Local teen Badges fully-Funded scholarships to 16 private universities and ivy leagues


IDAHO FALLS, Idaho – One local student is on her way to Harvard University, but before she made her final decision, she was accepted to six of eight Ivy Leagues schools — and wait-listed for the other two.

“It was a surprise every single time I was opening one of the emails,” Camilla Ramazzini said. “It’s unbelievable. I wouldn’t even dare to dream about it. Didn’t even want to think that I could be accepted to any of them because I thought I would jinx it — I didn’t feel worthy of that.”

Sixteen schools said yes to the soon-to-be Idaho Falls High School graduate. They were all private schools, including those Ivy League institutions. She not only got in but received full-ride scholarships to each school.

Her favorite teacher couldn’t be more proud.

“She’s just made education refreshing and new again, and it’s wonderful to see students like her represent this country, our community, Idaho, and just education in general,” said Richard Hancock, a teacher at Idaho Falls High School.

Hancock wrote her a different recommendation tailored for each school.

“There are so many adjectives I could use to describe her, but off the top is hard working, no-excuse making, inquisitive, always asking questions — demanding she learn, demanding that I teach, demanding that I explain. [She is] everything that a teacher desires in a student.”

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