List of Top 50 Engineering Universities in USA and their Tuition Fees 2017-2018


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Engineering has been at the forefront of innovation for nearly a century, creating pivotal technologies in IT, communications, health care, energy and virtually ever Sector of human living Here is a list of Top 50 Engineering Universities and colleges. You can find information on admission requirements, tuition & fees etc. All these schools provide undergraduate, graduate and PhD degrees in engineering. For other recommended engineering programs please scroll at bottom to find more information.



Tuition fees

1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology $42,000
2 Stanford University $45,500
3 University of California-Berkeley $12,000 (*in), 27,000 (*out)
4 California Institute of Technology $39,000
5 Georgia Institute of Technology $11,000 (*in), $27,000 (*out)
6 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign $17,000 (*in), $30,000 (*out)
7 University of Michigan $23,000 (*in), $43,000 (*out)
8 Cornell University $31,000
9 Carnegie Mellon University $40,000
10 University of Texas at Austin $10,000 (*in), $18,000 (*out)
11 Purdue University $11,000 (*in), $30,000 (*out)
12 University of California- San Diego $12,000 (*in), $27,000 (*out)
13 University of California- Los Angeles $13,000 (*in), $28,000 (*out)
14 Princeton University $40,000
15 Texas A&M University $12,000 (*in), $24,000 (*out)
16 University of Wisconsin-Madison $13,000 (*in), $26,000 (*out)
17 University of Maryland College Park $12,000 (*in), $25,000 (*out)
18 Harvard University $39,000
19 Pennsylvania State University $20,000 (*in), $33,000 (*out)
20 University of California-Santa Barbara $13,000 (*in), $28,000 (*out)
21 University of Southern California $30,000
22 University of Minnesota $16,000 (*in), $25,000 (*out)
23 Northwestern University $45,000)
24 Johns Hopkins University $46,000
25 Virginia Polytech Inst & State University $11,000 (*in), $23,000 (*out)
26 University of Virginia $14,000 (*in), $24,000 (*out)
27 Columbia University (FU) $49,000
28 University of Pennsylvania $29,000
29 Ohio State University $13,000 (*in), $31,000 (*out)
30 Duke University $44,000
31 Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst $45,000
32 North Carolina State University $8,000 (*in), $20,000 (*out)
33 Rice University $38,000
34 University of Washington $15,000 (*in), $28,000 (*out)
35 University of Florida $14,000 (*in), $31,000 (*out)
36 University of California-Davis $16,000 (*in), $31,000 (*out)
37 Washington University -St. Louis $43,000 (*in)
38 Yale University $37,000 (*in)
39 Michigan State University $10,000 (*in), $20,000 (*out)
40 Iowa State University $10,000 (*in), $22,000 (*out)
41 University of California-Irvine $14,000 (*in), $29,000 (*out)
42 University of Massachusetts at Amherst $9,000 (*in), $18,000 (*out)
43 University of Arizona $11,000 (*in), $26,000 (*out)
44 Brown University $37,000
45 Rutgers University-New Brunswick $16,000 (*in), $25,000 (*out)
46 University of Notre Dame $43,000
47 Lehigh University $19,000
48 University of Rochester $21,000
49 University of Colorado-Boulder $14,000 (*in), $29,000 (*out)
50 Case Western Reserve University $38,000 (*in)
51 Vanderbilt University $27,000
52 University of Iowa $9,000 (*in), $25,000 (*out)
53 Northeastern University $20,000
54 Arizona State University $11,000 (*in), $25,000 (*out)
55 University of Delaware $29,000
56 University of Utah $7,000 (*in), $17,000 (*out)
57 Drexel University $29,000

*in : in state tuition fees/yr
*out : out of state tuition/yr (international students)

Stanford University

MS in Engineering (average scores for accepted students in Engineering)

  • ~18% acceptance rate
  • TOEFL 110/120.
  • GRE V score 159/170.
  • GRE Q 163/170.
  • GRE A 4.5/6.
  • undergrad GPA 3.78/4.00.

University of Texas – Austin : Petroleum Engineering

There are no minimum requirements. Having Petroleum engineering degree is not requirement but most students have that background. Majority of students get some sort of financial assistance. For fall 2016, acceptance rate was ~12%, Average GRE verbal score was 155 and average GRE Quant. score was 165, GPA was 3.7/4.

California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

Most graduate students at Caltech receive financial aid for their graduate education. 99% of doctoral students have full financial support. There is no minimum requirement of GPA but most students are in top 5-10% of the class. The Graduate Record Examination score is required by all Graduate Engineering Programs.

Brown University – PhD in CS

  • Min. TOEFL 105 in iBT or 7.0 in IELTS
  • Min. GRE Verbal – 155
  • All PhD students are admitted with Financial support.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (CS)

Graduate Admissions: Acceptance rate is ~10% (Around 1500 applicants and only 150 are accepted). GRE scores are required. GPA of admitted students is ~3.7/4. TOEFL is required for non native English speakers.

  • 900 Undergraduates, 450 Graduate (MS and PhD)
  • Average Starting Salaries: $69,000 (BS), $87,000 (MS), $103,000 (PhD)
  • #1 Most Wired College, PC Magazine
  • Top 25 best School for Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneur Magazine
  • #3 ranked University for recruiting, Wall Street Journal

University of Wisconsin (ECE)

Average scores are..

  • GRE Verbal: About 525
  • GRE Quantitative: About 780
  • GRE Analytical Writing: About 4.0
  • Average TOEFL (iBT): 100

Approximately 325 students are enrolled in our graduate program, with roughly 60 percent being doctoral candidates.

Student interns or co-ops earn, on average, 75 percent of a full-time engineering salary and gain valuable real-world experience.

Penn State: Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Top 20 Program, for admission to MS program most of the students (75%) have GPA >3.0, GER-Verbal score of 153+ , GRE-Q score of 163+ and GRE Analytical Writing : 3.5+.

Arizona State University

Fulton Schools of Engineering have one of the largest Engineering programs
Enrollment : ~7,800
5,200 Undergraduate
1,700 Master’s
835 Doctoral
Research Expenditures : $78 million

** These ranking have been compiled by graduateshotline using various resources available from internet like : NRC rankings, University websites etc. Importance has been given to acceptance rate (Engineering Programs with low acceptance rate are ranked higher), funding, placements, research and location. We also believe in average ranking in last 3-4 years (rather on yearly ranking).
Also check Average GRE scores for Engineering.

Top Undergraduate Engineering Schools (Where PhD is not offered)

These are great schools and have a high reputation. They do not offer PhD degrees (only MS and BS). Getting in these schools is as tough as getting in Ivy League!

  • Harvey Mudd College
  • Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
  • Cooper – Union

Which is top paying engineering Major?

  • Petroleum engineering is highest paying Engineering degree.
  • Georgia Institute of Technology is the largest college of Engineering in the U.S.
  • MIT is World’s Best Engineering School : There is no cap on the number of graduate students admitted to MIT. Departments admit as many as they can support based on their research assistantship, teaching assistantship, and fellowship resources, as well as the number of faculty available to advise on research.
  • Most of the top schools (around 50%) are located in California and Tri-state region (New York ,New Jersey ,PA) we can add MA 🙂 also. Also most of the engineering jobs (especially related to Computers/finance/management/telecom/electronics) are in same region (other good areas are North Carolina (Research Triangle park), Chicago, Dallas/Austin/Houston and Seattle.

Is ranking important?

Ranking is important. It is important in getting better job, better chances of getting promotions (while you are working). Getting a degree from Ivy League or top college will always help in your entire career. Protection Status



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