Midwestern State University Tuition 2019: Scholarships and Cost of living [UPDATED]


About Medieval State University

Medieval State University is a community liberal arts college in Vicit-Falls, Texas, and is a member of the Institute of Public Liberal Arts. In 2015, there were more than 6,000 students.

The Midwest is one of four independent state universities. This is the only liberal art college in the state.

As Wichita Falls Junior College, founded in 1922, was renamed Hardin Junior College when it moved to its current location near Tuft Boulevard in 1937.

In 1946, the old division was added and renamed Hardin College. In January 1950, the name was changed to Midwestern University, the division of the junior college still even Hardin Junior College. During these years, the school received more recognition.

In March 1948, the university became a member of the Association of Colleges and High School. In January 1959, the university added a graduate school with the support of the National Board of Education in August of this year.

A continued change in the school’s status came September 1, 1961, orchestrated by action of the 56th session of the Texas State Legislature, the Midwestern University became part of the famous Texas University System and the junior college division was dissolved. In 1975, and the Texas Legislature changed the name to Midwestern State University.

Since it’s founding as a junior school in the Middle West, it has become a state university of 255 acres, a 70-acre college complex offering a variety of academic programs in the humanities, visual arts, mathematics, science, economics and applied sciences.

On March 9, 2015, the University announced that Suzanne Shipley was elected as the next president 48 years after Jesse Rogers resigned.

December 13, 2016, the institution arrived at a new university site in Kurgan Flowers, Texas. The second floor facility is located at North Central Texas College and was opened in June 2018.


Middle Western State University consists of seven colleges with 16 undergraduate courses,  43 special courses and 30 undergraduate and postgraduate courses with 28 specialties and 15 minors.

Middle Western State University is the only university in Texas which is a member of the College of Public Liberal Arts and First State University of Texas which   prepared a core curriculum.

This institution is also a member of the University of American Colleges and Universities and the Association of Text and Courses.


Middle West Region fields 13 NCAA Division II athletic teams.  MSU happened to be a member of the Lone Star Conference (LSC).

Men’s soccer players compete at the conference in Hartland.

Basketball and Volleyball teams plays at – D.L. The Coliseum of Ligonov.

The football team plays at Wichita Falls Stadium.

The football team plays on the Middle Western State University football field. The softball team plays in Mustang Park. Tennis Club operates in the tennis center of Middle Western State University.

Midwestern State University Scholarships

midwestern state university scholarships 2019 are offered to international students from various sources. The Midwestern state university majors on performance and can reach $ 6,000 per year for undergraduates students.

MidWestern public universities allow their students to compete in this scholarship. This scholarship is based on secondary education and campus participation.

Prospective students may receive merit grants based on ACT or SAT scores. If you participate in the process, you will be able to pay the total tuition fee from the grant you’ll receive.

This usually occurs after the first year and is awarded in connection with scholarships of $ 1,000 or more. Assistantships and free grants are available to all graduates who complete the selection process.

We have painstakingly given you a Comprehensive information on cost and financial aid at Midwestern State University and what midwestern state university tuition 2019 entails, including cost of attendance, average financial aid awards, how to apply for aid, available scholarships, on-campus employment, average student loan debt at graduation in this article.

Good Neighbor Scholarship

This platform allows residents of most countries in Latin America or the Caribbean to receive up to 10 free tuition excluding fees.

The Universities usually recommend these scholars after at least one year of enrollment. Scholarships from non-governmental organizations are provided to many international student yearly.

Most of them define specific situations for the scholarship.

However, many students from Midwestern state university successfully enrolled in this scholarship.

The Organization Of American States (OAS)

This is a partner in this effort. Scholarships from the OAS department are awarded every semester and must be submitted to the science department.

It mainly depends on the average. International students successfully compete for this scholarship and significantly reduce their educational stress through this.

Non Governmental Organisation

Scholarships are offered by many international student organizations. Most of them define specific situations. However, many students from the Midwesterner State University have successfully enrolled in this scholarship.

The Organization of American States (OAS) is a partner in this effort.

MSU Department Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded each semester and must be applied for within the academic departmental unit. They are basically based on grade point average.

Many international students compete effectively for these scholarships and significantly reduce their tuition.

The Honors Program

The Honor program provides scholarships to students who successfully participate in the program. Feel free to request registration requirements for this program.

Honorary clubs and university groups can provide fellowships to members.

This scholarship is often based on academic factors and involvement. Many of these organizations offer excellent students to become members.

Internships and other opportunities are available for international students. An employment is available on campus.

However, this position is small and often competitive.

Other scholarships

Other reasonable scholarship opportunities may be found on the Donor Services Website.


Do you have questions about the listed scholarships?  Or you want to apply for any of them please contact:

Randy Glean


[email protected] (940) 397-4568 (940) 397-4087


Undergraduate Tuition

Midwestern State University tuition fee is $5,216 per year for in-state residents..

This is evidently 26% cheaper than the national average tuition of a public four year tuition fee of $7,056.

The cost is 66% which is cheaper than the average Texas tuition of $15,399 for 4 year colleges.

The Tuition rank 16th in Texas among 4 year colleges for affordability and it is ranked the 77th most expensive 4 year college in the state.

If the student is attending from out-of-state, the tuition is $7,166 which replicates a 37% premium.

The institution charges an additional fees of $3,478 in addition to tuition bringing the total effective in-state tuition to $8,694.

Housing Costs

Rooms on campus and board is provided by the school at a cost of $8,534 per academic year.

Applicants electing to live off campus elsewhere in Wichita Falls should budget at least this amount.

Books And Supplies

The expected annual cost for books and supplies is $1,050.

Other Living Expenses

If staying on-campus, students should plan for $1,868 in additional living expenses.

Off-campus residents should plan for $1,868 in other miscellaneous living expenses.

Total Costs

The total tuition fee and living expense plan for in-state Texas residents to go to MSU is $20,146 for an academic year.

Out-of-state students who don’t have Texas residence should budget a one year cost of $22,096.

Estimated Budgets

Texas Resident Total Budget                                                     $20,146

In-State Tuition                                                                        $5,216

Other Fees                                                                               $3,478

Room and Board                                                                       $8,534

On-Campus Other Budget                                                          $1,868

Books and Supplies                                                                   $1,050

Non-Resident Total Budget                                                         $22,096

Out-of-State Tuition                                                                   $7,166

Other Fees                                                                                $3,478

Room and Board                                                                        $8,534

On-Campus Other Budget                                                           $1,868

Books and Supplies                                                                    $1,0550



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