15 Online Colleges in Florida for International Students | 2023

Students looking to obtain degree certifications can access various in-demand programs from the best online colleges in Florida for international students to advance their education and create more career opportunities.

Online courses are becoming even more popular. In 2018, 35.3% of students registered in at least one online course, up from 33.5% the year before, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

Online schools frequently support students who have a full-time employment schedule, and online college courses typically tend to be more flexible.

Continue reading to see the 15 online colleges in Florida for international students.

Why Study in Florida?

Online degrees in Florida frequently provide flexible alternatives for participation, attendance, and program pace. Florida students can continue working while earning their degrees because of this flexibility, which suits hectic schedules.

Online programs pertinent to the state’s most prominent businesses may be helpful to prospective students looking for opportunities in Florida.

Some of these sectors are manufacturing, homeland security, and the biological sciences. Information technology and aircraft are two leading Florida businesses.

Graduates can get employment in these sectors by earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science, biochemistry, or engineering.

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Best Online Colleges in Florida for International Students in 2022

  • St Petersburg College
  • University of Florida
  • Keiser University
  • Florida Tech – Online
  • Nova Southeastern University
  • Lynn University
  • Webber International University
  • Broward College
  • Palm Beach Atlantic University
  • Miami Dade College
  • Hillsborough Community College
  • Daytona State College
  • AdventHealth University
  • St. Petersburg College
  • Florida State University

1. St Petersburg College

Mizzou provides financial aid to students from abroad. It is one of the best online colleges in Florida for international students. According to the U.S. National Center for Education Statistics, St. Petersburg College is among the Top 40 institutions for students who only take online courses.

A total of 560 online courses linked to more than 50 online degree programs are available to almost 20,000 students. Bachelor’s degrees and short-term speciality certificates in subjects like technology and early childhood education are both offered to online students.

St. Petersburg offers a wide range of associate degrees for students looking to transfer to a four-year institution and those looking to gain skills they may use right away in the workplace.

Business administration, primary teaching with teacher certification, and corporate sustainability are all available as bachelor’s degrees.

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2. University of Florida

Over 400 different programs are available for enrollment at the University of Florida’s Gainesville campus. The public university offers courses online and on its main campus.

Students seeking degrees in online programs benefit from a flexible approach and a student-to-faculty ratio of 17 to 1. Working professionals and occupied students can enrol in highly regarded programs created with them in mind.

Students connect with their professors and peers in a virtual learning environment during their online degree.

They acquire vital abilities that will aid them in their future occupations. Critical thinking and problem-solving, both necessary skills in today’s workforce, are taught in general education programs.

Distance learners at online schools can access academic counselling, tutoring, and career counselling to help their academic pursuits. Students get degrees that comply with accreditation requirements.

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3. Keiser University

Also, one of the most popular online colleges in Florida for international students, there are four graduate programs, around 15 bachelor’s and roughly 12 associate’s degrees offered online at Keiser University.

The master’s degrees are in management and business, and the instruction is Spanish. Some bachelor’s programs are degree-completion courses for those with associate degrees, while others are full four-year degrees.

While most of the bachelor’s programs only have a Spanish-language version, all of them are in English.

There are several job sectors where associate degrees are available. On the list of South’s Best Regional Universities published by U.S. News & World Report in 2017, Keiser, which focuses on offering career-focused degrees to adult learners, came in at number 52.

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4. Florida Tech – Online

Working professionals can enrol in Florida Tech’s online programs because of the asynchronous nature of the sessions, which enable students to juggle study with obligations to their families or careers.

Florida Tech now provides online associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and certificate programs in business, psychology, information security, criminal justice, and liberal arts.

Each term is eight weeks, and all lessons are in English using a customized learning management system.

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5. Nova Southeastern University

Students at Nova Southeastern University have the opportunity to finish online degrees with the same professors that teach on campus through the university’s distance education program.

The use of real-time electronic classroom components, audiovisual aids, and videoconferencing by instructors is common. Other essential features of online learning at Nova Southeastern include discussion forums and online homework submission in multimedia format.

Online students access the Electronic Library and other databases to aid their studies. Students may study from any location as long as they have wifi access.

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6. Lynn University

Lynn University is one of the best online colleges in Florida for international students. Every student who decides to attend Lynn University online will be given an iPad to use while pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Because the school uses several programs inaccessible on a computer or laptop, using an iPad is necessary.

With features like faster terms, instructors with real-world expertise, and the opportunity to convert job experience into academic credit, Lynn’s online degrees are all personalized for each student.

Aeronautics, the arts and sciences, business, communication, and education are among the fields of study.

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7. Webber International University

Students have several possibilities for finishing their education on their schedules thanks to Webber International University’s eight online degrees.

These undergraduate and graduate degrees cover various topics, including international business, finance, and criminal justice. There are two configurations for all online degrees: a typical 15-week semester or two seven-week A and B sessions.

Six-week programs are offered in the summer. The Moodle learning management system allows students to participate in conversations and turn in assignments online.

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8. Broward College

As a Finalist with Distinction for the 2017 Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence, Broward College was ranked as one of the best three community schools in the country in 2017.

In essence, Broward College offers transfer degrees as well as career qualifications through its online programs. Earning an associate degree in cybersecurity, accountancy, or technology project management is an option for students with a specific future.

There are also a lot of technical credentials available online. An Associate in Arts degree is open to students who wish to transfer to a four-year institution.

In addition, the college offers Bachelor of Applied Science degrees in subjects including I.T. and technology management. In specific programs, eight-week-long accelerated courses are used.

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9. Palm Beach Atlantic University

Palm Beach Atlantic University [PBAU] is a private college located in West Palm Beach, Florida, and is considered one of the top online universities.

Eight hundred ninety-nine [899] distant learners are enrolled in the graduate and undergraduate programs at the recognized school.

The school can address the demands of students with a variety of job ambitions thanks to remote programs in significant industries, including business, STEM, and healthcare. Participants are engaged in online courses through the use of virtual classrooms.

Requirements that must be fulfilled in person may frequently be done so close to the distance learner. Online learners can benefit from student services, including online tutoring, career counselling, and academic advice.

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10. Miami Dade College

Based on enrollment, Miami Dade College is the most prominent university in the country and also awards more associate degrees than any other community college in the country.

The institution also awards bachelor’s degrees, and its online component of MDC offers both programs. The opportunity to enrol in a Florida state institution is guaranteed to graduates of the online Associate in Arts program for transfer students.

There are additional eight career associate degrees offered, primarily in business-related subjects. Online bachelor’s programs serve as degree-completion courses in disciplines like nursing and public safety management.

MDC also participates in FloridaShines, a program that aids students in locating and registering for online courses at other public universities.

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11. Hillsborough Community College

There are six majors available via Hillsborough Community College’s online degree programs for students who desire to finish their first two years of college coursework online before transferring to a four-year institution.

Transfer options for the Associate in Arts degree include psychology, business administration, hotel administration, and education. Students can obtain a career associate degree or a certificate for college credit if they wish to acquire job skills that do not require a four-year degree.

Online career degrees are offered in criminal justice studies, optical management technology, and fire science technology.

Business or technological areas like database administration and game authoring are covered in certificates. Business themes covered include management and operations.

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12. Daytona State College

U.S. News & World Report has identified Daytona State College as having some of the country’s best online bachelor’s programs for five years.

The magazine listed the engineering technology, information technology, and supervision and management programs at Daytona State in its 2017 ranks of the best online bachelor’s degrees.

Four online bachelor’s degree programs at Daytona State use the 2+2 model, which requires students to obtain an associate degree before moving on to a bachelor’s degree.

Additionally, Daytona State provides 12 certificate programs and 10 associate degrees online. The business and computer technology sectors comprise most associate degrees and certifications.

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13. AdventHealth University

Adventist University of Health Sciences still provides a variety of online degrees for students interested in nursing and other healthcare disciplines, despite the institution’s recent name change to Advent Health University.

High academic standards are offered with 24/7 assistance in every online bachelor’s and master’s degrees. With a faculty-to-student ratio of 1:20, classes are kept small and personal.

Students use the Canvas learning management system to access courses and engage with classmates. Credit transfers for students with prior college experience may be possible, and several financial assistance alternatives are available.

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14. Petersburg College

A wide selection of diplomas and degrees in disciplines, including business administration, health services, education, computer information technology, are available online from St. Petersburg College.

Students can locate the 560 or so online courses they need to finish their program, thanks to the availability of these courses.

All college resources offered to their on-campus counterparts, such as the library, technical help desk, tutoring, registration, financial assistance, testing, counselling, and admissions, are also available to distance learners.

If online students are required to take tests, remote proctoring can be used to facilitate this procedure.

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15. Florida State University

Through Florida State University’s online program, students can complete undergraduate and graduate studies.

All of the online undergraduate degrees are enhanced-standing programs. Thus before starting classes online, students must transfer over at least 60 credits.

Classes may combine synchronous (planned meeting time for real-time lectures) and asynchronous (no meeting time for individual work) forms.

Online students will be given a degree roadmap created by their academic coordinator to aid them on their educational path. Nursing, computer science, criminal justice, and social work are study subjects.

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Cost of Attending Online Colleges in Florida for International Students

Florida’s online institutions’ costs vary greatly, so students should carefully weigh their alternatives before deciding where to apply.

Although Florida’s top institutions are sometimes more expensive, they may provide incredible financial help or better employment opportunities. However, a lot of Florida institutions are well-regarded and reasonably priced.

Attending public, in-state institutions allows students in Florida to save money. According to the table below, Florida institutions only charge in-state students a portion of what out-of-staters pay.

Like this, private four-year institutions cost five times as much as public ones.

Location Public Four-Year College Private Four-Year College Public Two-Year College
Out-of-State$27,023Not Available$8,126

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Job Outlook for College Graduates in Florida

The work market in Florida roughly resembles the national average. The national unemployment rate was 3.7% in September 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in the United States.

At the same time, Florida had an unemployment rate of 3.5%, somewhat lower than the national average for the preceding six months.

Workers in the state make an average of $21.53 per hour or $44,790 per year. The hourly rate of $24.34 and the annual salary of $50,620 are below the national average.

According to the BLS, psychiatrists and dentists are among the top ten best-paying occupations in Florida.


The top Florida online colleges provide a wide range of in-demand programs for degree seekers.

More professional prospects may arise because of furthering your education. Additionally, you might be able to lower your education expenses by enrolling online.

For instance, several Florida online institutions charge the same tuition to both in-state and out-of-state students, making them more affordable for many students than on-campus courses.

FAQs – Online Colleges in Florida for International Students

Can you do college online in Florida?

Both on-campus and online students gain the same high-quality education from Florida’s top online institutions. Students enrolled in an online associate’s or bachelor’s program finish their general education requirements and elective courses. They acquire abilities that they may use in professions within and outside their major.

What are the requirements to study online?

Internet connectivity is necessary for all online courses. You will be required to access a personal computer and a strong Internet service provider unless you plan on going to a school computer lab. Using a camera and a computer headset or microphone is advised and may be necessary.

What is the best online college in Florida?

St Petersburg College
University of Florida
Keiser University
Florida Tech – Online
Nova Southeastern University
Lynn University
Webber International University
Broward College
Palm Beach Atlantic University
Miami Dade College
Hillsborough Community College
Daytona State College
AdventHealth University
St. Petersburg College
Florida State University


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