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MyOpenMath is online course management and assessment system for mathematics and other quantitative fields. focuses primarily on providing rich algorithmically generated assessments to support the use of free, open textbooks.

It is an online collaboration of users, and these experienced users provide peer-to-peer support through discussion forums.

The faculty in the user community creates questions and pre-built courses and shares them with others in the spirit of openness.

Let’s show you our thought about MyOpenmath in this comprehensive review.

So if you’re a student who wants to study mathematics on your own and wants to take exercises with immediate feedback as you work through a free and open textbook, MyOpenMath is the self-study platform you’re looking for.

One striking fact about MyOpenMath is, that it’s not only for students, but it’s also for instructors.

Hence, if you’re an instructor who wants to adopt an open textbook who feels online interactive homework is valuable but doesn’t want their students to have to pay an additional fee, then read on.

To have full detail about MyOpenMath and how it works, this article gives a full review of this platform.

Want to know more about the MyOpenmath answers and cheat, then read more about MyOpenmath reviews here.

What is MyOpenMath?

MyOpenMath is a free online homework system, initially developed for mathematics but is now been used for other related disciplines.

It started out from an open-source software developed by David Lippman, a professor at Washington State, and eventually developed into a sophisticated management system that teachers and students can access.

He self-funded the site for the first year, then joined forces with Lumen Learning and XYZ Homework, which had been using MyOpenMath with the Kaleidoscope Project.

In 2017, Lumen split off their own version of MyOpenMath, called Lumen OHM, to help differentiate their supported service from the free, community MyOpenMath site.

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How Does MyOpenMath Work?

MyOpenMath officially operates as a non-profit, and they’ve many wonderful volunteers who help run and maintain the site.

Meanwhile, MyOpenMath depends on financial support from schools using the site, as well as corporate sponsors, to sustain ongoing operations.

While most of its counterparts need a local server to function, MyOpenMath only needs an internet connection, and it does not entail the installation of any software or application.

MyOpenMath has advanced features that can provide randomized, algorithmically generated homework with automated grading of numerical and algebraic answers.

Most importantly, it allows students to enter algebraic expressions as answers and it recognizes equivalent expressions, which are facilities that are extremely important in mathematics courses.

It has a feature that allows students to graph functions and other mathematical figures. It also has a course management system with a grade book, file posting, and discussion forums which are very useful for instructors.

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MyOpenMath for Students

Although most students use MyOpenMath as part of an instructor-led course, students can also use MyOpenMath as a self-study resource.

Hence, MyOpenMath provides an interactive assessment to complete several free and open math textbooks that can be read online. Or you can find printed copies that can be ordered through their partner site,

All their self-study courses include an online interactive, self-grading assessment that can automatically create new versions of problems to provide unlimited practice with instant feedback.

Some of these self-study courses include video lessons.

To enroll in a self-study course, “Register as a New Student” and select the course you want to take when registering.

To add a course later, click the “Register for a new course” button after logging in.

Currently, they have the following self-study courses:

  • Prealgebra, using the College of Redwoods textbook
  • Beginning and Intermediate Algebra, using the Tyler Wallace textbook
  • Precalculus 1 (College Algebra), using the Lippman/Rasmussen textbook
  • Precalculus 2 (Trigonometry), using the Lippman/Rasmussen textbook
  • Trigonometry, using the CK12/Sousa textbook

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MyOpenMath for Instructors

Officially, they designed MyOpenMath for mathematics, providing delivery homework, quizzes, and tests with rich mathematical content.

On this platform, students receive immediate feedback on algorithmically generated questions with numerical or algebraic expression answers.

This platform can do so much that it provides a full course management system, including file posting, discussion forums, and a full guidebook, all with mathematics on their mind when they were designing it.

Currently, MyOpenMath is used to web enhance an on-campus course, as part of a hybrid course, or to run a fully online course.

To get some idea of how the system can be used by instructors, watch this quick three minute video.

Also, MyOpenMath offers pre-defined courses based on popular open textbooks. Some of these courses only include online assignments, while others include videos, handouts, and instructor resources.

The books for these courses can be read online or printed copies can be ordered through their partner site,

Currently, they’ve pre-built courses they align with:

  • Arithmetic for College Students, David Lippman’s remix of the MITE/NROC textbook
  • Prealgebra, by College of the Redwoods
  • Beginning and Intermediate Algebra, by Tyler Wallace
  • Beginning and Intermediate Algebra, a CK12 flexbook remixed by James Sousa
  • Math in Society, by David Lippman (A quantitative reasoning/math for liberal arts course)
  • Precalculus: an Investigation of Functions, by David Lippman and Melonie Rasmussen (covers College Algebra and Trig) video tour [+]
  • College Algebra, by Carl Stitz and Jeff Zeager
  • Business Calculus, by Shana Calaway, Dale Hoffman, and David Lippman
  • Contemporary Calculus (single variable), by Dale Hoffman

MyOpenMath Reviews: All You Need to Know

People often ask, ” Does anyone know anything about the MyOpenMath App? “

The truth, is you may never understand anything about MyOpenMath if you don’t study them.

Let’s save you the stress of studying this online assessment platform.

Here is a full review on MyOpenMath for a new student or an instructor

MyOpenMath Sign Up

For students looking to study mathematics on their own, you have to enroll in a MyOpenMath self-study course.

If you’re not a member, you’ve to register as a new student.

To enroll, you will have to:

  1. Create a “Username” that demands that you use only numbers, letters, or the _ character.
  2. Choose a Password
  3. Confirm password
  4. Enter your First Name
  5. State your Last Name
  6. Enter E-mail address
  7. Enter the course ID and Key provided by your teacher below

Once you’re done filling out this form, click on the “Sign-Up” button to begin.

See a pictorial view of the sign-up page on

MyOpenMath Login

If you already have an account, you can log on using the box to the right as shown by the image below.

Instructor Account Request

If you are an instructor, you can request an instructor account

To request, click the link above and follow the steps:

Step 1: School Affiliation

What kind of institution do you work for?

This is the first question you will encounter while filling out the instructor account request. This question leads you to several others.

You can only move to the next step once you complete the first step requirements.

Note: They do not provide instructor accounts to parents, home schools, or tutors

MyOpenMath Assessment

MyOpenMath’s primary goal is to facilitate the creation and implementation of online math homework and assessment.

Each section has an algorithmic problem set delivered by MyOpenMath.

Online Assessment Features

  • Many questions in the MyOpenMath libraries are randomized, algorithmic questions.
  • Students get immediate feedback after they submit an answer.
  • Because of the open license on the libraries of questions in MyOpenMath, you are also free to edit and create your own questions with the question writing tools.
  • Assessments can be integrated with your Learning Management System, with grades automatically entered into your LMS grade book.

Question types include:

  • Entering an integer, fraction, decimal
  • Graphing
  • Reading information from a graph
  • Multiple choice
  • Free-writing (instructor graded)

Course Review Access

To view the fully integrated content housed in MyOpenMath, you can access the course as a guest student here.  Simply enter guest in the username field – no password required.

MyOpenMath Answers

If your teacher or your entire school is using MyOpenMath, you are probably facing a serious problem. You have to run some tests in MyOpenMath and you don’t know the answers.

This is probably why you are looking for answers from MyOpenMath.

If you’ve been hit by a test or quiz, the first thing you try to do is find the answer from MyOpenMath. The problem is that there is no easy solution.

Although many websites advertise that they have the answers to the tests, make no mistake!

The IT department and Pearson Education experts work hard to make sure that you cannot copy answers from the Internet.

How do they do that? In fact, it is quite easy.

Questions are periodically changed and new questions are added (sometimes new questions are added every day).

Test answers that may be correct today will be incorrect tomorrow.

When you buy test answers, you put yourself at serious risk. Most likely the solutions are wrong or out of date and you will lose money too.

There is no point in trying to find answers online because no one has them all.

Can I Get a MyOpenMath Answer Key?

Some websites claim to have the MyOpenMath answer fixed.

Judging by the looks, it seems that some people have successfully hacked into the system and gotten the answers.

It sounds very complex, right?

But that may sound good to you, the student who wants the answers.

The bad news is that there is no MyOpenMath answer key. Only your teacher has the required password to view the responses.

And no one can hack the system to get it. So the people who claim to have all the My Stats Lab answers are basically lying to you.

It is impossible to have all the answers to all the latest questions.

Now, this points a direction to the MYOpenMath cheat.

MyOpenMath Cheat

MyOpenMath cheat service was designed to help students complete their MyOpenMath course. Not necessarily to provide answers to the MyOpenMath test and quiz questions.

If you are a busy student, you clearly understand that it takes a long time to perform well on any MyopenMath quiz, study skills, homework, or even reality checks. That is why MyopenMath cheat is to make things easily accessible and affordable to save you time.

Several platforms offer these services to help MyOpenMath students with their quizzes, study skills, homework, or even reality checks.

These platforms have seasoned math experts who will access your MyOpenMath course through Canvas or directly through the MyOpenMath portal to complete the modules you need.

To these platforms, they see no point in completing substantial parts at the end of your MyOpenMath course. Just allow them to take your entire course or the parts you need to do to make sure you don’t get an incomplete grade.

Some MyopenMath topics that you may hire them to complete include;

  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Calculus
  • Geometry
  • Statistics

Is Will getting an A or a B in your MyopenMath modules create problems? Definitely not.

Sign up with them because everything they do is out of positive intention.

Here is one of the best MyOpenMath Cheat platforms:

MyOpenMath Help

Don’t be disappointed just because there are no answers you can buy on the internet.

We understand you need help with MyOpenMath and we know you need it as soon as possible. So we found a solution for you.

The best way to get the answers you are looking for is to study hard.

You can take the tests and quizzes on your own if you are studying. And if you want the best grades, you may need MyOpenMath help.

This company offers exceptional math homework help to all students in need.

Final Thought

Truth be told, math is difficult. And it is not for everyone.

In case you need to take a MyOpenMath quiz and test, you really need to get all the help you can get.

MyOpenMath is the right platform you need for your math problems.

For an easy understanding of math and how to get your answers ready, we did a full review on MyOpenmath.

This article takes an in-depth look at the MyOpenMath platform and provides you with a simple answer to all your questions.


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