Meet Ojukwu Queen

Queen Ojukwu is a Business Administrator who is a graduate of Business Administration from one of the prestigious polytechnic in Nigeria.

The passion to lead, manage and innovate business idea spurred her to get the best of grades her Academic discipline. Having completed some online courses, attended seminars, conference, and workshops. She is well endowed with multi-million Ideas that can help build and elevate business tycoons.

Apart from being a business administrator, She possesses undisputable leadership skills and has served in a different capacity in some prestigious non-governmental organizations where she gave a selfless service as a Regional head and Secretary respectively.

Her act of honesty, dedication, diligent and teamwork spirit earned her people’s trust and platform and opportunities. More so, Queen has worked in some reputable organizations in Nigeria which includes Mac Kay international School and Blessed Academy which are private organizations. And also she worked as Personal Secretary to the Controller of Department Petroleum Resource in one of the states in Nigeria under the Ministry of Petroleum.

Currently, Queen works as a content writer and Developer with World scholarship forum an educational portal which their core aim is to help or aid vibrant students to achieve their dreams through the provision of scholarships information. With her skills, she is bent on contributing to the growth and success of the firm by not allowing her personal objective overshadows that of the organization’s.

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