Should I Study In Oregon?

#1. Good community colleges 

Along with their various online associate degrees, several two-year colleges in Oregon, including Portland Community College and Chemeketa Community College, provide transfer degrees fully through remote learning. 

A transfer degree is intended for students who desire to finish their general education requirements before continuing to another bachelor’s program, even if any associate degree is a valuable academic credential. 

A transfer degree might be a more affordable path to achieving your ultimate objective because community colleges charge less than universities. 

If you decide to do that, the state’s Higher Education Coordinating Commission maintains a page about transfers with links to the transfer policies of the seven public universities.

#2. You Can Attend Several Private Colleges 

Twelve private four-year universities make up the Oregon Alliance of Independent Colleges & Universities (OAICU), some of which have launched online courses and programs. 

If specific requirements are completed, students from any OAICU member school can enroll in one course per semester from another member school under the Alliance Cross-Registration Program. 

Private institutions in Oregon do offer individual online courses; however, there aren’t many of them. 

One is George Fox University, which offers reasonably priced online summer courses. Any OAICU member’s admissions counselor can give you information on how to benefit from the program.

#3. Earn College Credits Online While in High School 

The Oregon Home Education Network maintains a list of public charter schools that are accessible online. 

While some institutions only accept full-time distance learners, others let you enroll in specific online classes while attending a public high school. 

Students enrolled in high schools with a limited offering of Advanced Placement (AP) subjects particularly benefit from online coursework. 

You can get high school credit by enrolling in an online AP course. 

Suppose you do well on the next exam. In that case, you’ll probably also be eligible for college credit, reducing the number of courses you need to complete your degree while lowering your future tuition.

#4. Pay Less for Online Programs at Out-of-State Universities 

There is hope for students who desire to enrol in online universities where nonresident tuition is expensive. 

Due to Oregon’s participation in the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) program and membership in the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE), residents of the state pay less than other nonresidents to attend participating universities in the 14 WICHE states that are close by. 

Graduate students who enroll in programs that qualify for WICHE’s Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP) receive the same benefits as undergraduate students but at a lower cost.

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14 Best Online Colleges In Oregon For International Students in 2023

Below are the best online colleges in Oregon for international students

  • Concordia University-Portland
  • Oregon State University
  • Chemeketa Community College
  • Eastern Oregon University
  • Oregon Institute of Technology
  • Western Oregon University
  • Northwest Christian University
  • Corban University
  • Multnomah University
  • Bushnell University
  • Oregon Health & Science University
  • George Fox University
  • Linfield College-Online and Continuing Education
  • Warner Pacific University

#1. Concordia University-Portland

The entirely online programs provided by Concordia University offer a wide range of possibilities for working individuals seeking an advanced degree in business or education. 

Therefore, making Concordia University-Portland one of the best online colleges in Oregon for international students.

Digital marketing, business analytics, accountancy, and business leadership are among the various business degrees. 

Business intelligence, finance, marketing, risk management, and managing teams through transformation are just a few of the eight specializations available to MBA students. 

The thirty-dozen master’s programs and five doctoral programs available to students interested in earning an education are listed below. 

The National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education has granted accreditation to many of Concordia’s master’s in education programs.

The institution also provides an online degree leading to a master’s in computer information systems and a master’s in digital media. 

Some programs provide at least six starting points annually. Concordia provides a range of scholarships for online students, including ones for active-duty military people and their spouses. 

Scholarships are also available for MBA, business leadership, computer science, or accounting students. 

A 20 percent tuition reduction is available to Lutheran educators and college graduates. Free textbooks may also be available to online students.

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#2. Oregon State University

Oregon State University is one of the best online colleges in Oregon for international students.

About 20 different undergraduate degrees are available through ECampus, Oregon State University’s online education division. 

Bachelor’s degrees in sustainability, history, Spanish, and business administration are new alternatives for online undergraduate programs. 

You can pursue the double-degree sustainability program in conjunction with any major. 

Additionally, the college provides an online post-baccalaureate computer science curriculum created just for students who already hold a college degree in any subject but want to switch careers. 

The online curriculum can be completed in as little as one year or as long as four.

Additionally, ECampus offers graduate-level courses for degrees in administration of natural resources, management of fisheries and wildlife, industrial engineering, teaching, counseling, and radiation health physics. 

The quarter method used by Oregon State results in four terms being offered annually through ECampus. Federal or state financial aid may be available to undergraduates who enroll in at least six credits per term and graduate students who enroll in at least five courses per term. 

Additionally, OSU provides eligible students with an ECampus grant based on need. Applicants for departmental scholarships who study online are also welcome.

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#3. Chemeketa Community College

With up to 300 courses each term, Chemeketa Community College claims to have one of Oregon’s most comprehensive online programs and the best online colleges in Oregon for international students. 

Students can complete the Oregon transfer module and earn an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree online, taking their first two years of the college curriculum. 

Chemeketa Online offers numerous career- and technical-focused programs and can be finished online. 

For example, students interested in a career in accounting can finish a certificate in tax preparation, payroll, or accounting or an Associate of Applied Science in Accounting. 

Business management, hospitality and tourism management, and fire protection technology all have a comparable degree and certificate possibilities.

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#4. Eastern Oregon University

At Eastern Oregon University, each online student is given a personal academic adviser who works closely with them to help them choose the correct classes and personalize their degree. 

EOU offers an online bachelor’s in integrative studies program where students can choose two or more minors in place of a major for maximum personalization. 

Business administration, physical activity and health, and communication studies are some additional online bachelor’s degree programs. 

Online completion of an MBA or Master of Science in Education is an option for graduate students. 

Numerous organizations have recognized EOU for its dedication to diversity and for being one of the best universities for producing Native American graduates.

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#5. Oregon Institute of Technology

Oregon Institute of Technology is also one of the best online colleges in Oregon for international students.

Applied Psychology (B.S.), Health Informatics (B.S.), Information Technology (B.S.), Operations Management (B.S.), and Technology & Management are among the bachelor’s degree programs offered online by OIT (B.A.S.). 

OIC offers the following degree completion programs. They are open to registered professionals: Dental Hygiene, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Echocardiography, Health Care Management, Radiologic Science, Respiratory Care, and Vascular Technology. 

In addition, there are two online certificate programs and one online associate of applied science program (Sleep Health) (Clinical Sleep Health and Polysomnographic Technology). 

Blackboard is the university’s learning management system, streamlining class instruction and student-teacher communication.

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#6. Western Oregon University

Although some of the master’s degrees have residency requirements, Western Oregon University offers five online master’s programs making the school tops our list of one of the best online colleges in Oregon for international students.

Students can finish the 45-credit Master of Arts in Criminal Justice degree entirely online in as short as four semesters of full-time study. 

Applicants holding a bachelor’s degree in social science or criminal justice are eligible for the program. 

Candidates having experience in the subject can be professionally preferred. Any term’s beginning is a good time for students to begin the program. 

Professional sign language and spoken language interpreters are eligible to apply for the Master of Arts in Interpreting Studies.

The summer residential portion of the 18-month program is where students start, followed by online classes in the fall, winter, and spring. 

During their second summer in the program, students must attend another residence. 

A Master of Arts in Teaching, which results in an initial license, a Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction, and a Master of Science in Education in Information Technology are all available online in the field of education.

A certificate in instructional design, an instructional leader concentration in elementary math, and ESOL and reading endorsements are available online.

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#7. Northwest Christian University

Northwest Christian University is one of the best online colleges in Oregon for international students.

You can finish online the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at Northwest Christian University (NCU) in about 12 months, which is why the institution is one of the best online colleges in Oregon for international students.

Because courses are provided asynchronously, students can access the readings and lectures anytime. 

Additionally, the university’s career services division is available to online students who need job search advice and career counseling aid

A hybrid course approach is available through a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling degree. Students can anticipate finishing their MA in 28 months if admitted into the program. 

Additionally, students have the opportunity to engage in the university’s on-campus counseling clinic, where they can benefit from chances for one-on-one interactions with clients.

Working people who want to acquire a baccalaureate degree but don’t want to quit their full-time jobs can enroll in NCU’s Adult Learning Program. 

In the following areas: accounting, business administration, criminal justice, interdisciplinary studies, psychology, and nursing, students can earn Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees online. 

There is also a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies offered online. Students can earn up to 30 credits through the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), which they can then apply to the degree program of their choice.

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#8. Corban University

Working individuals can obtain a bachelor’s degree online through Corban University’s School of Professional Studies which makes the school one of the best online colleges in Oregon for international students. 

Regardless of whether they have transferable college credits, the program is open to everyone. 

Corban gives previous education some academic credit. Students can enroll in one to three online courses per term, depending on how many courses they can cram into an eight-week session. 

Because classes are asynchronous, students can watch them whenever it is convenient for them. Online business and psychology degrees are available from Corban. 

Accounting, leadership and management, or marketing are the three possible areas of specialization for business majors.

Psychology majors can concentrate on family studies or pre-counseling/clinical, a course of study created for those who wish to go on to get a master’s degree in psychology, social work, or counseling. 

Corban’s classes are intended to be practical and have a biblical perspective. 

Oregon residents who take classes online at Corban may qualify for state financial aid programs like the Oregon Opportunity Grant.

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#9. Multnomah University

Graduates of Multnomah University receive a solid Christian education and access to the school’s extensive alumni network, which is a great way to open up new employment opportunities. 

Also, the school is one of the best online colleges in Oregon for international students

Each of the five-degree options at Multnomah’s online school, which offers a Christian perspective on education, includes or emphasizes the Bible. 

Each of these degrees can finish in four years, yet it allows students the freedom to organize their studies around their hectic schedules.

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#10. Bushnell University

Bushnell University focuses on delivering graduates a conventional Christian education while preparing them for the workforce which makes the institution one of the best online colleges in Oregon for international students. 

All seven of their undergraduate degrees offered online adhere to their Christian philosophy. The online school offers the option of taking courses wholly online or through a combination of online and in-person encounters. 

Students who have credits from BU or another university can complete their degree faster than the conventional four years through any online program.

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#11. Oregon Health & Science University

Oregon Health & Science University, a national leader in the health and sciences, recently added remote learning as a choice. 

Their primary undergraduate program, the completion of the RN-BS, is a hybrid curriculum that can be taken full- or part-time. 

However, the state of Oregon mandates that clinical hours be accrued on-site, even if you can complete most courses online. 

This means that any practicing registered nurses who want to pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing won’t have to attend classes.

In addition, Oregon Health & Science University is one of the best online colleges in Oregon for international students

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#12. George Fox University

With its online offerings, George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon, ensures flexibility. The university offers several online degrees to 456 students locally and abroad. 

Four online bachelor’s programs and one master’s program are available to degree seekers. 

Distance learners engage with peers and instructors through a virtual classroom by joining a welcoming online learning community. 

Through classes, internships, and other learning opportunities, students acquire the knowledge and abilities necessary to excel in their careers. 

In order to acquire academic and career counseling, students can also access institutional resources, including academic advising and career services. 

To find out more about the application procedure, prospective applicants can contact the admissions office or directly with their chosen program.

In addition, George Fox University is one of the best online colleges in Oregon for international students.

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#13. Linfield College-Online and Continuing Education

The college, a pioneer in online learning, provides 10 online bachelor’s degree programs making Linfield College-Online and Continuing Education one of the best online colleges in Oregon for international students. 

Students participate in lectures and finish their assignments through a virtual learning environment. 

Degree candidates develop the knowledge and abilities necessary to succeed beyond graduation through industry-relevant courses, research, internships, and other learning experiences. 

In order to acquire academic and career counseling, students can also access institutional resources, including academic advising and career services. 

Prospective students should schedule a meeting with the admissions office to discuss admission requirements, degree eligibility, and other details. 

Learners can speak with the Office of Financial Aid about financing options to help with degree fees. 

The unknown is the proportion of accepted students who receive financial aid.

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#14. Warner Pacific University

Consider Warner Pacific University if you’re looking for a flexible online school in Oregon for international students. 

After enrolling, students are welcomed into a welcoming online learning community where they can interact virtually with other students and teachers. 

Candidates for degrees gain knowledge that is relevant to their field through coursework, internships, and other learning opportunities. 

As a pioneer in fostering student success, the college links enrollees with academic counseling, career assistance, and other resources that promote achievement. 

Meet with the Office of Admissions to discuss degree eligibility and admission requirements if you’re interested in applying. 

Enrollees who qualify may be awarded internal and external financing to cover degree expenses. The college reports that 98% of all new students get financial aid of some kind.

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FAQs About The Best Online Colleges in Oregon for International Students

How Can I Discover Which Online Colleges in Oregon Offer the Degree I Want? 

Students can complete a range of courses and programs fully online through Oregon’s online schools and universities. 
For instance, Oregon State University offers 25 undergraduate degrees and more than 1,200 courses totally online. Each school’s website allows prospective students to look up its course offerings. 
Click the icon below to find out more about Oregon’s accredited online colleges and universities.

How Much More Money Do Oregon College Graduates Make?

Salary levels in the United States typically rise directly to educational attainment. According to Statistical Atlas, Oregon’s median wages are lower than the national average, yet professionals in the Beaver State still tend to make more money. 
However, a number of variables affect earning potentials, such as industry, industry location, and professional experience.

Can international students pursue degrees online? 

Can students from other countries enroll in online courses? An F-1 student may not enroll in more than one online or distance learning course in any one term or semester. 
No online or remote learning courses may be used to fulfill the full course of study requirement for an M-1 or ESL student.


Explore your list of Oregon online universities for international students if you are thinking about enrolling in an online program there. 

It is now simpler than ever to start an online college degree because of better assistance for nontraditional learners.



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