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MMPI Test Online 2021: Practice Test Tips, Dates, Results, Login, and Requirements.

Some key positions in top companies and organizations require a level of expertise and self-awareness. Currently, the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory Test is one of the most reliable tests to examine candidates for these key positions.

Irrespective of your educational qualification, some personality traits are required for specific roles in some organizations.

For these organizations, requirements for effective dispensation of duties demands some level of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and other personality aspects.

This article explains the MMPI test in detail, states its importance, and proffers a full guide on how to pass this test.

A quick glance at the table of contents below highlights some questions pertinent to MMPI Test Online duly answered in this article put together by the World Scholarship Forum Team.

What is MMPI Test Online?

MMPI is an acronym that stands for Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. It is a multi-stage psychological test that examines personal aspects of candidates.

Currently, it is one of the reliable tests on personality traits; hence, it’s used by numerous companies for recruitment purposes.

For these companies, key positions require more than just good education and qualifications. So, they employ this psychological test to examine various personality traits of such applicants.

The reliability of the MMPI test is ascertained by the several purposes it serves. For instance, the MMPI test is used to:

  • differentiate between psychiatric diagnoses
  • examine the credibility and personality of candidates
  • assist in sorting candidates for various key positions

Does administering MMPI test sound interesting to you? If yes, see how to become a licenced Psychologist.

Types of MMPI Test

There are just three types of MMPI test; MMPI, MMPI-2, and MMPI-2-RF.

#1. MMPI Test

Also known as multi stage personality test, MMPI is a psychological test that examines various personality aspects. It is the most valid and most common personality test for examination and standardization.

The test comes as a questionnaire with over 500 different statements. Each of these statements demands an answer, whether right or wrong.

Test takers are expected to answer all questions within 1- 1.5 hours. Well, this type of MMPI test can be taken individually or as part of a group.

Also, test takers can choose to write MMPI test online or manually. Candidates must not leave more than 30 questions unanswered, or the test will be invalid.

This type of MMPI test is a significant test in deciding whether or not a candidate should be accepted.

This particular type of test is used in addition to other psychological tests or interviews as a diagnostic tool.

#2. MMPI-2

This is a new version of MMPI. This type of MMPI test comprises of 567 statements and, must be answered within 1- 2 hours.

MMPI-2 is the third most common in the psychology behind the most common IQ tests and achievements. The origin of this test is traceable to a new standard based on 2,600 people who were from a more representative background than MMPI.

This brought about the addition of new topics that could help physicians interpret the results of the original clinical diagnoses.

Basically, there are 10 clinical scales that assess 10 major categories of abnormal human behavior in MMPI-2.

Also, the test comprises of four validity scales that assess the candidate’s test-taking attitude. These scales tell when candidates answer the test questions truthfully and accurately.

#3. MMPI-2-RF

This is the third type of MMPI test. This personality test consists of 338 statements and a publication on child custody laws. MMPI-2-RF test’s RC scale intercorrelation patterns, and alpha coefficient values are similar to other populations.

What are the Requirements for MMPI Test?

Basically, this personality test is common among mental health professionals. Usually, the diagnosis are used to ascertain the mental state of test takers.

There are no specific requirements for writing MMPI tests. However, most candidates who write this test are either applying for high-risk jobs or certain professions.

This test can also be written by patients whose effectiveness of treatment programs is being evaluated. Only 18 years and above individuals can sit for the MMPI-2 and MMPI-2-RF tests.

What are the MMPI Clinical Scales? 

The clinical scales is designed to state where an individual is on the ten different mental health scales.

Each scale relates to a different psychological pattern or condition, but there’s a lot of overlap between the scales. Generally speaking, very high scores may indicate a mental health disorder.

Scale 1: Hypochondriasis

This scale contains 32 items and is designed to measure whether you have an unhealthy concern for your own health.

A high score on this scale is an indication that you are worried about your health which in turn interferes with your life and causes problems in your relationships.

Scale 2: Depression

This scale has 57 items, and it measures satisfaction with your own life.

For instance, a high Scale 2 score is an indication that such an individual is dealing with clinical depression or having frequent suicidal thoughts.

Scale 3: Hysteria

Scale 3 consists of 600 items and, it evaluates one’s response to stress, including physical symptoms and emotional response to being under pressure.

Scale 4: Psychopathic deviate

This MMPI-2 test scale comprises of 50 items that measure antisocial behaviors and attitudes. Individuals’ answers to these items will reveal if they are experiencing psychopathology.

Scale 5: Masculinity/femininity

The original purpose of this 56-question test section was to elicit information about people’s sexuality.

This scale stems from a time in which some mental health professionals viewed same-sex attraction as a disorder.

Scale 6: Paranoia

This scale, which has 40 questions, evaluates symptoms associated with psychosis. It ascertains if an individual has: extreme suspicion of other people, grandiose thinking, rigid black-and-white thinking, and feelings of being persecuted by society.

Scale 7: Psychasthenia

This 48-item scale measures:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • compulsive behaviors
  • symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

Scale 8: Schizophrenia

Scale 8 of the MMPI-2 test online consists of 7 items. The scale’s sole intention is to show whether you have, or are likely to develop, a schizophrenia disorder.

Scale 9: Hypomania

The purpose of this 46-item scale is to evaluate the symptoms associated with hypomania, including:

  • excessive undirected energy
  • rapid speech
  • racing thoughts
  • hallucinations
  • impulsivity
  • delusions of grandeur

Scale 10: Social Introversion

This item comprises of 69 items that measures extroversion or introversion. This scale considers, among other things, your:

  • competitiveness
  • compliance
  • timidity
  • dependability

Which Industries Use the MMPI Test? 

The test is for psychiatric assessments for inpatients and outpatients.

Hence, most employers of labor in the finance and marketing industries in the US tend to use the MMPI test for non-clinical settings.

Other industries that may use this test for recruitment are aviation and public safety departments.

What is a Good MMPI Test Result?

Generally, MMPI test assessments are a significant indicator of certain psychological conditions. This makes it difficult to ascertain what behavioral patterns are spectacular to high scores. However, 65 and above in MMPI assessments of psychological conditions are termed high scores.

Well, MMPI- 2 test result comes as an interpretive report. Scores are converted to normalized T scores on a scale ranging from 30 to 120.

These results are administered alongside other psychological tests to confirm the report of the MMPI test.

For the grading, MMPI uses six specific scales that serves as indicators of test validity.

What is MMPI Validity Scale?

Below are the six scales and their interpretation.

L ScalePresence of virtues in greater abundance than the norm
K ScaleIndicates if problems have been minimized
TRINTrue Response Inconsistency, where opposite answers are both marked as true
VRINVariable Response Inconsistency, indicating random answers
F ScaleAtypical Answers

How Do I Take MMPI Test Online?

You could visit a couple of websites to take MMPI test online. While most of them are MMPI practice test, it is best to take one under the supervision of a licensed professional.

Taking the MMPI-2 test online may not be profitable as you may not be able to interpret your results. For most people taking this MMPI test online, they graph their results to get a fair result.

Also, it is not advisable to self evaluate yourself using this personality test. The dangers include inability to interpret results and tendencies to render this parameter ineffective.

Writing this test online may render this personality instrument test invalid as you may familiarize yourself with the questions and scoring.

To take the MMPI- 2 test online free, click any of the buttons below.

Tips on How To Pass The MMPI Test

Preparation for this test is more technical than academical. Unlike most recruitment tests, you may not need to study any particular subject.

The best way to prepare for this test is to improve your self awareness and build your emotional intelligence. You should take out a few hours daily to answer question that tells you who you really are.

Clearly, developing your emotional intelligence is a marathon race not a sprint. And, you can achieve this by training your mind to be strong.

Also, preparing to pass MMPI entails paying close attention to your psychological health. You must teach yourself to face problems as they arise.

Furthermore, taking the MMPI practice tests can be very beneficial in passing this test. Though it is not advisable to continuously sit for free MMPI-2 practice test online, it’s a reliable study method to pass the test.

However, you are not likely to find many free MMPI tests online for your daily practice. This is because the test is to be taken under the supervision of a licenced psychologist.

MMPI Test Online Free FAQs

What does the MMPI test for?

The MMPI may test for mental health disorders and their severity in clinical settings. For non-clinical settings, MMPI tests for various personality aspects of candidates applying for some key positions.

How Much Does MMPI Test Cost?

Getting a licensed psychologist to administer the MMPI test costs $100 to $800.

Can you take the MMPI online?

Yes, you can take MMPI online. While it is not advisable to take MMPI practice test, there are practice test to get you familiarized with typical MMPI questions.

What is the MMPI designed to reveal about a person?

The MMPI-2 test is deigned to reveal an individuals mental health and capacity to handle specific roles pertinent to key positions.

What is the MMPI designed to reveal about a person?

The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) is one of the most frequently used personality tests in mental health. The test is used by trained professionals to assist in identifying personality structure and psychopathology.


For top organizations and companies, a level of emotional intelligence and self-awareness is important to occupy key positions. During recruitment, the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory becomes the sure guide to assess applicants personality traits.

MMPI test can be used outside clinical settings as a personality test to ascertain who is best fit for the role. Unlike other recruitment tests, this article states clearly how you can pass the MMPI test.

Also, it analyzes the intents of the test, its types, and its clinical and validity scales. Carefully, read through to discover how you can take MMPI-2 test online free.



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