All You need to Know About Erasmus Plus Scholarships


Erasmus Plus Scholarships – Background

The Erasmus Programme is a European Union EU educational exchange program, that has combined all past Erasmus Programme schemes into one comprehensive scholarship program. This new Erasmus Plus programme came into effect in January 2014.

The Erasmus Plus was designed to help scholarship get the most beneficial learning experiences in the following:

  • Education
  • Sports
  • Academic training

The Erasmus Plus is operating through a generous €14.7 billion budget that allows the program to reach individuals to help assist in funding their international study adventures.

The program derives its name from the late Renaissance humanist Erasmus of Rotterdam. Erasmus of Rotterdam was well known for his travels and his search for an academic existence.

Erasmus Plus Scholarships – Who is Eligible ?

The Erasmus Plus program has an extensive reach that covers the following levels of education:

  • High school
  • Undergraduates
  • Graduates
  • Postdoctoral

The Erasmus Plus program uses these financial opportunities to help applicants train, study, and volunteer in different international education exchange programs.

The Requirements for the Erasmus Plus Scholarships

  • The applicant must be undertaking vocational training or academic studies
  • The applicants educational level may range from the following:
    • Graduate
    • Undergraduate
    • Adult
    • High School
    • Vocational
  • The applicant must already be enrolled at an organization or institute that offers a partnership with the Erasmus Plus programme.
  • The applicant must present either outstanding academic achievements or superb record of community service and the best examples of volunteer endeavors.

What Does the Erasmus Plus Scholarships Award?

The Erasmus Plus program is intended to offer financial assistance to applicants that have entered either educational or volunteer programs that work in partnership with the Erasmus program. These scholarship programs fall into two different categories:

  • Action 2 Erasmus Mundus: This scholarship opportunity is available to many different applicants. The scholarship covers a wide variety of different degree subjects for secondary education applicants. Deadlines vary between the programs and the different universities.
  • Action 1 Erasmus Mundus: This scholarship opportunity are more specific. These scholarships are designed for masters and doctoral degree students. They cover a large variety of different degree subjects including emergency nursing There are more strict and specific deadlines for this category of scholarships.

Why are the Erasmus Plus Scholarships Important?

This chapter of Erasmus Plus is to help allow future generations of volunteers and scholars make a difference in the world whether through volunteering or improving educational and economic circumstances around the world. Participants in these programs become inspired by the international opportunities that they are awarded and may find their passion for volunteering or education within these other countries. These applicants may be able to pass info along to others that will inspire them. Protection Status



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