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11 Best Medical Schools in Egypt | Top Ranking

Egypt is one of the choice locations you would definitely want to settle for if you are looking for a place to study medicine in Africa. This is because of the strain of medical schools in Egypt.

It is interesting to know people choose to study medicine for absolutely different reasons. Some do it to obey and answer life purpose and callings, some do it because of the prospects in it. Some others choose to pursue careers in medicine for other reasons like; satisfying parents’ desire to have their child become a doctor.

Whatever the reasons are, it is just unarguable that the ethos of medicine is completely appealing and the feeling that comes with being a medical doctor is completely important.

Frankly, medicine is a noble profession and it is a noble thing to want to pursue a career in this field.

In this article, you will discover some of the best-rated medical universities for students who want to study medicine in Egypt.

MBBS in Egypt

The features of Egyptian Medical Universities fascinate more and more students for MBBS abroad in Egypt. MBBS in Egypt offers a safe environment for both male and female students. Students from all over the world like Malaysia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Dubai, Africa, Nigeria, UK, India are progressing to a socially and demonstrably expanded country, Egypt.

This satisfies and encourages students who want to become doctors. Admission to the medical faculties of Egypt is very simple and the admission test is not required. There are excellent and experienced faculty members working in the medical faculties of Egypt.

Their curriculum is based on the MCQ template for the entire medical program. The weather conditions are similar to those in India. English is used as the language of instruction. They teach in other languages ​​such as French, German and Arabic. Students are trained in clinics so that they can get good clinical exposure.

With a globally recognized qualification, you can easily get job opportunities. So MBBS in Egypt is releasing famous doctors all over the world.

Best Medical Universities in Egypt for international students

If you are an Egyptian national or an international student and you want to study medicine in Egypt, compiled here are some of the best medical universities in Egypt for international students and local students.

These schools offer different medical programs to their students. Students get to study programs like anatomy, physiology, physiotherapy, nursing, radiology, public health, etc.

The programs are offered at undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels.

Keenly explore our list of schools where you can study medicine in Egypt.

  • Kasr Al Ainy School of Medicine University of Cairo
  • Alexandria University
  • Mansoura University, Faculty of Medicine
  • Ain Shams University
  • Assiut University
  • Cairo University
  • Helwan University- Faculty of Medicine
  • Kafrelsheikh University- Medical School
  • Suez University
  • Tanta University
  • Zagazig University

#1. Kasr Al Ainy School of Medicine University of Cairo

Tuition Fee: 1,000 USD/year

This is practically the oldest, largest, and the best medical school in Egypt according to current world rankings. The school was first established in 1827 as a hospital, to cater to the health needs of the populace.

As the years went by, in 1995 precisely, this school of medicine was moved to a new location after the new building was completed.

The Qasr El Eyni Medical school, University of Cairo was officially inaugurated on April 8, 1996, by President Mubarak.

Some of the special units found at the school are:

  • Intensive care Unit
  • Eye banks
  • Medical education center
  • T.B Research Center
  • Genetic Unit
  • Toxicology Unit
  • Renal Failure Unit etc…

#2. Alexandria University

Tuition Fee: 1,000 USD/year

Alexandria University, the second-largest university in Egypt, is a government-owned university established in 1938. The University of Alexandria was first called Farouk University until it was changed to its current name in 1952.

This school was founded by Taha Hussein as the founding rector. Over the years, the school has grown stronger and more prestigious in influence.

Currently, there are 23 faculties in the school which includes the Faculty of medicine.

The School of Medicine at Alexandria is one of the most prestigious medical schools in Egypt. It is a choice location for students who want to study medicine in Egypt.

So if you are an aspiring medical student that wants to study medicine in Egypt, this is where you need to be.

#3. Mansoura University, Faculty of Medicine

Tuition Fee: $6,000 USD/year

The faculty of medicine at Mansoura University was founded in 1962, just 10 years after the university was established. It was first as a branch of Cairo University. The school is situated just almost in the middle of the Nile Delta. It is one of the best medical schools in Egypt. that has contributed much to the healthy well-being of the people in Mansoura and Egypt.

The school was first known as “East Delta University” but the name was changed to Mansoura University in 1973.

Unarguably, Mansoura School of Medicine is the home of excellence in medical education, research, healthcare, and community services. The vision of Mansoura Faculty of Medicine is to be ranked internationally in medical education and research.

According to a recent ranking done in January 2017, the ranking of Mansoura University shows the school is ranked 1390 in the world and number 12 in Africa.

#4. Ain Shams University

The Faculty of Medicine at Ain Shams University was established in 1947. This school is among the list of top 10 medical schools in Egypt.

The Ain Shams Medical School is a public Egyptian graduate school and one of the faculties of Ain Shams University.

The Ain Shams Medical School has promoted many medical programs in order to promote the health of the people and serve society better. It became part of Ain Shams University in the 1950s when it was established after adding several faculty members.

Each year the faculty holds an annual conference dedicated to the recent advances in medical science.

Students who desire to pursue a medical career can acquire degrees like a Master’s Degree in Medicine, Master’s Degree in Basic Medical Science, Doctor of Medicine.

See Ain Shams University acceptance rate and other admission requirements

#5. Assiut University

Assuit University is one of the Medical universities in Egypt for students to study medicine. It was established in October 1957 as the first university in Upper Egypt.

Over the years, this school of medicine has raised a lot of icons in the medical and health fields that have touched a lot of lives and enhanced the welfare of the people.

Some of the alumni of the Assuit medical school include Ibrahim Deif, Gamal Helal, Saad El-Kata, Shukri Mustafa.

#6. Cairo University

Tuition: $7500

Cairo University has successfully fulfilled its mandate to take on educational, research, and cultural tasks for many years. It is considered the Thai university among other junior universities in Egypt. Cairo University offers its educational and research facilities to Arab and foreign students and scientists and is known worldwide. Cairo University is a comprehensive college in Giza, Egypt.

Cairo University aims to prepare students for the rapidly changing challenges in the workplace. Through interactive learning and information technology, our graduates enter the workforce with the skills necessary to succeed in today’s global markets. Cairo University was founded in 1908; It currently has 26 faculties/institutes in various scientific departments with a total of approximately 220,000 students.

#7. Helwan University- Faculty of Medicine

Tuition: 7,500- 10,000 USD.( 5,500- 7,400 euro)

Helwan University is a public university. It was founded on July 26, 1975 in Cairo, Egypt. Helwan University is a member of the highest Egyptian university council. The founding of this university dates back to the time of Mohammad Ali of Egypt.

Helwan University is a unique model in Egyptian universities. It is considered the best institution in the fields of art, visual arts, applied arts, art education, music education, and physical education.

Located in the heart of the city, Helwan University is the oldest and one of the youngest of 3 major government universities in Cairo. Many small institutions that operate many faculties are affiliated with it. The Faculty of Applied Arts was founded in 1983, the Faculty of Fine Arts and Art Education in 1908.

#8. Kafrelsheikh University- Medical School

Tuition: 1,000 USD/year

Kafrelsheikh University is an Egyptian university established in 2006. The school is located at Kafr Elsheikh, in the middle of the Nile Delta.

Kafrelsheikh is listed as one of the top Medical Schools in Egypt. This institution is prestigious because it is characterized by quite a number of Distinct infrastructures, new research, and educational programs, Exchange and study abroad, and many more

Kafrelsheikh is indeed a prestigious home to medical students and academic staff from all over the world.

#9. Suez University


Suez University has one of the best Medical Schools in Egypt. The vision of the Suez University Faculty of Medicine is building an educational system leading to the preparation of a competent doctor able to meet the full health needs of the individual and the community at the local and international levels.

The mission of the Suez University Faculty of Medicine is to provide society with doctors who are competent in diagnosing and treating their health problems, practicing the ethics of medicine, and maintaining the values ​​of the original society.

The college also seeks to enrich medical science through scientific research that helps solve society’s problems and seeks to provide integrated medical care in line with modern technologies of society and its members through university clinics and all other health pathways. the community.

#10. Tanta University

Tanta University is an Egyptian university located in the city of Tanta, AI Gharbia Prefecture, Egypt. It was founded in the 1970s. The university is under the direct scientific supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education. The university is equipped with modern technology laboratories with new equipment and instruments.

The Medical University advocates a more practical approach to medical education that increases the chances of success for our students both in higher education and in the professional world with high salary packages. Both universities offering MBBS degrees are recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI). The staff includes more than 100 doctors who teach medical subjects in English. It’s an anti-rag-free environment.

#11. Zagazig University

Zagazig University is a non-profit public university in the medium-sized city of Zagazig (250,000-499,999 inhabitants), Sharqi. Zagazig University (ZU) is an Egyptian co-educational university officially recognized by the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education.

The Zagazig University (ZU) offers courses and study programs in several fields of study that lead to state-recognized university diplomas as undergraduates. Please see the uniRank Graduation Level and Area of ​​Study matrix below for more information. ZU also offers students several academic and non-academic facilities and services, including libraries, sports facilities, and administrative services.

The medical course program in Egypt is offered at a low cost when compared to other countries. The Total Tuition fee for MBBS in Egypt for all 5 years is INR 27 Lakh for all MCI Approved medical universities of Egypt. The Hostel/Mess can cost up to Rs. 42,000 to 56,000 (600 USD to 800 USD) Per Year. The cost of the complete course OF 5 years including accommodation and food is Rs. 32,00,000.

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Choosing to do your MBBS program in Egypt is a great decision. When it comes to MBBS, the country is a good alternate for China. Take advantage of our list of the best Medical Schools in Egypt. It will benefit you a lot!

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