Akujobi Chijindu

Meet Akujobi Chijindu Noble a great enthusiast in the area of Information management Technology. He is a graduate of Petroleum Engineering from a prestigious university in Nigeria.

His passion for ICT made him delve into Content Development and Blogging.
Noble over the years has led various social groups ranging from the office of the public relations Officer, Vice president! Project chairman, Head of School groups back then in college.

Chijindu Eugene has experienced a change in trends in the computing world from being a Java SD developer, to a Visual Basic.Net developer. He has been a system Analyst at Developer’s Laboratory. Today Noble runs a creative graphics company called Noblesoft Graphics where he is the lead UI/UX designer.
His drive for Excellence has seen him take up courses on graphics, Search Engine Optimization, and Digital Marketing. From Udemy.
Currently, He is a student of the prestigious Google Analytics Academy.

Chijindu Eugene: Noble is one of the founding Members of World Scholarship Forum an Online platform that helps students get financial aid to pursue their dream academically.

He was a key player that helped the system get to the desired height today. Chijindu Eugene: From becoming a content writer he rose to the office of a content developer and currently the Managing Director
Chijindu Eugene: He believes in positive and great results. He is single and not searching. Smiles

His Hobbies include Watching Football, Studying and playing cards

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