APPLY: Master Scholarship of French Embassy/French Embassy SAFeThink scholarship


Master Scholarship of French Embassy/French Embassy SAFeThink scholarship

The government of French now invites any eligible students to apply the French Embassy Master Scholarship and the French Embassy SAFeThink scholarship. These scholarships are specially available for highly talented students from South Africa and Lesotho. The successful applicants may expect to receive full bursaries. 

Scholarship Description
The Embassy of France in South Africa has opened applications for its 2017/2018 Master scholarship programmes. Launched in 2010, these programmes form part of the commitment between France and South Africa to establish fruitful partnerships between their universities while building a vast network of academic and professional contacts. The French Embassy offers two Master’s scholarship programmes, with the same benefits: one in humanities and the second in all other fields of study:

French Embassy SAFeThink scholarship programme: Humanities: Students who wish to complete a Master’s degree in political or social sciences (international relations, public affairs, security studies, conflict studies, human rights/ humanitarian law, development studies) are requested to apply for the French Embassy SAFeThink scholarship programme, that is run in cooperation with five South African think tanks (AISA, IGD, ISS, MISTRA and SAIIA).

Scholarship Value
The selected applicants will be awarded Full bursary includes visa expenses, round-trip flight tickets, social and medical insurance, tuition fees (up to a limited amount) and a monthly stipend for living expenses (partial funding may also be granted).

Level and Area of Studies
The scholarships are eligible for master degree in all fields of study except humanities (engineering, management, economy/ finance, IT, architecture/design, sports, biology, etc.) are encouraged to apply for the French Embassy Master scholarship programme.


Place of Study
The study should be taken at any French Institution.

Eligibility and Criteria
Before you decide to apply these scholarship please make sure that you are qualified person based on the following requirements:

  • Bachelor’s or Honour’s degree (depending on academic year the student is enrolling for), completed or to be completed by the time the student would depart for France. (Minimum requirement is at least a B-degree, i.e. B.Tech, B.A, B.Com, BSc, etc. At least three selected French institutions of the candidate’s choice.
  • Applications from all academic disciplines will be considered. However, different application requirements and procedures may apply for the following fields. It is advisable that you contact the relevant person before submitting your application: French Language Practice (i.e. translation, interpreting or French language teaching): Mr. Damien Guyard, Attaché for French Language Cooperation and Social and Political Sciences (i.e. Political Science, International Relations, Sociology, Public Administration, Governance, Peace and Security, Conflict Resolution, etc.): Ms Johanna Stilo, Programme Officer for SAFe Think programme.
  • No knowledge of French language required, depending on the availability of English programs in the student’s field and the study program applied for. French Embassy SAFeThink scholarship programme: Humanities: You can be considered for a bursary if meet the qualification as mentioned at the website link below. Please visit it to learn further.

Applicants’ Nationality
Only students from South Africa and Lesotho may apply this scholarship.

Application Instruction
The complete instruction of the application process can be seen at the application link below.

Submission Deadline
21 March, 2017.

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