NAPE Foundation Scholarship for Ghanaian Students


NAPE Foundation Scholarship for Ghanaian Students

Each year, the NAPE Foundation offers a number of scholarships for Ghanaians who are enrolled at high school or university. The scholarship will award students a number of benefits such as tuition, textbooks, and/or residential facilities. To apply, entries must be received by 30 June on annual basis.

Scholarship Description
NAPE Foundation has been awarding scholarships to high school and university students in Ghana since 2009.  NAPE Foundation seeks students in Ghana who are in good academic standing (3.0 or above) and in need of monetary support. Three types of the scholarship will be given as follow:

  • The Lee Nusich & Lane Powell Scholarship Fund
  • The Matthew S. Essieh & Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Florence M. Hutchful & Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Susan & Robert Smith Scholarship Fund
  • The Mike & Mary Delk & Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Nathan Howell Scholarship Fund

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Award Value
The scholarships support students with tuition, textbooks, and/or residential facilities.

Level and Area of Studies
High school and university level in any subject. The scholarships will also support those participating in the Portland State University on-line degree programs.

Place of Study
The study will be taken in Ghana.

Eligibility and Criteria
To be eligible, students must registered as high school or university students.

Applicants’ Nationality
Only Ghanaian students are invited to apply.

Application Instruction
Please see further instruction at the website and application link below.

Submission Deadline
30 June each year.

Website and Application Link


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