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The McKay scholarship is a funding scheme for disabled students to attend an eligible private school of their choice.

The McKay scholarship scheme provides funding with the aim of giving scholarships to provide information and assistance to promote successful outcomes for students, families, institutions and communities.

The award amount may vary per student depending on the financial requirement of an individual.

These disabilities include students with intellectual disability, speech or language impairment, a hearing impairment, including deafness;

impaired vision, blindness included, a dual sensory impairment; an orthopaedic impairment, and other health impairment, or developmental aphasia, an emotional or behavioural disability; a specific learning disability (dyslexia, dyscalculia, a developmental delay; or autism spectrum disorder, traumatic brain injury).

The scholarship is provided by the state education agency of Florida – Florida Department of Education (FLDOE).

This agency aims at providing students opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills through learning opportunities and research by increasing the proficiency of all the students with one seamless and efficient system.

Official scholarship website:


Toll-Free Information Hotline: 1-800-447-1636

Fax: 850-245-0875

 Mailing Address for parental choice:

Office of Independent Education and Parental Choice

Turlington Building – Florida Department of Education

325 W. Gaines Street, Room 1044

Tallahassee, FL 32399-0400


Scholarship Worth:

The worth of the scholarship equals the lesser of the amount of whichever of these two: {1} the amount the student was supposed to have received in the public school to which the student is assigned or
{2} the amount of the private school’s tuition and other fees.

The parents are responsible for any other fees more than the amount of the scholarship as the full cost of tuition may not be covered by the scholarship given, which is dependent on the cost of the school.

Calculations for the worth of the award are done with the basis of the student’s IEP (Individual Education Plan) or the 504 Plan and services provided by the district.

The basis of the calculations are also on the type and frequency of the services offered by the district. A matrix number is developed and used to determine the funding level of the student.

The amount of funds for the different matrix levels are set every year by the Florida state government and varies each year. The value of this amounts for the next school year is usually announced at the beginning of July each year.


Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the McKay scholarship program, the parent of a public school student with a disability who has an (IEP) Individual Education Plan or a 504 accommodation plan should check if they meet one of the following criteria.

  1. The student must have spent the previous school year at a Florida public school. OR
  2. The applicant must have been enrolled and reported for funding by Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind during the preceding October and February. OR
  3. The applicant must have received services under the specialised instructional services program during the school year in the previous year with a current IEP developed by the local school board in accordance with State Board Rule or a 504 accommodation plan. OR
  4. The applicant must be a foster child or an independent child of a member of the United States Armed Forces who was transferred from out – of – state to Florida because of a parent’s permanent job transfer. AND
  5. The parent must have filled intent on the school choice website to notify the school district in a written or electronic manner for record at least sixty days before the date of the first scholarship payment. AND
  6. The parent must have obtained acceptance for admission of the student to a participating private school.

For more information and to check your eligibility, please visit the scholarship website or follow the link to be automatically redirected:


Scholarship Timeline:

The expiration time of McKay scholarship is dependent on three different occasions. Whichever occurs first will result in termination of the scholarship. These three occasions are:

  1. If the beneficiary graduates from high school.
  2. If the beneficiary returns to a public school.
  3. If the beneficiary gets to twenty two years.



Application Process

Given below is a step by step process for application of McKay Scholarship Program.

  1. Check the eligibility of the student and find out if your child qualifies for the McKay scholarship program. Follow the link to check:
  2. Please note that the application process conducts an initial eligibility screening.
  3. Then apply for the scholarship at ( )

NB: if you are applying for a foster child who is not enrolled in Florida public school during the attendance surveys in October and February, follow this link to apply,

  1. Check the student intent status. Follow the link to check:
  2. The screening process for eligibility is completed by the public school district office and they enter an eligibility determination for each filled student intent.
  3. After this, follow the link to download a PDF of a handy brochure provided each parent / guardian who has filled and intent for a McKay Scholarship program:
  4. There are specific parent responsibilities under the McKay scholarship scheme which can be found here:
  5. The parent or guardian of a McKay student who is enrolled in one of the participating schools has to complete a Parent Affidavit form found here:
  6. The parent or guardian has to keep up contact information and viewing the school’s fee schedule

For more information on application and a step by step guide to application of the McKay Scholarship Program, please visit the scholarship website or follow the link to be automatically redirected:

Applicants are requested to go through the given link in order to apply for McKay Scholarship.


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