15 Nail Classes Online | Free & Paid

Just as the saying goes; one cannot give what he or she doesn’t have, so is it true that you can’t work in a beauty salon without having to acquire the requisite knowledge in cosmetology, especially when it has to do with beautifying the nails.

This article n the nail classes that you can find online will help to intimate you on the artistic, business, and technical skills you will need to make it big in the industry.

For the most part, you’ll find both the free and aid classes so you don’t have to complain about the financial strain it would cause to your pocket. Follow through and get started.

Why Take Nail Classes Online?

There are various reasons one enrolls in online nail classes. Whether it is the thrill f starting a new career, the desire to escape dead-end employment, r the fulfillment f a desire t learn more, you can benefit a lot just by taking these nail online classes.

Below are some.

Provides a Sense of Achievement

Almost every individual aspires t thrive and be successful in their chosen field. And, when you achieve the goal, you’ll have a sense of achievement.

Unleashes Creativity

Taking nail classes online gives allows you to express yourself through your imagination, personality, and ingenuity. So, take this initiative towards this professional route and birth distinctive ideas.

Job Variation

Did you know those nail technicians have a wide choice of job options? At the end of your class online, you can work at a spa, school, or telecommute to offshore places.

Also, you can be a celebrity stylist if you know your onions.

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How do I Choose the Best Nail Online Classes

The internet is quite vast and brimming with opportunities. It might be difficult to choose the best class from the array of online classes that you have. But the basic knowledge of what to look out for would help a great deal.

Online Reputation

Before you enroll fr an online course, it is expedient that you conduct your background research about the delivery. Beneath each online class is a review space. There, you can find evaluations and find out who the tutors are.

A plethora of nail online classes have excellent reviews and any score f 4.0 should fly as more reviews show higher quality work.

Expertise Level

The technicality of an online determines who can complete it and fully understand it. Though not all courses are horrible, some become so due to poor technical delivery.

Make sure to check out for a class’ technicalities before you enroll as experience is one thing you would need to keep u with the teaching.

You can choose the best class for you based on your level of expertise. While some nail online classes may be peripheral, others are more in-depth.

Certificate of Completion

What you get upon completing a nail online class is another great factor to consider. A bulk of the people believe that all online courses award certificates of completion. However, that’s not true because some classes are intended to provide you with basic knowledge for practice.

But, if you want to get accreditation at the end of the online class, look out for it in good time.


All classes you find online have suitable learning lengths and this time vary according to the course outline.

While some are taught through instructional motion pictures, others are taught through a combination of guidelines and tutorials.

Before enrolling, it would be beneficial to assess the program’s volume. This will help you expect what to expect as you progress. Make sure you account for time.


This refers to how well you can incorporate your coursework into your daily routine. This is especially for people who have tight work schedules.

There may be a need t schedule the curse n a weekly basis and ensure your nail online class does not interfere with your work.

15 Nail Classes Online | Free & Paid

#1. Nail Technician, Acrylic Nail Courses

This nail online class covers every aspect of nail extension mastery. By enrolling in this class, you will make the correct and suitable nail shapes and amaze your clients every day as a result of your consistent practice.

For newbies who are looking to expand their knowledge and skills, you will get amazing results and have an edge among your peers.

The level f confidence you’ll build at the end of this Udemy nail online class is top-notch. Also, you will build your career in the beauty industry and achieve perfection.

#2. Expert Nail Technician Course – Become a Superstar Nail Tech

This nail online class is divided into sections and offers varying levels of difficulty. So, whether you’re a newbie in nail technicalities r an aspiring nail technician, there’s a lot that you can learn.

Because this course isn’t product-specific, you’re free to use whichever brand you choose as long as it gets you the results you want. And at the end of this class, you’ll learn the basic ways to structure and prepare nail designs.

You’ll also understand color combinations and the ergonomics of working with clients.

Some things you require to be in this class include:

  • Hard gel system of your choice
  • Being ready to create stunning designs
  • Basic Nail Tech tools (brushes, lamp, etc)

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#3. Gel Nail Course

From the comfort of your home, you can create the perfect set of nails that will last about 4 weeks and a little above that. The five techniques covered in this online class make you look like a pro even when you’re just starting out.

These techniques are:

  • Preparing the Nails: With this technique, you’ll learn what to do to keep your nails looking great for weeks
  • Application Form: You’ll discover why using nail forms to stretch your nails is the greatest technique to make your natural nails seem better.
  • Sculpting: If you are having a tough time deciding how much gel to use and where to apply it, this will be one of your major highlights for enrolling in this online nail class, as it will help you save time when shaping.
  • Filing: Paying rapt attention to this technique means you’re willing to learn the art of practicing shape. As long as you do and are consistent with it, you’ll be there in time.
  • Top Coat & Color: This is the technique that teaches you to apply a gel color or top coat very close to the skin without having to touch it.

#4. Learn One Stroke Painting Technique – One Stroke Basics

When you enroll for this online course and complete it, you would learn to create both lighting and shadows with one brush stroke if you master it.

Other things you’ll learn include:

  • 8 different designs ranging from simple to sophisticated
  • An introduction to brushes, their selection, and care
  • How to paint petals, from simple to compound
  • How to paint leaves, from simple to compound
  • The most typical blunders and how to avoid them

#5. Nail Art Course – More Techniques, Modern Nail Designs

This nail online class has a wealth of material to assist you in staying current with nail art news. While at it, you will get acquainted with how to complete a nail design. You would also be handy with a stamping set, acrylic paints, gel painting, colored gels, and more in this class.

Upon completion, you can create unique nail designs and improve your talents.

#6. Halloween Nail Art – How to Draw the Clown from It

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, you should enroll for this nail online class. It’ll coach you from the ground up to knowing everything there is to know about sketching your designs and making the proportions distinct.

Also, you’ll learn how to apply the fundamental colors and walk through the shadows and highlights and even fix your drawing at the end using the same photo.

If you remain focused during this online class, you would impress your clients on the next Halloween. That’s how much value this online nail class promises to bring you.

#7. Nail Artistry Certification

This online class focuses on assisting students in setting up a shop and running a large-scale successful business. Marketing, branding, and client contact are all part of the overall recipe for becoming a successful nail technician.

Besides nail artistry, this nail online class covers spa services, general manicure, pedicure, and skincare. It does not require any prior knowledge, and it is appropriate for students of all levels and easy for anyone to understand.

All you need is a working gadget, access to the internet, and some creativity.

#8. The Complete Nail Art Tutorial- Step-by-Step Manicure Guide

This step-by-step guide is an instructional class on comprehensive nail art and is yet another fantastic course. With over 1,300 students registered, there’s a lot you would learn about UV gel designs, acrylic paints, and various nail polishes.

This value pack comprises 18 sessions and lasts about 2 hours and 46 minutes.

#9. Create Your Own Nail Salon From Home

This is a fast course that will teach you how to set up your own home nail salon. The materials are straightforward and simple to understand.

This lesson, created by Michelle Donaldson, an experienced Beautician, walks you through the application and removal of UV polish. It also includes basic manicure designs, and it teaches you how to be creative and trendy while at it.

#10. Complete Nail Art Course With Gel Painting

This nail online class covers several aspects of nail design and gel painting. Even though the course is aimed at newbies, the level of detail it covers is enough t guide the most experienced nail technicians.

Basic brushes, paints, and gels are required fr this lesson. The outline for this class covers tool basics, gel painting, and fundamental design techniques.

#11. Nail Technician Online Certificate Course

Just like every other nail class online, this curse covers almost everything you should know as a nail technician.

Nail and skin health, the effects of physical conditions on the nails and hands, nail wear and tear, and nail beauty are all topics covered. This course is a whole package.

With about 10 modules, the learning duration for this course is set t last 150 hours.

#12. Online Acrylic Nail Extensions Training

This nail online course will walk you through the extension procedure, blending techniques, and maintenance procedures with the help of video tutorials.

You can study from the comfort of your home just by having access to the internet and the willingness to learn. Whether you want to learn about nails for personal use, pamper friends, family, or for commercial uses, you will get value for your money.

Also, the IHM accredits it. So, you can get the insurance t work from home or on the go after the online class.

#13. Online Fibreglass Nails

Want to know how fiberglass technology has aided the making of nail extensions and natural overlays? This is the nail online class you need to enroll in.

With this course, you will master the act of apportioning acrylic to powder ratios, learn overlay tips for stunning nail extensions, etc. This will allow you to fit in with more clients while also making a great career out of being a nail technician.

#14. Aqua Flower Dream – Watercolor Nail Art Designs

This nail online class will teach you how to paint 8 quick, easy and beautiful watercolor designs. You know, without a full understanding that watercolor is about elegance, delicacy, and transparency, you wouldn’t know how to apply it with finesse.

At the end of this course, you will know to select the watercolors for painting on nails, make an endless mixture of these colors, select colors to create a lovely composition, etc.

Click on the link below to enroll in this online nail class.

#15. Advanced Gel Manicure and Electric File Prep

Whether you are new to electric filing or an experienced nail technician, the purpose of this nail online class is to teach you how to get a picture-perfect look in a standard salon setting. The following is what you would learn.

  • Grit differences, and how to choose the right bit for different nail types.
  • A combination of filing and wrapping off is used to remove gel polish.
  • How to keep gel polish from shrinking, flooding, and wrinkling.
  • Adequate speed and angle fr cleaning the nail late and ensuring optimum gel polish adhesion.

As an icing on the cake, you will also learn the Ombre gel polish. Sounds like a plan already. Yeah? Click on the link below to get started.


There are numerous excellent online nail classes online for mastering nail artistry. However, for your professionalism, it is best if you choose the best online class. Our list of the top nail classes online will help make it easy for you.



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